Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3702


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“The front is the entrance to the Tomb of Yaoxing Ten Thousand Gods. After entering, you may find a place to breathe.” Qin Shaofeng confessed, and then the silhouette suddenly accelerated.

“Slash with a sword!”

He used the martial skill for the first time after he came to Tianlian Mountain.

Han Yue’s cultivation and use of Divine Grade martial skill are also.

When I felt Qin Shaofeng’s this blade take action, I could clearly notice that with his this blade take action, the entire Power of Heaven and Earth was absorbed by his that blade.

As he chopped down that blade, the blade Qi does not seem to be condensed.

But the endless Power of Heaven and Earth.

That is no longer a war knife, but a blade of heaven and earth.

“This is… the knife of battle intent?!”

Han Yue suddenly sucked in a cold breath of air, cry out in surprise: “Why did you come out of battle intent for cultivation?”

No wonder she was surprised.

The battle intent is actually very rare in the Cangming world.

Except for those powerhouses who are dedicated to cultivating swords and swords, only those extremely rare among the four major levels of heaven and earth can be cultivated.

For people with a cultivation base like Qin Shaofeng, that is 1% impossible cultivation.

I witnessed Qin Shaofeng this blade with my own eyes.

Where can she not be shocked?


It’s too late, it’s fast then.

When Han Yue exclaimed, Qin Shaofeng that blade had already been cut down.

Take a knife with the dignified Heaven and Earth Might.

Only this move will shatter the stone gate that has long been shabby by ghost slaves.

He rushed in in one step.

Light and shadow flickered in front of me.

When his eyes become clear again, he will already appear in the first little world.

He has been to this little world twice.

It’s all when I was in contact with Heaven’s Mystery Building.

Originally, when he passed the little world, he just thought that the little world was just a way into the abyss of starry sky.

Never double-checked.

I came here this time to investigate the situation of the little world here.

Since one of the small worlds has Heaven’s Mystery Building in the magic mountain of that world, wouldn’t there be other small worlds?

No matter how high the probability is, he has to test it personally.

In the small world, there are also countless ghost slaves.

Qin Shaofeng didn’t feel the slightest embarrassment, just waved the butcher knife.

If you say take action to kill Human Race.

Such endless killing, even when facing the enemy, certain emotions will appear in his heart.

By the way, all here are ghost slaves.

And what he needs to upgrade now is also a lot of star and moon value.

Even to improve the true value of martial skill, it has a great effect for him.

“Ling Zhong Uncle, I know that you can perceive my appearance and help me control the frequency of the ghosts and corpses appearing in the little world. I need to explore these little worlds.” Qin Shaofeng shouted loudly.

Regardless of whether Ximen Lingzhong could hear him or not, he rushed towards it with his sword moved towards all directions.

Any ghost slave who can see.

No matter what the cultivation realm is, it is all turned into pieces under his butcher knife.

Two breaths before and after.

Han Yue has already caught up with gasping for breath.

She appeared at the same time when Qin Shaofeng’s echo ended, which made her think that after Qin Shaofeng came in, she was just killing.

But when she saw only two breaths, she had already appeared around Qin Shaofeng with more than a hundred corpses and endless ghost slaves, and her pretty face suddenly became pale and bloodless.

“Didn’t you say that you have time to rest after you come in? How could it be this scene?” Han Yue’s eyes began to become moist.

The killings in this way are really exhausting for her who is accustomed to her dignity.

If it weren’t for a companion like Qin Shaofeng, she would have been unable to bear it for a long time, and chose moved towards the direction she came to flee.

“Have I said that I must rest?”

Qin Shaofeng is not in the mood to talk nonsense with her.

If it weren’t for worrying about the need to enter another world, he would simply not bring such a big daughter to Tianlianshan.

Don’t look at Han Yue’s cultivation base, which has an eighth-level god.

She has almost never had a battle experience, and the consumption of qi and blood and physical energy during the battle is a hundred times higher than her.

Not to mention, the power of my own qi and blood is ten times that of ordinary people.

Han Yue wants to fight a protracted battle with herself, simply looking for abuse by herself.

“Clean up this small world immediately, and look for the entrance to other small worlds. I left you right and I can’t miss anything.” Qin Shaofeng commanded loudly.

At the same time as the voice was uttered, he had already moved towards the direction he arranged for himself.

Han Yue suddenly became angry.

Where did you arrange this?

Don’t you know that this Miss is tired and almost unable to bear it?

You still have to arrange such an unbearable mission for me?

No matter what, I just want to follow you!

Han Yue thought in her heart, she already moved towards Qin Shaofeng and chased after her.

The number of ghost slaves in the little world is too terrifying.

Even if she is following the bloody road that Qin Shaofeng killed, she also feels impossible to move a single step.

After a dozen breaths, she finally saw Qin Shaofeng’s back.

“If you didn’t look for the entrance to the next little world, why did you follow up again?” Qin Shaofeng also detected her presence at the same time.

“This Miss is tired and has no ability to open a path for you anymore.” Han Yue gasping for breath authentically.


Qin Shaofeng feels regret.

This girl is more difficult to serve than he expected. I don’t know how many times.

They have just entered the tomb of the Yaoxing Ten Thousand Gods, this great aunt is so tired that she can’t walk anymore. I don’t know how she can fight with her for ten months.

Forget it, don’t think about that many.

Qin Shaofeng immediately took heart.

He didn’t know if this place, known as the Tomb of the Yaoxing Ten Thousand Gods, was really as terrifying as the Tomb Mansion of Ten Thousands of Gods, and the time left for him was really short.

Since Han Yue can’t count on it, he just accelerates by himself.

From the 1st day when he crossed the Dao Void world, he needed to upgrade with killings, and it has continued to this day.

Although is, the number of ghost slaves does make him feel terrified.

But he doesn’t really feel tied up.

Once accelerated.

His progress seemed to become normal.

Where can the countless ghosts and corpses come to stop him?

This change in the killing speed suddenly surprised Han Yue again.

Since Qin Shaofeng gained fame, her interest in Qin Shaofeng began to increase.

Although it can’t be said that it’s all in detail, but it also has a deep understanding.

But it was the first time she saw Qin Shaofeng’s real battle strength.

One man one blade is even more terrifying than the powerhouse of the eighth-order god star.

He, is he really still the brat who just broke through to Rank 1?

How could he be able to withstand this level of battle?

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