Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3703


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“Rank 3, Rank 3 is the star?”

Han Yue followed closely behind Qin Shaofeng.

They have been in the small world for seven days.

For seven days of endless killing, they have also searched for more than 20 small worlds.

It’s just that Qin Shaofeng cleans up every small world alone.

She will also take action to help from time to time.

The lack of battle experience makes her time to participate in the battle for more than an hour each time.

In seven days.

She clearly feels that her battle experience is growing rapidly at a speed that can be checked by naked eye.

This is still the case when you only participate in the battle for two or three hours a day.

So what about Qin Shaofeng who has been fighting for seven days?

Under such a guess in my heart.

As long as Han Yue follows Qin Shaofeng, he will involuntarily observe all the battle methods of Qin Shaofeng.

For seven full days, she didn’t even notice her, her combat mode was already moving towards Qin Shaofeng quickly.

But she is learning very fast.

But every time I feel something, I will be shocked to discover that Qin Shaofeng will expose another ability that I didn’t even dare to think about.

Battle intent is true, and every subsequent outbreak is true.

But what shocked her the most was next day.

She has clearly felt that Qin Shaofeng has reached the limit and is impossible to continue.

I just watched Qin Shaofeng battle strength getting lower and lower.

Before, dozens of high-level ghost slaves surrounded by Celestial appeared.

Qin Shaofeng almost stunned her for the first time.

Seeing that when he was unable to resist, Qin Shaofeng unexpectedly broke through at the crucial moment.

Rank 2 star position!

Only two days.

At that time, she felt that her eyes were almost bulging.

A few days have passed now?

His cultivation base has broken through again.

Is this an improvement of Realm?

We all know that life and death battle is the fastest way to increase cultivation base, but it is not carried out in continuous killing, right?

The past few days I haven’t even seen Qin Shaofeng. There is even the slightest cultivation time?

In such an intense battle.

It’s not easy to spare a little cultivation time, even if it’s a powerhouse.

Yes, but, but…

Han Yue saw him breakthrough again, and her heart felt like a sudden hearing.

“Finally breakthrough? Why is it so slow?”

Every time Qin Shaofeng exposes something, Divine Consciousness will pay close attention to Han Yue’s every move.

Because of this, Han Yue’s expression has not changed at all.

No matter how credible Han Yue is on the surface.

He will only silently pay attention to every change in her in the heart.

This sentence is out.

He discovered that Han Yue trembled all over again, as if fainting.

Just as he wanted to take a word, she completely removed her attention, and a faint Power of Heaven and Earth change appeared in his Divine Consciousness exploration range.

“Finally found it.”

Qin Shaofeng shouted in surprise, and immediately pulled Han Yuezhong back in surprise.

Han Yue hurriedly asked: “What did you find?”

The voice exit, Divine Consciousness, which she also expanded, has also explored the changes in Power of Heaven and Earth on the left front, cry out in surprise: “Is the entrance to the next little world?”

“It’s not that simple.”

Qin Shaofeng’s blade is so brilliant in his hand, but his eyes are full of thinking, and said: “According to the situation of other small worlds, the entrance to the next small world should be somewhere in the front right.”

“There is a Power of Heaven and Earth fluctuation here. It seems that this place should also be a special existence. Go, go in and see.”

“Huh? Go in?”

Han Yue was taken aback: “Didn’t you say that there is a problem with the entrance? Then go in?”

“What I am looking for is this kind of entrance.”

Qin Shaofeng doesn’t look back, but his feet are faster.

A few flashes.

After rushing to kill hundreds of ghost and corpse slaves again, he has come to the place where Power of Heaven and Earth fluctuates the most.

“What is this?!”

Qin Shaofeng and Han Yue exclaimed together.

They did see an ‘entrance’.

The problem is that this entrance is only the size of a well, and the inside is pitch black, and the feeling of emptiness and weirdness makes the ghost and corpse slaves afraid to approach this neighborhood.

This range is 10 meters away.

As soon as the two of them approached this entrance, they saw the ghost and corpse slaves stopping together, as if the desire for them to kill is not comparable to the fear of this cave.

“Qin Shaofeng, there must be something wrong with this cave entrance, I think we should not go in, right?” Han Yue asked in horror.

“Why didn’t you enter?”

Qin Shaofeng stared at the dark entrance.

Don’t say that this entrance is just a corner of the small world. If he finds no results in other places, he has the heart to go down into the abyss of starry sky.

Cultivation base reached the position of God, his courage is indeed much bigger than before.

“Even the ghost and corpse slaves dare not come here. The danger inside must be great. If we go in, the probability of courting death will at least reach 70%?” Han Yue anxiously shouted.

“You are wrong. The crisis of life and death is just half-seeing.”

Qin Shaofeng’s eyes were firm, and said: “And I dare to say that there is really an unimaginable crisis in this. It is only for the ghosts and corpses, but for us it is an opportunity and a crisis.”

After saying that, he didn’t care what Han Yue decided, and jumped directly into the dark hole.

Anyway, there is a tyrannical monarch behind Han Yue.

Han Yue really didn’t dare to go in, and even if there was any danger, there must be Jun Zhan’s take action to rescue her.

This is one of the most important reasons why he is willing to let Han Yue follow.

I really don’t want to take it with me, I can throw it away at any time.

The dark hole seems to be bottomless.

Qin Shaofeng almost forgets how long he has fallen in the mouth of this pitch black hole.

If it weren’t for his cultivation base to reach the star position.

Also, the width of the hole is only about one meter. I am afraid that even if he can reach the bottom of the hole, he will definitely be thrown to death.

The constant fall is still going on.

Maybe this has lasted for ten days, or it may be close to half a month.

A gleam of light finally appeared.

Qin Shaofeng’s eyes just showed joy, and he heard Han Yue’s voice coming from the top of his head: “Is it the end?”

“Han Yue?”

Qin Shaofeng felt a huge shock in his heart and suddenly looked up.

Everywhere he looked, it was pitch black. Even during Divine Consciousness, there was no trace of Han Yue.

Is it the same thing as the giant stone at the entrance of Cloud Sea Sect?

“Huh? Am I finally catching up with you?”

There was joy in Han Yue’s voice, but more of it was still panic: “I heard your voice clearly not far below me, but how can I not see you?”

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