Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3698


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“The last is the last.”

Lei Dongtian fiercely clasped fist and said, “Sir, the number of one hundred is too small, even if it is a few of our families, it is already more than one hundred.”

“Thunderbolt Sect people are responsible for the finishing touches. Can you increase the quota a bit?”

“For example, after everyone has left, before the terrifying guys have chased them, let the rest of us go in?”

Lei Dongtian was interrupted by a burst of laughter before he finished speaking.

If you change to normal times, Lei Dongtian will be furious.

But he can hear who is the Master of laughter.

He and all Thunderbolt Sect Elder, no one dared to breathe hard, hurriedly turned their heads, and respectfully cup one fist in the other hand and said: “Jun Zhan Sir, are you here?”

“This Eminence is here, not for you, an insatiable villain.”

Jun Zhan strode to the opposite side of Qin Shaofeng and sat down, said with a smile: “Qin Shaofeng, your worries are really correct. The Teleportation Array has a teleport quota of only 10,000 people.”


Qin Shaofeng was also surprised.

Only 10,000 quotas?

The number of people in the alliance alone is far more than that.

It seems that when the time comes, I have to make some cut-offs.

Thoughts are revolving, he sighed deeply: “putting it that way, I have to do other calculations. The quota of 10,000 people is far from enough!”

“Not enough is normal.”

Jun Zhan took out a six-pointed star formation and said: “The people over there simply didn’t want to let the people here live, and they didn’t want any of them. Otherwise, the Teleportation Array of Heaven’s Mystery Building can at least support teleport. Ten thousand people, why only thirty people passed in the end?”


Qin Shaofeng was speechless for a while.

The executives of Thunderbolt Sect also broke out in cold sweats for a while.

People in Cangming Realm are so unwilling to accept people from the Land of the Stars.

This, this, this…

What can I do?

“Is this the last cornerstone of the great array?”

Qin Shaofeng stretched out his hand to take the cornerstone, put it away, and then turned around and said: “Lei Dongtian, since Jun Zhan Sir said a quota of ten thousand, then this Eminence is not difficult for you, as long as you do what this Eminence said Last point, thirty people can leave with this Eminence.”

Lei Dongtian suddenly felt dizzy and eyes blurred.

It was the Thunderbolt Sect Elder he brought, and there were nearly thirty people.

Qin Shaofeng only gave him 30 quotas. How could he choose?

“Sir, this, is this not so good?”

“The base of the formation, after all, is a misty place that no one knows. Our people want to find the ghost and corpse slaves who are also the cultivation base of the holy star. The difficulty is terrifying, but in the end there are only three Ten quotas……”

“Really insatiable.”

Qin Shaofeng laughed and interrupted it again: “If you don’t want quota, don’t ask for it. You can’t get much strength with those of you Thunderbolt Sect.”

“Yes, we want.”

Lei Dongtian was immediately scared into a cold sweat.

That quota is a life-saving quota!

“Didn’t you just say you want to give us one hundred quotas? One hundred quotas are only 1%, how about we still have one hundred quotas?” Lei Dongtian continued.

Qin Shaofeng has nothing to say to him.

For Lei Dongtian’s words, he seemed unheard of, saying: “Jun Zhan Senior, I believe that it’s not too difficult for you to find where we are. When the time comes, you will only care about girl Han Yue and the three people I promised Thunderbolt Sect. Just take it over.”


The king fights nodded, and then disappeared.

Qin Shaofeng also didn’t bother to stay any longer, otherwise he would really be disgusted by Lei Dongtian.

If you have that time, it is better to start the cultivation progress as soon as possible.

“Girl Han Yue, we still have more than ten months. Let’s see you in ten months.” Qin Shaofeng got up and cup one fist in the other hand bowed.

“Are you going to find it yourself?” Han Yue’s eyes flashed with surprised rays of light.

“no! ”

Qin Shaofeng shook his head and said: “Although the Teleportation Array is the best choice for us to leave, the array is too vague and it is too difficult to find.”

“This Eminence has never liked to tie my life to a rope.”

“I want to find a way to survive again, although the difficulty of this road is far more difficult than Teleportation Array.”

He shrugged and smiled.

Han Yue’s eyes flickered: “You mean Tianlian Mountain?”

“You really deserve to be a person from Cangming Realm. You really know a lot, but your cultivation base is still too weak. Let’s get cultivation progress as soon as possible!” Qin Shaofeng said with a smile.


Han Yue was choked immediately.

But when she looked towards Qin Shaofeng, she also had to admit that her cultivation base was really too weak.

Compared with Qin Shaofeng at least, his nine-step Peak is indeed not enough.

Especially after the ghost king comes with countless ghosts bred by Tianlian Mountain in the future, the danger will only increase greatly.

“What you said is true.”

Han Yue smiled and said: “But you too underestimated this Miss, is it possible that you really think I have been playing in the Land of Bright Stars for so many years?”

As she said, she tapped a few times on herself.

Every time she clicks, her cultivation base aura will be changed.

Only the third drop.

Her cultivation base even jumped to the Realm.

But her pink fingers are only just beginning.

After the last instruction.

Her cultivation base is actually fixed on the Realm of the eighth-order god star.

“I came to the land of the shining stars as a secret of neither too big nor too small. I don’t need to keep it secret from others, but if I really leveled to the shining star and are known by those two influences, there will be no small Trouble, now that the trouble has been solved by you, I naturally don’t need to hide it anymore.” Han Yue laughed.




Qin Shaofeng was speechless.

The rest are also full of black lines.

We have long known that this young great aunt is not simple, but nine steps heavenly ascension Peak, it turned out that she did it deliberately.

The eighth-order god star is her true cultivation realm.

That’s the star position!

The eighth-order god star position!

Lei Dongtian and the others feel dizzy.

Qin Shaofeng is gently nodded, saying: “Yes, this is the cultivation realm that people in the Cangming Realm should have.”

“That is natural.”

Han Yue laughed and said: “Qin Shaofeng, you are no more than the Rank 1 cultivation base, do you want Elder Sister to protect you?”

“No need!”

Qin Shaofeng was taken aback by her words.

“Why not?” Han Yue’s face was unhappy.

It can be seen that she showed her true cultivation base, not to show off, but to let Qin Shaofeng take her out.

“I’m the cultivation base of the eighth-level god star. Even if you are in danger, you don’t need to save it. I have already told my uncle about this.”

“And with me by your side, if we are really in danger, my uncle will not turn a blind eye!”

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