Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3697


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“Everyone, withdraw!”

When Qin Shaofeng returned to the ground, the entire Cloud Sea Sect had already turned into a real ruin. At a glance, it was a sea of ​​corpses and blood.

He just glanced around at random and shouted out loudly.

Nearly ten thousand people started to move immediately.

Qin Shaofeng personally took them to the Hundred Flowers Pavilion and ordered Chen Old Xing ghost and the others to personally take charge of the alliance to Fire Cloud Country, and after looking for the Teleportation Array, they turned and left.

The entire league has been brought out by him.

He did not personally enter the Cave Mansion to break the Teleportation Array of Cloud Sea Sect. After all, it was a crisis of neither too big nor too small.

Not to mention that they only have more than ten months left.

He needs to do the last sprint in this last time, and even find a way to find the last piece of colorful order that has not been reported so far.

After bidding farewell to everyone, he only spent one hour and came to Thunderbolt Sect again.

Compared to Thunderbolt Sect’s disdain when it came last time.

Nowadays, the Thunderbolt Sect executives found his traces, and they all gathered immediately.

It is still the small courtyard where Han Yue lives.

When he is coming immediately, Thunderbolt Sect Sect Master and the others will come again.

At this time, the battle of kings has not yet arrived.

Lei Dongtian was immediately and asked impatiently: “Qin Alliance Lord, have you met the conditions for Jun to fight Sir?”

“What do you want to say?”

Qin Shaofeng looked up at him.

“Qin Alliance Lord, the crisis of world extinction you mentioned at the beginning has come. I don’t know when you plan to leave the land of the shining star? When the time comes, can you take away a few more of us?” Lei Dongtian nodded and bowed. Open up.

It’s only been a few days since Lei Dongtian’s arrogance never left.

“Lei Sect Master, don’t you feel that these words you ask are a bit idiot?”

Qin Shaofeng’s mouth curled up slightly: “I haven’t even formed a Teleportation Array now. What are you talking about to escape?”

“This…you are here this time, isn’t it just to discuss this with Jun Zhan Sir?” Lei Dongtianyi’s Old Zhang’s face had long been piled into a flower with a smile.


Qin Shaofeng shook his head speechlessly.

He was already impatient with Lei Dongtian in his heart. At first, he felt he was deceiving. Opened mouth and closed mouth were words of suppression.

Looking at the current situation, this guy wants to help him move the entire Thunderbolt Sect away.

Although I feel unhappy in every way.

Thunderbolt Sect said that besides the Alliance, now the only complete influence in the Land of Shining Stars, coldly said: “How many people do you want this Eminence to take away?”

“How many? How many?”

The smile on Lei Dongtian’s face suddenly collapsed.

“Sir, there are 70,000 3000 people in Thunderbolt Sect. Even if we really want to give up part of it, at least 8,000 will do?”

“Aren’t you still missing?”

“You said, as long as you need something, we, Thunderbolt Sect, will do it for you even if it is spared.”

“get lost! ”

Qin Shaofeng didn’t wait for him to finish, but he burst out.

Han Yue, who was sitting across from her, couldn’t help laughing.

When Jun Zhan just arrived, Thunderbolt Sect was originally the last of the first-class influence, although over the years, it has faintly been able to compete with the 7 Star gate.

Actually, the real reliance is still the battle of the king.

The ability of Lei Dongtian, the Sect Master, is really not good.

Han Yue has long understood this.

But after hearing Lei Dongtian say such unrealistic things, he couldn’t help laughing.

The two of their nephews and uncles know much about the land of the shining stars.

He knows her clearly.

The entire alliance led by Qin Shaofeng seems to have only more than 20,000 people.

Thunderbolt Sect was always flinching when they were fighting desperately with the two superior grade strengths, and now they want to let someone take his entire Sect away.

I have never seen a request for a more bastard.

“Sir, Sir, we are just discussing, don’t worry!” Lei Dongtian was really scared.

The strength of Thunderbolt Sect is not very good, but there are many sources.

He heard about it.

The ghost and corpse slaves who have rushed into the land of the shining star, the weakest also have a cultivation base comparable to the holy star.

If it weren’t for Thunderbolt Sect, it’s far away from Tianlian Mountain, and there is still a battle to oversee.

I’m afraid that the ghost and corpse slave would have wiped out the entire Thunderbolt Sect.

Qin Shaofeng has the ability to lead people to escape from the land of shining stars, which is his biggest life-saving straw now.

The last time I heard Qin Shaofeng talk with Jun Zhan.

He already knew that although Jun Zhan had the ability to send Han Yue away, he didn’t plan to leave, but wanted to die in the land of the shining star.

It is almost impossible to rely on Jun Zhan to survive.

Mo said Qin Shaofeng just cursed him.

Even if Qin Shaofeng does come up to beat him up, he can only endure it.

“This Eminence has never liked discussions.”

Qin Shaofeng condensed his brows, and said: “It is not impossible for you to live more people, but it is not as simple as talking.”

“Now that you speak, let your people act.”

“As long as we can find the exact information, this Eminence will add two more quotas to the three quotas mentioned earlier.”

Lei Dongtian and all elders he brought, an Old Zhang face turned green.

“If we can take us to the base of the Teleportation Array, this Eminence can increase you to ten quotas.”

“Set up the formation personally and get the confirmation from this Eminence, this Eminence can leveled the quota to one hundred.”

“One hundred?”

Everyone’s expression has changed.

Three to five, or ten, compared with one hundred, the difference is not an ordinary one.

“It is one hundred, but there are requirements for this one.”

Qin Shaofeng gloomy face said: “The first three people can leave with the first group of us, the middle two leave with the second group, and the last five with the third group. The remaining ninety people We have to wait for our people to leave after 10,000, and every ten people will leave with 10,000, and the remaining 70 people will finish.”

He set out the conditions.

Lei Dongtian and the others’ faces have become harder to look.

There are only one hundred quotas at most.

And most people are still in the end.

In the end, it is completely different from leaving first. Who knows if there will be any accidents here, what should I do if an accident happens when the time comes?

Furthermore, who knows if they will directly destroy the Teleportation Array after they leave?

This is all chance!

Furthermore, one hundred…what is enough for?

“Sir, can we discuss it again, the final 70 people are too dangerous?” Thunder Heavenly Dao.

“Don’t go with this Eminence if you are afraid of danger.”

Qin Shaofeng’s brow suddenly raised, and the cultivation base aura of the star position was slightly extended.

The terrifying pressure immediately made Lei Dongtian and the others tremble.

“Okay, really strong!”

Lei Dongtian’s shirt was suddenly wet with cold sweat.

He really doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, but the problem is that it won’t work if you don’t say many things!

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