Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3709


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Qin Shaofeng was halfway through talking, and noticed that the expressions of the four people became weird.

After the last sentence, everyone went down.

It’s been a long while.

Li Naling stared at him like a lunatic, and asked: “Are you…sure you didn’t talk in sleep just now?”

“Why do I talk in sleep?” Qin Shaofeng was surprised.

“cough cough cough!”

“cough cough!”

“cough cough cough…”

The three Hall Masters all coughed.

It looked like he was about to be choked to death by his words.

Qin Shaofeng became speechless.

You guys don’t dare to go to the nine leaves and one flower, don’t you need to look at me like this?

“Brat, are you sure you really know what nine leaves and one flower are?” Li Naling stared at him like a madman.

“I don’t know.”

Qin Shaofeng shrugged and explained: “But I know that there is no prison that cannot be escaped in this world, not to mention that this endless prison is a natural and fierce place. Although it is extremely difficult to break out, It may not be impossible.”

“Nu Pen!”

Li Naling swears: “Brat, just with your words, great aunt, I am going to accompany you to explore the nine leaves and one flower.”

“Count me, the old man has gone through a thousand or eight hundred times, and it’s not bad this time.”

“The old man goes too.”

“The old man sees this brat very pleasing to the eye, but you can’t let you careless guys lose him.”

“Not bad, good, let’s go together.”

Three Hall Masters jumped up one after another, one calling louder than the other.

Look at their urgent eyes, as if Qin Shaofeng could really take them out.

Even driven by this emotion, they have to forget the people below them.

“Everyone is this…?”

Qin Shaofeng’s views on this group of senior executives are becoming increasingly blurred.

“Brat, although your cultivation base is not very good, your remarks are really to our taste.” Punishment Hall Hall Master Mo Ya explained with a smile.

“Let’s tell you, we Old Guy, every once in a while, we will take people out to rush out once.”

“I clearly know that it is impossible, but is that something to do?”

“And the old man and the others can live to the present, the biggest reliance in my heart is to think that nine leaves and one flower can pass through, otherwise this thousand-year prison would have driven old man and the others crazy? “

“You don’t have enough brat cultivation base, but you are a newcomer after all. Maybe you can see what we can’t.”

Qin Shaofeng’s mouth twitched again.

Emotion These Old Guys are thinking about this kind of thing.

It is exactly the rhythm of giving medicine to a dead horse.

But no matter what they think, at least for themselves, it is a great help.

“If this is the case, then many thanks everyone.”

Qin Shaofeng cup one fist in the other hand bowed and said: “I just don’t know what everyone needs to prepare. When can we leave?”

Now that he knows how to communicate, he feels relieved a lot.

“Within an hour!”

Li Naling thought for a while, and said: “Why do we have to arrange it, at least we have to order things that should be ordered, and call some experts to accompany.”

“To arrange the whole endless prison, is this one hour enough?” Qin Shaofeng asked in shock.

“Where is an hour used?”

Li Naling laughed twice and explained: “We are mainly preparing the weapon medicine pill. To tell you the truth, the scarcity of these things in Infinite Hell is the limit. In addition to our four Old Guys, the total number of weapons No more than a palm.”

“So few?”

Qin Shaofeng’s mouth twitched fiercely.

He can see the thoughts of Li Naling and the others, at least what accidents are impossible before rushing out of the nine leaves and one flower.

After thinking about it, he took out a storage bag and poured out a lot of weapons from it.

“Everyone, these weapons may not be in your eyes, but they are considered good in the land of our shining stars. With this thing in hand, how can they play a self-protection role?” Qin Shaofeng said with a smile.

“So many weapons?”

The four people are overjoyed.

But when they picked up their weapons, the expressions on their faces became weird.

Especially Mo Ya, holding a good long sword in his hand, just circling the power of qi and blood, the long sword is broken one after another.

“cough cough, what kind of weapons are these?”

Moya said this, but he didn’t see the slightest color, and said: “Prisoner, change the time and let everyone set off in three hours. Although these weapons are rubbish, since we have the materials, At most three hours, I can use these things to refining out 30 handy weapons.”

“No problem.”

Li Naling’s surprise nodded.

She left one after another with Hall Master Ke Nine Heavens.

On the other hand, Moya’s cultivation base used it to control fire by volley, so he had to refining weapons like this.

Qin Shaofeng has seen the poverty of endless hell.

As soon as you turn your hands, take out an artifact refining furnace.

When Mo Ya saw this, his eyes turned green.

“The artifact refining furnace is actually an artifact refining furnace? How many years have passed, the old man has finally seen this kind of treasure again.” Mo Ya actually jumped up and hugged him in the land of the shining star. The super artifact refining furnace cried.

Cry for a long time.

He just got up, bowed, and cried, “Thank you Brother Qin, let the old man see this treasure again in his lifetime, wu wu wu…”

“Brother, do you have an artifact refining furnace in your hand? Are there medicine pill and medicine herb? Old man used to be known as the king of medicine. How about I help you refining everything to the top?”

“Don’t worry, I don’t want anything, it’s all yours, I just haven’t touched this thing in too long, I, I, I…”

As Di Shan was talking, he even cried.

Qin Shaofeng saw their appearance, and his heart felt sour.

Started to dig out things quickly.

Before he came here, he had just looted two superior grade influences.

Although a lot of things have been given to the Alliance, he still has a lot of good things in his hands. This frantic fetching made Di Shan cry.

The two began to frantically refining.

It’s just that this calm not at all lasts too long.

At most one hour.

After the prisoner Li Naling returned, she snatched things from Di Shan directly, and asked Qin Shaofeng again for some materials and things to refining.

After Di Shan’s explanation, Qin Shaofeng’s jaw almost fell off.

The title of Dishan Medicine King does sound very powerful.

But if you want to compare with Li Naling, it’s a little insignificant.

In the former virtual world, Li Naling was nicknamed Poison Fairy.

At the beginning, Li Naling relied on a poison of 10,000,000 li to offend two Overlord influences and was imprisoned in this endless prison.

It is also with this name that Li Naling can stand firmly on top of them.

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