Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3696


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“We, let’s go.”

A total of seven people, looked at each other in blank dismay.

Taken in the terrifying aura of Qin Shaofeng, no one dared to delay the slightest time and rushed over.

Two people immediately went to the opened Teleportation Array.

Others waited beside Qin Shaofeng.

At a breath, Teleportation Array rays of light shined.

They saw Qin Shaofeng still holding his left hand. The right hand sword seemed to be cut down at any time. No one dared to move. One person asked, “Sir, what else do you want?”

“Nothing is ordered, I will give you some restrictions.”

Qin Shaofeng just spoke indifferently, but the jade green dragon king entwined on his wrist started to move immediately.

One person, one bite, the extremely poisonous of the jade green dragon king suddenly eroded everyone.

“With your cultivation base, it should be able to suppress the poisonous breath for three to five times. I believe you know what to do.” Qin Shaofeng said solemnly.

The seven were shocked.

No wonder this guy is so confident in letting us go. It turns out that he has already prepared everything.

Don’t dare to delay any more.

They didn’t even dare to say polite words, so they all moved towards Teleportation Array and rushed over.

“The rest of you have seven breathing times. Within seven breaths, bring all the belongings of Cloud Sea Sect to me. The ten people who bring you the most will live with those who come out. Others There is no need to live anymore.” Qin Shaofeng said back to the crowd.

With the people he brought, he wanted to destroy Cloud Sea Sect and take away his belongings.

But he was worried about what would change.

It is not intended to let people stay longer.

Dozens of old man hearing this, their eyes all gleamed.

Only seven breaths.

They dare not ask anything more now.

Everyone moved towards the distance and galloped away.

When they all started to move, Qin Shaofeng did not dare to relax.

However, his worries seemed unnecessary.

Just waited for two breaths.

Seven people have already appeared on the Teleportation Array.

They were worried that Qin Shaofeng would not believe it. Everyone worked together and poured out all the things that contained more than a dozen storage bags.

Among them is the cornerstone of the great array that Qin Shaofeng wanted.

“Sir, we are unable to destroy that Teleportation Array, but this is the cornerstone of the great array you want. We also dug the entire Cave Mansion three feet away. If you don’t believe it, you can detoxify us. We I’ll assemble it for you,” said the smarter man before.

Qin Shaofeng hearing this almost burst out laughing.

He has obtained the foundation stone of the great array of the Four Elephant Sects, which can be identified by aura. The foundation stone they took out is completely fine.

These guys were still worried, and they gave the entire Cave Mansion a bright light.

I really have to admit that these seven guys are all talents!

“Heavenly Void, go and detoxify them.” Qin Shaofeng patted the jade green dragon king who re-transfigured on his wrist.

The toxicity was relieved, and cold sweat broke out on the seven of them.

They haven’t recognized what the jade green dragon king is, but the extremely poisonous toxicity makes them feel scalp numb in retrospect.

Fortunately, Qin Shaofeng did what he said, otherwise they would all be finished now.

The more they think like this, the more fear they become.

“Many thanks Sir, we will assemble the Cave Mansion for you.” The more clever man just took a few breaths and hurriedly got up.


Qin Shaofeng just wanted to laugh, so he suppressed the laughter that was about to be exported.

Although they are worried about what they say is nothing.

But I have to admit that he has never seen the so-called Mighty Cave Mansion, and he can see it with his own eyes this time.

“Then put it together, I still have some time anyway.”

As he said, he raised the sword in his hand and pointed it straight at the Teleportation Array.

“Slash with a sword!”

With a loud shout, the battle intent burst into pieces, and the Teleportation Array was smashed.

The Seven Talents had just moved the corner of the Cave Mansion they dug up and prepared to do it, and they were startled by Qin Shaofeng’s voice.

What is this master going to do?

If he wants to kill us, he just doesn’t need to detoxify us?

even more how.

When he killed Sect Master and the two Old Ancestors, they didn’t use the martial skill. How could such an attack be used against us?

The seven turned back subconsciously.

As far as I can see, it is also the moment when Qin Shaofeng martial skill take action.

The terrifying Heaven and Earth energy riots made them feel like breaking out in cold sweats just behind Qin Shaofeng.

The gap is too much!

No wonder people dare to singlehandedly reach the Headquarters of Cloud Sea Sect.

Under the horror of the seven, the speed of their hands became faster.

They took two breaths when they dismantled Cave Mansion.

At this time, it only took two breaths to restore the original appearance of Cave Mansion.

Cave Mansion is entirely made of stone.

Except for the cave-like outer circle of the Cave Mansion and a small courtyard assembled, these people actually managed to dig three feet.

Look at the antique Cave Mansion small courtyard.

Qin Shaofeng unexpectedly put away this, simply worthless Cave Mansion small courtyard.

“You guys you did good, take your family and leave, go up and meet my people, tell them, this Eminence allows you to leave.” Qin Shaofeng said softly.

“many thanks Sir, many thanks, many thanks.”

Seven people thanked each other with tears and noses.

As the executives of Cloud Sea Sect, they have all heard of the tyrannical alliance today.

Qin Shaofeng has said so.

It will obviously be a more miserable scene on the ground.

If there were no Qin Shaofeng’s words, they would really not be sure that they could kill them.

Not to mention taking the family to charge ahead.

The seven have just left.

The people who went to search for Cloud Sea Sect resources all ran over with a family.

“Sir, I ransacked the largest warehouse of Cloud Sea Sect. Look at these things.” An old man immediately ran over.

Others were not far behind, and hurriedly delivered piles of storage bags.

There are more than twenty of them in total.

Qin Shaofeng only glanced briefly to make sure that the contents of these storage bags seemed to be no less than what he had obtained from the Four Elephant Sect.

Apparently these Old Guys really used full-strength.

“Sir, this is all the treasures of Lu Yang who descended from the Cangming Realm. I have absolutely nothing to hide. Sir, can you let me go, too?” An old man with tears on his face To speak.

“That’s all, this Eminence will show kindness today. Let’s take the whole family and get out!”

Qin Shaofeng put away the storage bag and waved everyone away.

Immediately, he moved again.

The butcher knife opened again.

The entire underground world respected Celestial and above the cultivation base martial artist, in a short period of more the ten breaths, he was slaughtered by him.

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