Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3695


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“I, I said.”

The old man was really frightened, and hurriedly said: “You can see a giant stone when you jump from the pool over there. The giant stone has the ability to isolate Divine Consciousness, but you only need to bulge the giant stone. Press it down and a passage to the underground will be opened.”

“Underground? You said Teleportation Array is underground?”

Qin Shaofeng’s eyes became colder.

“Yes, it’s underground.”

The old man didn’t know where he was wrong, and quickly explained: “We Cloud Sea Sect’s Teleportation Array are all underground. There are two in total. One is the Teleportation Array leading to the land of the shining star, and the other leading to a mysterious Wherever, the great character of Cangming World is all teleport from there.”

“But that one is always guarded by a powerhouse, I’m just an ordinary deacon Elder, I am simply not qualified to know.”

The old man cried out: “If you don’t believe it, just go ahead and be sure, Sect Master, they are all over there waiting to welcome the Cangming Realm.”

“This Eminence will believe you once for now.”

Qin Shaofeng turned around and jumped down at the pool that was moved towards the old man.

His cultivation base has been able to clearly perceive the emotion of the old man when he just said those words, and the possibility of those words being false is very small.

According to the location mentioned by the old man, he easily found the passage made by the giant stone.

Until the channel is opened.

His Divine Consciousness finally felt a smooth journey.

“What kind of stone is this that can even stop my Divine Consciousness?”

Qin Shaofeng entered the passage and felt that the giant stone was closed again. Divine Consciousness was suddenly locked in the same way, and an expression of surprise suddenly appeared in his eyes.

He knows that time does not allow him to delay too much here.

Hurry and moved towards the depths of the passage.

This winding downward path is really not short.

He took a few breaths of full-strength running before finally seeing an underground world.

This place seems to have been specially pulled out from the ground.

Compared to those on the ground, the quality of the powerhouse in the underground world has been improved several times. Anyone here is actually boarding the Celestial powerhouse.

Regardless of the number of people, he still doesn’t have time to pay attention to it.

Divine Consciousness expands directly.

He quickly found the two Teleportation Arrays mentioned by the old man on the ground.

Although one of the places is also guarded by a dedicated person.

Watchmen are just two stepsless heavenly ascension repairs.

At the other Teleportation Array, there were dozens of people surrounded, everyone facing respectfully, as if waiting for the coming of the upper realm.

“It seems to be over there.”

Qin Shaofeng muttered to himself, and the sword was already raised.

The butcher knife starts.

Relying on the cultivation base of the god star position, he immediately killed the crowd and turned on his back.

It was only two breaths time until I reached the Teleportation Array.

The people surrounding the Teleportation Array finally reacted.

Except for the construction location.

The difference between Cloud Sea Sect and Sixiangzong is actually not that big.

Although there are many people in this group, True Powerhouse only has three people.

A nine-step heavenly ascension, obviously a top-notch figure in Old Ancestor.

The other two are eight-step heavenly ascension Peak. They seem to be able to break through at any time, but they are still stuck here.

One of them is standing in the front.

I found the movement behind him, and was the first person to look back.



Qin Shaofeng laughed.

In the sound of words, he just one man one blade and killed him from the back of the crowd.

It’s fast, but it’s just a breath.

The pupils of the three Cloud Sea Sect Peak figures shrank suddenly.

“God star powerhouse?”

Everyone was shocked.

Cloud Sea Sect Sect Master is very calm and asks: “who you are, what do you mean by Cloud Sea Sect?”

“Naturally ask the base of the formation.”

Qin Shaofeng’s cold light flashes in his eyes.

Although he answered, he never thought of letting the three people speak.

As the top layer of Cloud Sea Sect, they will answer that such top secret is rare.

With a wave of the saber in his hand.

He moved suddenly.

With the cultivation base battle strength of the star position.

He didn’t even use the martial skill, he just chopped off the heads of three people with a few simple swings.

Turn around slowly.

His blade-like gaze, every time he scans a person, the person he scans will tremble violently.

Too powerful!

In just an instant, you can kill one nine-step Peak powerhouse and two eight-step Peak powerhouse.

Is this the real battle strength of Shunshi Powerhouse?

“You only have three breathing times.”

“Answer me, where is the Teleportation Array that placed the cornerstone of the teleport great array?” Qin Shaofeng asked in a cold voice.

“You, you actually…”

Everyone is the top of Cloud Sea Sect. Where have you encountered such a thing?

Momentarily all have some not knowing what to do.

Time is precious to Qin Shaofeng.

He just said that sentence three breaths, which is why.

“Dare to delay time?”

The cold light in his eyes flickered, and the silhouette flickered, and he chopped down several people with the weakest cultivation base.

“Don’t waste time with me, and don’t talk about useless things. This Eminence has limited patience. This time it just killed a few people. Next time, it will kill other useless people.”

“If you still do not answer after the three breaths, this Eminence guarantees that the last dozen people left will not have the will to live and be unable to ask for death before the end!”

Qin Shaofeng’s expressions all have become extremely insidious, making everyone he stares at from the painful feeling of being hung by a blade to the feeling of being stared by a poisonous snake.

The fear in my heart can be imagined.

“Two breaths!”

Qin Shaofeng spoke again.

Several cultivation bases are not enough. Normally they are not low in status, but they are not Peak people. They hurriedly shouted: “This is the Teleportation Array!”


Qin Shaofeng moved towards They looked over.

“The teleport of this Teleportation Array leads to a strange space, and there is also a one-way Teleportation Array over there. People from Cangming Realm come from that Teleportation Array teleport.” One person shouted loudly.

“Shut up!”

When several old men heard the shouts of those people, their expressions suddenly changed.

When they shouted out, they had already turned to the side, as if they wanted to kill the few who had opened their mouths.

Qin Shaofeng finally got some useful news. Where can these Old Guys mess up?

The moment they turned around, the sword in his hand took action again.

A few heads have already rolled off in a ‘poof’ sound.

“opened Teleportation Array, you guys go and fetch me the foundation stone of the great array.” Qin Shaofeng placed the tip of the war knife on the ground.

The heavy war knife caused the sharp blade to sink into a ravine on the ground.

“Huh? Us?”

The panic on the faces of several people is even stronger.

“Yes, your cultivation base is not bad. There should be three breathing times to take the things out for me. If they can’t come out in time, then die inside.” Qin Shaofeng said, Raised his left hand.

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