Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3799


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“Go together.”

Wu Shuang shouted, took out the long sword and moved towards the battlefield and killed him.

Vice Captain as the team.

For her who once wanted to fight for the position of Captain, the battle experience was not bad.

Although it can’t be compared with Qin Shaofeng, I know exactly what to do.

Since Mr. Luo Steward said, Qin Shaofeng came to resist the star beasts and she would not forget.

Qin Shaofeng is already fighting with Blood Wolf, where can she wait?

Her cultivation base is a very tyrannical existence among everyone.

With this rush, she naturally went to the forefront of everyone.

In the blink of an eye.

She has already rushed to the front of the battlefield.

“Frost and cold dance!”

Wu Shuang loudly shouted.

This move is a palm technique though.

However, after several hundred years of improvement, it has been integrated into Sword Art by countless future generations in a certain way.

The take action of Frost Ninghan Dance is not like when I fought with Qin Shaofeng in the first place, but rather like pulling out snowflakes in the air.

Snowflakes seems to carry the extremely scary cold Qi breath.

In an instant.

The cold long sword of her take action has been cut down on the blood wolf.

As a martial artist of the ninth-level barren moon.

Although she is not like a Qilong, she is a purely offensive martial artist, and her attack formidable power is also very powerful.

At least, as far as she feels, her attack must be stronger than Qin Shaofeng’s attack.

The enemy in the eyes of the blood wolf is Qin Shaofeng after all. Although she took the action, she failed to make the blood wolf look squarely, even without even looking at it.


The long sword in Wu Shuang’s hand was cut down.

A little frost appeared on the blood wolf.

In the blink of an eye.

Frost has disappeared, as if nothing happened.

“shua shua Shua!”

The sound of long sword passing by sounded one after another.

Slices of white frost appeared on the blood wolf.

But when people look closely, one can find that the blood wolf hasn’t stopped at all because of her attack.

“There seems to be something wrong?” Zhang Mu said suddenly.

The others were preparing to take action, and they stopped suddenly and looked at him together.

“What’s wrong?” Qilong asked.

“It is reasonable to say that the blood wolf can’t hurt Qin Shaofeng. I feel that someone else is attacking it. You should counterattack Wu Shuang first, but…look.” Zhang Mu said.

Everyone looked up subconsciously again.

Without Zhang Mu’s reminder, they might have already enclosed.

At this moment, they all discovered with horror that the blood wolf seemed to have not noticed the existence of Wu Shuang.

although is it has no effect on Qin Shaofeng’s attack.

It has never looked back.

They finally felt something was wrong.

Looks like…Wu Shuang has no sense of existence, right?

Although the blood wolf has Blood Race bloodline, it is impossible to feel Qin Shaofeng’s reluctance and Wu Shuang’s trouble.

The only explanation…

It looks like, it looks like only, for it, Wu Shuang’s attack simply cannot be compared with Qin Shaofeng.

If Qin Shaofeng is hard to hurt it, then the current situation definitely means that Wu Shuang cannot hurt it.

Yes, but, but but.

Qin Shaofeng only ranks 1 in the barren moon, but Wu Shuang is indeed the 9th barren moon, right?

Not to mention, Wu Shuang also used Sword Art’s revised version of Frost Ninghanwu.

For Blood Wolf, it is not as threatening as Qin Shaofeng.

This…Is it impossible?

“Could it be that this blood wolf has a problem and can’t feel who is the most threatening, or is it because Qin Shaofeng attacked it first?” Tang Haohan couldn’t help but said.

Everyone was shocked again.

It seems like this is possible?

Although the probability is not great.

“Qin Shaofeng’s attack should have something wrong.” Meng Na said suddenly.

Everyone was taken aback again.

In a daze, I saw Meng Na had rushed up.

In her hand is a narrow sword.

Looking at it closely, it looks like a thin sword edge. Where is the word edge?

It’s just such a sword.

The moment Meng Na went to the battlefield, blood appeared for the first time since the fight.

Even just a little bloodshot.

Even just a little bit of wolf hair was chopped down.


In the howl of the blood wolf, it seems that a little anger can be heard.

The blood wolf suddenly turned around, and a wolf claw moved towards Meng Na grabbed it.

“The trifling blood wolf still wants to hurt me?” Meng Na frowned slightly.

With another backhand, he moved towards the blood wolf stabbed in the past.


The blood wolf sensed his attack.

There was another howl, suddenly turned around and moved towards Meng Na and attacked.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this scene with their own eyes.


Really what Meng Na said.

The question is, how is this possible?

Wu Shuang is a martial artist of the ninth-rank barren moon, how can her attack be inferior to Qin Shaofeng?

This is simply unscientific, okay?

They have more and more doubts, watching the situation on the battlefield, but they know they can’t wait any longer.

One after another, they took out their weapons and rushed up.

Even if they know that their attacks will not do much.

shua shua shua…

one after another light voice sounded one after another.

Except for the attacks of Qin Shaofeng and Meng Na, everyone else seemed to be tickling the blood wolf, and they never made it look back.

On the contrary, it is Qin Shaofeng’s side, but I feel pressured.

Arriving to the Cangming Realm.

The true formidable power move of Ghost Three Slash has already endured the suppression of the world, making it impossible for him to really break out.

In the previous take action, the full-strength was not used either.

But even so.

According to his feelings, its battle strength should already be comparable to the powerhouse of the moon.

With Meng Na and the others successive take action.

He discovered another thing in surprise.

Meng Na’s battle strength seems to have some problems!

He was the first to join forces with Meng Na and Wu Shuang to attack, and he could naturally feel the gap between the attacks of the two.

The gap in the cultivation realm makes it difficult for Wu Shuang to beat Meng Na.

Her attack is really tickling to Blood Wolf.

The problem is that Meng Na is Rank 3 only.

Qin Shaofeng can feel that she also didn’t use full-strength, but she can also every sword, all of which caused a certain degree of injury to the blood wolf.

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