Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3707


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“Qin Shaofeng, since that woman is your companion, then you should take her seriously and forbid her to say even one more word, otherwise execute without any mercy!” Captain the Ranger shouted hysterically.

Qin Shaofeng was once again shocked by their abnormal behavior.

Although Han Yue is not a femme fatale-level beauty, she is also an extremely top-notch.

If it is changed to other places.

Han Yue was so sad that even if he was not taken advantage of by others, he would certainly have the comfort of not knowing how many people were hypocritical.

How did she come to the endless hell, she seemed to be more scary than her own ‘killing embryo’?

Qin Shaofeng didn’t know, so he went up and knocked her out.

In the face of any one, there is someone who can kill him strength, but he don’t dare be careless at all.

What have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex, it’s definitely not applicable here.

Isn’t there any attitude when not seeing those patrolmen?

Finally, the Rangers could no longer hear the crying, and they were slightly sighed in relief.

But everyone except the Ranger Captain also closed their hearing, for fear of hearing even the slightest sound.

Really be too cautious.

Nine people surrounded Qin Shaofeng, and distanced him from a distance.

Captain the Ranger then said, “Since there is no problem, then follow me!”

“However, don’t blame me for telling the ugly things before. You’d better plug your female partner’s mouth, otherwise after an hour when she starts crying, it is likely to bring you a life and death crisis. “


Qin Shaofeng was surprised.

With all the doubts in his mind, he could still see that this Ranger Captain can’t be considered a real bad guy.

He took out a piece of cloth and blocked Han Yue’s mouth before she carried it up.

Follow the Ranger all the way.

After walking out of the field, you can see many women carrying children.

But neither Sir nor the child can see even the slightest smile on their faces.

There are patrolmen with knives around.

As if those women or children are their prey to be slaughtered.

“Captain, are you the people sent in by the great influences to take charge of the endless prison?” Qin Shaofeng asked curiously.

“There is no jailer in the endless prison.”

The Ranger Captain said: “You’d better not ask anything, otherwise it will cause some nervous people to alert, and they will kill you directly.”


Qin Shaofeng is speechless again.

“However, I can answer your question. After all, it is your first question.” Ranger Captain expressionless.

“You can also see that there is only such a big place in the endless prison, but it is truly endless. Even if the whole world is locked in, as long as it is not a one-time, it can certainly be installed.”


Qin Shaofeng was shocked.

As long as it is divided into batches, this little endless prison can actually shut all people in the world.

“The endless abyss is a pit of dissatisfaction.”

“This place where Infinite Hell is located seems to be the food supply of Infinite Abyss. As long as Infinite Abyss wants to eat people, the sadness and bleak feeling here will increase.”

“Whenever that happens, hehe!”

“Even in normal times, there will always be people who can’t bear the suppression of the endless abyss aura, and they…hehe.”

“So everyone here may be a bomb that may explode at any time. As long as it is detonated, countless people will be implicated.”

“We are afraid of people like you, because you are cold-blooded and can restrain your impulse by saying anything. What you really want to do, even if our cultivation base World’s First, you can kill us with a few words. “

“And since your female partner has no restraint, she will only be more dangerous than you.”


“There is indeed a lack of women in Infinite Hell, but it is not all women who dare to touch. At least the one you resist, even the prisoner Sir, has no courage.”

“This kind of place, it’s you, would you like to be a jailer here?”

The Ranger Captain obviously has a good heart, and perhaps it has something to do with the special aura here. Forcibly made him suppress himself to this point.

Even if he changes every sentence to the point when it comes to the point, Qin Shaofeng can understand what he means.

It turns out that the endless prison is such a place. No wonder they saw themselves and Han Yue as if they saw two plagues.

Everyone stays away.

“Luo San, what you brought is who, don’t you know that there are some things you can’t talk nonsense?” Captain, a ranger, seemed to hear something, and suddenly looked fiercely.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been paying attention, and no unrelated people will hear it.” Luo San replied loudly.

Immediately, when he waved his hand, he took Qin Shaofeng and the two of them, bypassed the group of patrolmen, and walked towards the city.

Among the Ranger teams, I wonder if they have long been used to this attitude.

Captain, the Ranger who was looking for trouble, just took a weird look and moved towards Qin Shaofeng, then turned and moved towards the distance.

“Hey! It seems that Wang Sheng is also scared.” Luo San chuckled.

Qin Shaofeng was speechless, they had already walked into the city gate.

The city is indeed prosperous.

At first glance, it seems to have entered a normal city.

But there is no smile on everyone’s face.

Even some people in business have numbness on their faces. It seems that this kind of business is just a method to pass the time.

At least Qin Shaofeng glanced at it and didn’t see a person paying the bill.

However, the shop boss has no idea of ​​chasing after it.

Everything, everything looks so plain.


“Shut up!”

As soon as Qin Shaofeng was about to speak, he was stopped by Luo San’s stern shout.

This reminds Qin Shaofeng of what Luo San just said.


Luo San told him that many, not without reason.

At the very least, this shut up, which immediately made him understand.

It’s not that the people here don’t want to be accountable, but they are too numb. Such trading is just the motivation to keep them alive.

Combined with Luo San’s words, it is not difficult to see that these people seem to be inferior to those who work outside to live meaningfully.

If he said the wrong thing, he might be able to cause a riot in the city.

‘Fogweed! No wonder Luo Sanhui said that endless hell can pretend to be the whole world. The atmosphere here is sad and miserable. Coupled with the numbness of these people, I am afraid that as long as some people say that they are tired of their lives, they will drive many people. go to hell? ’

Qin Shaofeng thought silently in his heart.

Just thinking of this, he was scared into a cold sweat.

Although is in the city, those who seem to want to self-discipline at any time did not disclose the cultivation base aura, he can also feel that no one is weak.

As a martial artist, she doesn’t even have the qualifications to enter the city.

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