Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3712


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“It feels very weird to me here.”

“If it is said that it is useful, it does not seem to be useful, and there seems to be a time limit here. I don’t know what is going on.”

Heavenly Void Insect King only relies on consciousness to explain after all.

Although is Qin Shaofeng has had a lot of communication with it, but it is also very confused.

However, he made a decision quickly.

Suddenly got up.

Li Naling was still waiting for his answer, but she didn’t expect Qin Shaofeng to give such a response, she was shocked.

“What did you find?” Li Naling asked in surprise.

“It’s really a discovery.”

Qin Shaofeng turned around and said: “This ruin world should also have a certain time limit, and the situation in this ruin should have a certain usage. The two situations are completely contradictory.”

“So, I suggest everyone to memorize it together, one person memorizes one thing, if we are useful, we try to restore it as much as possible.”

“Do you have a way through here?”

Li Naling pays attention to the self-confidence in his words.

After all, Qin Shaofeng’s remarks are all about the future,

“No problem, spread them apart, and keep in your mind everything you can write down.” Li Naling ordered immediately.

Qin Shaofeng took out a memory crystal stone and recorded all the things in the entire ruins.

Finally, I walked to the weird symbol and squatted down.

Take action refers to imitating it over and over again.

One hour has passed.

Other people have already remembered things that need to be recorded several times, and then went to observe them.

Qin Shaofeng finally stood up.

The symbol is very simple.

But he took the trouble to record over and over again.

Until it became an instinct to engrave this symbol with fingers, I nodded to everyone and said: “You follow me, I will take you through the leaves of this ruin.”

Immediately, he strode to the front.

Every step of each step is like stepping on a certain rhythm, and it is like stepping on each rune.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Everyone has a new understanding of the magical here.

No one dared to delay the slightest.

Follow in a hurry.

But what they have done is more than just following, and the trajectory of each step is exactly the same as Qin Shaofeng’s each step.

Qin Shaofeng is just advancing along the path mentioned by Heavenly Void Insect King, not at all. Pay attention to the situation behind.

If you let him see it, he will definitely laugh.

Although his step-by-step is what Heavenly Void Insect King said, he only needs to step on the correct position, and simply imitate the exact same without practicing.

99 steps successively.

Everyone walked out of the illusory shadow one after another, and their eyes widened in shock when they saw the climbing stairs at the edge of the blade.

Even Mo Ya and the others had an expression of believing before.

In fact, there is not much hope for the appearance of Qin Shaofeng.

Qin Shaofeng is too young after all.

They are indeed supported on the cultivation base, but at this age, how much vision can you have?

The reason they agreed was just to panic at their leisure.

Who can think of it.

Things that no one dared to think happened in front of them.

Qin Shaofeng just took a few glances and concluded that they had come here hundreds of times, not to mention, after a short period of thought, he found a way to pass.

Although there is a lot of luck in it.

The question is, what kind of solution is not the solution?

If you want them to come out with these strengths of their own, it would be a blind cat and a mouse.

Under such a gap.

Everyone immediately gained confidence in Qin Shaofeng.

“Good job!”

Li Naling was even more fiercely patted Qin Shaofeng’s shoulders, and put her arms around Qin Shaofeng’s neck, said with a big smile: “Didn’t expect that you brat is really capable, and you can see through the ruined leaves. “

“But you brat don’t be complacent, the next level is also an illusory-type leaf world, and it is more difficult.”

“Oh? This feeling is good.”

Qin Shaofeng immediately sighed in relief.

Compared with Li Naling and the others, his cultivation base is extremely weak.

It happens that Heavenly Void Insect King is there.

He has a special defensive ability for the foliar world of this illusory. With his own insight, it is too simple to break.

Everyone listened to him, and they were all motivated.

Everyone moved towards the top of the stairs.

The world of the seventh leaf quickly came into view.

But when Qin Shaofeng saw the situation clearly, he almost bulged his eye socket seriously.

Because the not at all illusory scene is obscured in this foliar world.

From where they are, you can see the end of the upward passage at a glance.

On the surface of this leaf, there is a weird great array that makes people feel horror and shock at first glance.

The great array looks like a huge altar at first glance.

It is not a plane, but a narrow road that connects incomplete one after another.

The road is even more gray.

Unless someone who really understands the great array of this altar, it is simply impossible to pass.

“This level is to go to the opposite side through this altar, and there should be only one or two roads here, I still believe there is only one.”

“As long as you board the altar, no accidents are allowed. If you walk outside the altar road, you will be directly crushed by the strength of the altar.”

“But if you go the wrong way and turn around, you will be knocked down with nine leaves and one flower, and you will live and die in peace.”

“Among the people I brought before, with the exception of a few lucky people, even the powerhouse of the shining star, also died tragically.”

When Li Naling said this, Qin Shaofeng clearly heard the meaning trembling from her voice.

She is obviously also full of fear for this great array of altars.

“This great array is really good.”

Qin Shaofeng glanced at it, and a thick smile appeared in his eyes.

For other people, it is really difficult to recognize this great array of altars.

But definitely not including him.

He has seen it with his own eyes and has boarded this great array several times.

It was on the day that the people of Heaven’s Mystery Building left, specially boarded this great array of altars, and carefully studied them for several days according to Xuan Song’s notes.

Everything you see in the great array is exactly the same.

Since this kind of great array is in front of him, he doesn’t believe that there will be too much change.

“Follow me all!”

Qin Shaofeng gave an confession and strode onto the road extended by the great array of altars.

“Little Feng, don’t you need to study it carefully?” Li Naling suddenly turned pale with fright and asked loudly.

Similar altar great array she heard about 1,000 years ago.

But that is the shared secret of several Overlord influences, and it is simply not their turn to explore the secret.

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