Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3705


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Han Yue also felt the contempt in Black Tortoise’s eyes.

She is not like Qin Shaofeng who has experienced that many, and her heart suddenly becomes tense.

Subconsciously grabbed Qin Shaofeng’s arm and asked: “Qin Shaofeng, shouldn’t the endless prison really be able to enter or exit, right?”

“Isn’t Black Tortoise Senior saying that you can enter the realm of illusion through nine leaves and one flower?” Qin Shaofeng smiled lightly.

I took a big step and walked towards the dark passage.

The passage is like the place where they came down.

Both of them are about to remember, whether they walked inside for five or seven days, they finally saw a glimmer of light.

Going further, is what Black Tortoise calls endless hell.

But when they glanced over, their mouths grew wide.

At first glance, Endless Prison looks like a Small World.

A variety of crops and vegetables are planted on all sides.

On the other hand, large areas were planted, but the road in front of them was given up.

In the center of various edible plants, there are villages, and there is a huge city in the center.

“This…is the endless prison?” Han Yue’s eyes widened suddenly.

“It should be right.”

Qin Shaofeng is much more sober than her.

The endless prison in front of me, even if it is only a part of the entire prison, is believed to be a microcosm of the entire endless prison.

But no matter how scary the title of endless prison is, in his opinion, it is just a prison that’s all.

The true endless, I believe it is the endless abyss that Black Tortoise guards.

The name of the endless hell is also because of the endless abyss.

“If you come, you will be safe, go, let’s see and see this endless prison.” Qin Shaofeng patted her on the shoulder, strode moved towards the endless prison and walked in.

As soon as he entered the endless prison, he immediately felt an unspeakable depression.

It is as if the endless emotions on the back in life, all in this brief moment pouring into my mind.

Even with his concentration, he almost couldn’t help crying.

Vaguely, there seems to be a boring idea alive, involuntarily rising from my mind.

He was still frowning against this emotion.

“wu wu, me, why…why is this happening, I…wow!”

Han Yue directly cried under this stimulation.

The cry was harsh.

It seems that he has endured the greatest torture in the world and wants to cry to death.

The cries spread far away.

Several people who were working in the fields were immediately attracted.

There are really a lot of these workers.

There are more than thirty people, and everyone wears rags, like beggars on the street.

What really shocked Qin Shaofeng was that any of these people had a cultivation base above him.

At least is Rank 3 as the cultivation base?

Here, this is too abnormal, right?

Qin Shaofeng suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air, looking at the involuntarily moved towards the distant city.

Since the thirty-odd people in front of us need to work, they are obviously the bottom of the endless prison.

For people at the bottom, the cultivation base has this Realm.

So how powerful should the true powerhouse be?

What kind of cultivation base should the Master of that city be?

“You just came in through the endless tunnel?”

A unkempt peasant woman frowns, who looked like she was in her fifties, came over.

She didn’t wait for an answer, so she dragged Han Yue to herself.

That’s not a big deal. For a moment, myself pulled Han Yue away from the endless passages in her mouth quickly.

Workers are mostly women.

But there are also several men.

But in these people’s eyes, it seems that only Han Yue, who is weeping bitter tears, is showing bad looks towards Qin Shaofeng.

“We have indeed just arrived in the endless hell.”

Qin Shaofeng is a little unclear, but he can also see that these people are not at all malicious.

For the bad eyes he casts, it’s more to be on guard.

As if his cultivation base is nothing but Er, it is worth keeping so many of them on guard.

It’s just guard and dislike, but nothing else.

“Myself Qin Shaofeng, indeed came to the endless hell for some reason, dare to ask everyone what is going on in this endless hell, why do we feel extremely uncomfortable after we come here?” Qin Shaofeng cup one fist in the other hand asked.

He has been used to all kinds of emotions for so many years.

Although it is depressed here, there is still no unbearable expression on his face.

The question is so indifferent.

He suddenly realized that everyone’s faces turned pale.

Several people subconsciously hid farm tools behind them, and their cultivation base aura was circulating. It seemed that they had the feeling of taking action against him at any time.

“Everyone, don’t you need to guard me like this?” Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help but smile.

Although is everyone never spoke.

From their performance alone, Qin Shaofeng can already see something.

The problem is the rustling sound that Han Yue has already cried.

Even if he doesn’t want to cause more hostility among these people, he can only ask.

“You are who, how many people have you killed? Why were you thrown into endless prison?” The peasant woman who was still holding Han Yue finally spoke.

Someone answers their own question, which is easier.

Qin Shaofeng slightly sighed in relief and said: “I came from the land of the shining star, now maybe it can be said to be the Savior of the land of the shining star?”

“Savior? Just kill embryos with you?” The peasant woman dismissed.

“Whether you kill the embryo or not, it seems that everyone can evaluate it?”

Qin Shaofeng said with a smile indifferently: “Our cultivation base in the land of shining stars is not as good as everyone in the imaginary world, but if everyone insists on giving me a name for killing embryos, I will not Just recognize it.”

“Do you want to do it?”

Everyone suddenly became more agitated.

The complete circulation of aura made Qin Shaofeng feel it clearly.

For these farmers, the weakest cultivation base actually has the fifth-order gods cultivation base, and the peasant woman who just spoke is even the eighth-rank powerhouse.

The 30 powerhouses of this cultivation base have to be so careful about themselves.

Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help being speechless.

“Everyone doesn’t need to be so scared. I can probably guess what you think, but I can only tell you that your guesses are all wrong.” Qin Shaofeng shrugged.

“You are wrong when you say it wrong?”

The man who spoke just now questioned again.

But when he saw Qin Shaofeng’s gaze, he took a few steps back subconsciously.

This man is a powerhouse of the seventh-order god!

In terms of cultivation base battle strength, this man is at least ten thousand times stronger than himself.

Only a line of sight can scare him.

“Don’t you just think that the sad aura here can’t move me, I should be a cold blooded and emotionless person?” Qin Shaofeng smiled lightly.

Everyone was stunned.

They really think this way, and it is exactly this that they worry and fear.

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