Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3708


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Qin Shaofeng was speechless and shocked all the way.

They finally came to the most luxurious building.

Until entering the prisoner Mansion, he finally saw the performance of some normal people, but the number was also extremely scarce.

More people, even those with high status, seem to have a strong desire for death in their eyes.

Luo San all the way led them into an extremely tight enclosure.

It looks like there is yelling inside, and it is impossible to be heard by outsiders.

Luo Sancai said to him: “You guys have a rest here first, I will personally inform the prisoner.”

“I don’t know how long will I see the prisoner?”

Qin Shaofeng didn’t expect to wait, although is aware that the situation here is very different from outside, but couldn’t help asking.

“Max ten breaths.”

Ro Three Revolutions walked out.

But the words he threw down gave Qin Shaofeng an urge to spray blood.

The most ten breaths?


If this efficiency can be found in the great influences of the outside world, I believe that the influence with this efficiency can definitely promote to an unimaginable height in an unimaginable short time.

Why can he kill the Four Elephant Sect and Cloud Sea Sect?

Is there no reason?

If any one of Two Great Influences can have this kind of speed, it would be a joke if he wants to destroy any Teleportation Array.

Luo San said it was three breaths.

According to Qin Shaofeng’s rough calculations, it was just the time Luo San found the City Lord when the door was actually opened.

An old silhouette rushed in with curiosity in his eyes.

This person’s cultivation base is surprisingly high.

Just the speed at which he rushed in, and the oppression that he could bring to him just by standing there, it is not difficult to imagine that this person’s cultivation base would be at least a great realm higher than Luo San.

“Are you the prisoner?” Qin Shaofeng asked curiously.

“No, the old man is the Punishment Hall Hall Master.” The old man shook his head.

In a flash, the door was opened again.

In a short breath, four people came in one after another.

It took less than seven breaths from Luo San’s departure until the arrival of the four people who were obviously the highest status in the endless prison.

Seeing that everyone seems to be rushing to reincarnation, it really makes Qin Shaofeng feel speechless.

“Are you the Qin Shaofeng mentioned by Luo San?”

After the last person arrived, he asked, and his aura appeared with his words.

Qin Shaofeng was suppressed by his aura and almost couldn’t stand still.

The three high-levels who are obviously watching the excitement are to immediately display the cultivation base to help him resist the pressure.

“Myself is Qin Shaofeng, from the land of shining stars, are you the prisoner?”

Qin Shaofeng looked towards the last person who came in.

According to his estimation, even if the prisoner of Infinite Hell is not an old fogey, at least he should be an extremely fierce man.

Unfortunately, this person turned out to be a woman.

At first glance, it seems to be only 30 years old.

But her cultivation base is so high that it far exceeds that of anyone present.

“this Eminence Li Naling.”

The female prisoner Li Naling took the initiative to report her name, which made Qin Shaofeng stunned slightly.

At this stage of questioning, shouldn’t the questioner raise himself to an unimaginable height first?

What’s the situation with her?

“This is Punishment Hall Hall Master Mo Ya, this is Patrol Hall Hall Master Ke Nine Heavens, and this is Finance Hall Hall Master Di Shan.” Prisoner Li Naling introduced one after another.

Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help but awkwardly said: “cough cough, the prisoner Sir, it looks like I am the prisoner?”

“Who said you were a prisoner?”

Li Naling forced a smile and said: “Whether you are a Savior or a murderous person, there is no need to hide anything from us.”

“I’m not afraid to tell you that we used to be the wicked people who killed 10,000,000 li by one man one blade.”


Qin Shaofeng was shocked.

“Curious, right?”

The smile on Li Naling’s face disappeared, and she said: “If it weren’t for our viciousness, how could we live in endless prison to this day?”

“I still don’t understand. If this is the case, how can you…”

“How can you preside over the overall situation of endless prison, right?”

Li Naling interrupted him and explained: “This is also a helpless move. You have also felt the situation of endless prisons. No one can stand here for a long time. The reason why we protect them is not how much we are. It’s kind, but I’m afraid that we won’t be able to bear the suffering after they are all dead.”


Qin Shaofeng feels speechless.

“young man, although your cultivation base is not very good, but this mind is really necessary, but we can’t just let you out.”

“Do you think this is good?”

“You will stay in my City Lord Mansion for ten or eight years. When you find out how cute the people who are tired of their lives, how about I directly appoint you as the Hall Master of the hall?” Li Naling Continue to say.

Qin Shaofeng was completely confused by her request.

Regardless of the cultivation base, regardless of the origin, there is only a time limit.

Then can ascending to the skies with a single leap and become one of the top tiers of this Small World?

This fuck…

“In exchange, your female partner can stay, but she must always stay in this room before she can control herself.”

Li Naling continued to seduce: “Apart from this, women in our endless prisons except me, how do you want to mess around? No one will say anything about you even if you do it all again?”

Qin Shaofeng felt that his thinking ability could not keep up with the thinking of the female prisoner.

What has she experienced, that she was able to say such things?

In order to make myself a high-level person, I promised such a huge profit.

“City Lord, are we really doing this?” Qin Shaofeng asked with a black line on his face.

“What’s wrong, if you don’t believe me, you can go to the street and find a woman to be violent. With you, a pretty boy, I believe that when you wait till you get back, you must have weak legs.” Li Naling laughed.

These words made Qin Shaofeng’s mouth twitch.

Really sturdy folk customs!

However, after another thought, he also felt that he could understand a little bit.

Endless Hell made Human Race commit suicide. It seems that except for some special things, it really can’t make people want to survive.

Perhaps this is the reason why the people in the endless hell have survived until now, right?

“cough cough, cough cough cough…”

Qin Shaofeng coughed for a while before he said speechlessly: “I have understood what the prisoner meant, but there is something I can’t help but say.”

“What’s the matter?”

The four people looked at him curiously.

“I believe everyone already knows about the situation in the land of the shining stars. I came here mainly to meet the Senior outside the endless prison. I don’t know if the prisoner Sir can do it. Is it convenient?” Qin Shaofeng asked.

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