Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3704


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“Didn’t I also not see you?”

Qin Shaofeng also smiled bitterly.

He has thought countless times that his vigilance can definitely be called the land of shining stars.

But he couldn’t think of it.

Following the breakthrough of the cultivation base to the star position, similar situations occurred twice in a row in just a few days.

It seems that the secret of this glorious land is far from as simple as I think.

He kept thinking about it.

The speed of the fall has not slowed down.

It’s not a short time.

Qin Shaofeng finally saw the source of the rays of light clearly.

Still in this falling passage, a weird creature with green rays of light emitting from itself, like a tortoise, but with a snake on its body.

“Black Tortoise?!”

Qin Shaofeng was surprised for a moment, and remembered some Myths and Legends.

Black Tortoise is the four Divine Beast in the myth.

He didn’t expect to see a real Black Tortoise in the tomb of the Yaoxing Ten Thousand Gods.

“Are you Human Race?”

Black Tortoise speak human’s words, and the voice is also full of shock.

Qin Shaofeng quickly spread his legs, trying to get himself stuck in the passage.

You can spread your legs, and your feet touch the channel stone wall.

But the stone walls here are so smooth that he can’t even stop his body even a little.

“How could this be?” Qin Shaofeng was surprised.

The moment he shouted, I heard Han Yue screaming.

“We are indeed Human Race. Please Senior not to blame us for trespassing here.” Qin Shaofeng hurriedly shouted.

He can imagine that the abnormality of the passage here is obviously related to the appearance of the Black Tortoise Divine Beast.

No matter why the Black Tortoise is so small, it is not because he has time to think now.

“No blame, of course not. It’s been too long since a newcomer has appeared in Endless Hell.” Black Tortoise let out a human race laugh.

Endless Hell?

Such a name makes Qin Shaofeng frowned.

At the end of this dark passage, is it an unimaginable prison of terror?

Before he could think much, he fell on the back of the Black Tortoise Divine Beast.

At this moment, he saw that the direction Black Tortoise’s head was facing was a long passage.

And underneath it is still an endless downward channel.


Qin Shaofeng just wanted to ask, when he heard footsteps on the ground beside him.

Looking back, I saw that Han Yue fell on the back of Black Tortoise Divine Beast just a short while later.

“Dare to ask Senior, what is going on in this endless prison? Is it a prison?” Qin Shaofeng asked, still standing on the back of the Black Tortoise.

It’s not that he doesn’t disrespect Black Tortoise and wants to stand here all the time, but he is worried that this is a set.

After making a choice, it is likely that you will be consigned to eternal damnation.

“You are all safe, why can’t you come down?”

Black Tortoise didn’t know if he could see what he was thinking, and said in an angry manner: “The passage down there is an endless abyss that even the mighty power of the Azure Sea World is feared. If it’s not your Human As far as Race is concerned, this Eminence doesn’t bother to care about your life and death.”


Qin Shaofeng knew he was wrong, so he hurriedly entered the tunnel.

Turning around, moved towards Black Tortoise Divine Beast, bowed and asked: “Senior, Junior still doesn’t quite understand, what is the endless abyss? What is the endless hell?”

“You little child are calm.”

Black Tortoise smiled and said: “The endless abyss is naturally an endless abyss, even if it is not endless, it is not the so-called powerful exploration, at least my ancestors who went to explore have fallen into it.”

“And this endless prison is where a few bastards influence hold their so-called prisoners.”

“It is not impossible for you to want to leave. As long as you can break through the nine leaves and one flower, you can return to the realm of illusion.”

“Void Realm?”

Qin Shaofeng was taken aback suddenly.

How does this Black Tortoise know the Dao Void world?

Just thinking of this, his pupils shrank suddenly.

He suddenly remembered.

When I got the second colorful order, the senior who held the order once mentioned the term Void World.

Because the time was too tight.

Plus his thoughts are on the senior’s words, not at all noticed something wrong with the Void World.

Now I suddenly understand.

Things are far more than just what he thought.

This Void World is not the other Void World.

The world at the alien gate is also called the Void World?

This, this, this……

The world is too mysterious, right?

“It’s really the Void World, is there anything wrong?” Black Tortoise asked suspiciously.

Qin Shaofeng knows that this Black Tortoise Divine Beast has been alive for too many years, and he can definitely see the change in his expression, and quickly changed his words and asked: “Senior, what you are talking about is the Void Realm, but the true monarch of Seven Colors has existed The world?”

“Is there any problem?” Black Tortoise asked in confusion.

“The problem is big.”

Qin Shaofeng feels wants to cry but no tears can be shed and said, “Senior, you have been here for too long, but you don’t know. Now the world of emptiness is the world of the seven kings of ghosts and corpses. It is made up of seven magic mountains, but now at least six have been destroyed. The ghost king and countless ghost slaves have come to the world.”

“If we enter the realm of void, it must be dead without hope of life!”


Han Yue screamed suddenly.

She had heard of ghosts and corpses in Tianlian Mountain a long time ago, and it was the first time she heard of the changes in the Void Realm.

As a person from Cangming Realm, how could she not know Dao Void Realm?

It is said that this is the basic place to fight with ghosts.

The place has fallen!

No wonder Qin Shaofeng leaves in such a hurry.

The reason is here.

“The seventh seat has not been broken yet.”

Black Tortoise hearing this laughed, and said, “The Endless Hell is the seventh Magic Mountain. I don’t know what happened to the other six, but this Eminence was overseeed by the Master of this Eminence. , If something goes wrong there, this Eminence will definitely know immediately.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Qin Shaofeng finally sighed in relief.

He did think about going to the Void Realm for a while.

But it was not forced to pass by.

After all, in the past, the probability of death would be too great.

Since the seventh magic mountain is outside the endless prison, he can just go there to collect the seventh colorful order, and naturally he can learn from the Senior’s way of leaving the imaginary world.

“Thanks Senior for telling so much, then we will go to the endless prison first. If possible, we will turn away from the world of illusion from the nine leaves and one flower you said. Need Junior to pass it on?” Qin Shaofeng respectfully cup one fist in the other hand.

“Pass through? No need.”

Black Tortoise expression stared at him weirdly for a moment, then suddenly shook the head.

It said nothing.

Qin Shaofeng saw a trace of contempt in its eyes.

It seems that they have entered the endless hell and will never be able to leave again for the rest of their lives.

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