Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3699


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“Does the king fight Senior?”

Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help but hesitate.

He went to Tianlian Mountain this time, indeed to completely raise the cultivation base.

At the same time.

What he said before is nothing false.

Just rely on people from the alliance to find the Teleportation Array base, after all, it is quite illusory.

Since I know the situation of Tianlian Mountain.

Regardless of success or failure, always try to find a way.

Han Yue saw his hesitation and laughed, revealing two small tiger teeth, and said: “My uncle has given up his original plan in order to let me go. I gave it to you, don’t you think my uncle will let me fall into danger regardless?”

“If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter if you walk with me.”

Qin Shaofeng finally made a decision.

He still doesn’t know what the Jun Zhan cultivation base is.

However, Jun Zhan once faintly revealed that he was able to take Han Yue across the Endless Sea domain and send him into the Cangming Realm.

He can feel that the strength of Jun Zhan is definitely not that many simple as he can imagine.

“This is the right thing!”

Han Yue was suddenly overjoyed.

Her urgency made Qin Shaofeng feel helpless.

Just for the sake of Jun Zhan, he has nothing to say.

With a helpless sigh, she took her on the journey.

Not long after leaving Thunderbolt Sect.

Pictures of miserable scenes began to appear before his eyes one after another.

Most of the people close to the range of the ghost corpse slaves have moved away.

In every town and village, there are still many bloodstains.

The ghost slaves who came from another world are missing.

But in those towns and villages, there are still many ghost slaves.

Without exception.

These ghost and corpse slaves are either some old and weak women and children, or they are physically disabled, and are obviously ordinary persons with no ability to escape.

“Why are there so many ghost slaves here?”

It was the first time Han Yue saw this kind of sight, and a pretty face suddenly filled with anger.

Said this, she took out the weapon.

“You wait here first, I will clean up these ghost slaves.”

Han Yue screamed, jumped, and entered the small town in front.

With the cultivation base of the eighth-order god star.

Once she takes action, it is like a snowflake under Yang Guang’s ordinary.

Just a blink of an eye.

The places Qin Shaofeng can see are all turned into corpses on the ground.

Faced with such a group of ghost slaves.

Han Yue, who knows nothing, can take action very ruthless.

In the eyes of Qin Shaofeng, it is a completely different scene.

Are these ghost slaves really worthy of death?

He couldn’t help asking himself in the heart.

although is he has only been in the land of the shining stars for a few years.

He is deep in one’s heart, and he does not at all truly regard himself as a part of the land of the shining stars.

But he knows many things about ghost slaves.

The ghost slaves in this town are not as much as Han Yue imagined, but they are also even more pitiful persons.

These people may be ignored.

More people, I’m afraid they still don’t want to implicate family, so they make the choice to stay?

Think of it here.

Qin Shaofeng’s heart couldn’t help feeling sour.

The crisis of extinction, this is the real crisis of extinction!

I witnessed such a scene with my own eyes. As a human race with a conscience, how can he not move the compass?


He shook his head helplessly.

“I’m just thinking about something, if I can’t find the Teleportation Array base, or get the Tianlian Mountain to take us away, I am afraid that there will be no more living person in the entire Yaoxing Land.”

“Even if nothing happened here.”

“Even if I have witnessed all this with my own eyes, can I really take action to help them?”

“I have the ability to save them.”

“But how can I protect them from being persecuted by ghost slaves?”

Talking to himself for a while, the expression in his eyes brought a touch of sadness.

After all, he is not a person to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem.

As he often said, I only need to be responsible for the own person.

If you say that these people’s fall, find someone responsible.

That can only be blamed on the people of the Cangming world, vicious and merciless.

apart from this, nothing else.

Qin Shaofeng took a deep breath before moving towards the small town along the unobstructed road that Han Yue killed.

On the Main Street in the small town, the shop stands in great numbers.

Although the town is not large, it can be seen through these shops that there are not a few people living in this town before.

But after the ghost corpse slaves came, the peace of the town had been completely broken.

“Human, Human Race?”

As soon as Qin Shaofeng was about to pass a restaurant door, he heard a very weak voice of Dao Void coming from the door of his restaurant.

Although his cultivation base has reached the position of God.

But his caution will not disappear.

The appearance of that voice made him suddenly turn around.

In the Divine Consciousness that he had spread before, he didn’t even notice the existence of this voice Master.

Who’s hidden means can escape the detection of Divine Consciousness of the powerhouse of God?

Turn around.

He only saw the man lying halfway in the corner in front of the restaurant door, covered in dust and soot.

The man seemed to be sure of his safety, and under the action, countless inexplicable filthy things fell from his body.

At this moment, Qin Shaofeng can vaguely see this person’s situation.

This person seems to have broken his legs for many years.

Now Heaven and Earth in the land of the shining stars has become cold, but his body is still just autumn clothes, and there are tatters everywhere. It is obviously the clothes that were thrown away by a family after decay.

“Are you a beggar on this street?” Qin Shaofeng asked.


The old beggar who couldn’t see his appearance replied weakly.

The two asked and answered.

It seemed that Han Yue, who was cleaning the ghost slaves, noticed it.

I saw a strong wind blowing near Qin Shaofeng, and Han Yue’s charming silhouette was already standing there.

“Qin Shaofeng, what did you find?”

When Han Yue asked, she saw the living old beggar clearly: “There are still living people here?”

“Don’t interrupt first!”

Qin Shaofeng’s thoughts are all on the old beggar.

The conversation was interrupted, and suddenly frowned his head.

Although is his cultivation base and identity are not as good as Han Yue, the reason for his dominance also makes Han Yue subconsciously shut his mouth.

A pair of beautiful eyes full of curiosity and doubt, but staring at him tightly.

Could he move the compass to the old beggar after seeing this scene in the town?

Qin Shaofeng re-examined the old beggar and asked: “I don’t know what happened to Old Mister who was hiding well, suddenly alarming me?”

“Do you have anything to eat, can you give me something to eat?” The old beggar finally spoke.

He didn’t even beg to save him and leave, but Qin Shaofeng was surprised for a while.

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