Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3801


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“Are we in the autumn hunting now?”

Wu Shuang said with embarrassed eyes: “This blood wolf mainly contributes to you and Meng Na. Even if we are in the same team, we should be put away by one of you.”

Her arrogance made her unable to do anything greedy for ink.

As she said, this is autumn hunting.

Even the team.

When it comes to taking out the prey, how much they can take out will also be able to get more when they get rewards in the future.

“Not interested.”

Meng Na spoke in a cold voice.

In a word, I just choked out everything Wu Shuang wanted to say again.

Chu Yao and the others are even more mouth opened wide.

They all stared at Meng Na speechlessly. They really couldn’t understand why Meng Na couldn’t even care about such things.

Immediately, they moved towards Qin Shaofeng again and looked over.

An eye-catching scene.

It is Qin Shaofeng who has already moved towards the front and walked over.

It seems that he doesn’t even care about this star beast.

What about a high level?

Anyway, this time the comparison is between the colleges and not between their students.

Not to mention.

For Qin Shaofeng, the most useful thing is the star and moon value that can be obtained by killing the star beast.

As for the value of the star beast corpse, it is really optional.

He is a little bit will not care.

How much is the reward?

He has no idea at all.

As the endless mountain generation discipline.

It is simply a gift of endless text, which is enough for him to use it for a long time, not to mention that he also has a Senior Sister as the City Lord of endless city.

Where does he need to care about this?

“Go away.”

Meng Na said in a cold voice.

Immediately, she had already moved towards Qin Shaofeng and chased in the direction where she left.

Meng Na’s five people are still full of black lines.

But I also understand the difference between Qin Shaofeng and Qin Shaofeng.

She hurriedly put away the corpse of the blood wolf, and quickly moved towards the two of them to catch up.

In a blink of an eye it was two days.


A beast roar full of sadness sounded.

It was a star beast that looked like a cheetah.

And this is the thirtieth star beast that Qin Shaofeng and the others have killed in two days.

I have to admit.

There is a Top Level class leading the way. On their way, it is extremely difficult to find a star beast with some threatening capabilities.

Beheaded all the way down.

The star beasts they encountered, no longer can bring much star and moon value to Qin Shaofeng.

But he still followed the team for two days.

These two days.

He didn’t just waste it casually, but always let go of the Heavenly Void bugs, keeping an eye on the movements of the observers mentioned by endless text and Luo Tianyang.

He needs to slaughter the star beasts to upgrade, but he can’t let people watch the whole process.

Even with excuses for escalating killings.

Is it better to conceal it for a while?

Qin Shaofeng threw the star beast corpse back again and said: “It seems that we can’t see too strong star beasts on our way. You can find some simple star beasts to kill by yourself , I need to leave.”

“Where are you going?” Wu Shuang asked subconsciously.

In two days, she had completely convinced this Captain.

Or rather Captain’s defensive garment.

Qin Shaofeng is alone in front, no matter what kind of star beast, you only need to rush forward to fight the star beast.

This feeling of following the Renminbi players team is really hard to refuse.

Suddenly heard that Qin Shaofeng was leaving, she was really unwilling.

“I have said before, I have my own business to do.” Qin Shaofeng said calmly.

Immediately, put away the ghost song of the sword.

Stretched his body.

He moved towards everyone waved his hands and said: “If there is a chance, we will see you in Yunling. If we can’t see it, we will wait out of Yunling, naturally there will be time to see you again.”

After speaking, he rushed out moved towards the front.

Fast speed, decisive.

Wu Shuang and the others who wanted to catch up to persuade them were all shocked.

Is this going to escape?

Never thought about it before.

But once this idea arises, everyone can’t help looking at each other in blank dismay, and it feels like it’s really possible.

Only Meng Na is frowned again.

She is the one who really wants to escape.

She didn’t even have any interest in fighting like this.

But the weirdness of Qin Shaofeng’s body made her unable to help but raise some curious thoughts.

I finally saw Qin Shaofeng leave.

She immediately said: “Then I will go around first, anyway, that brat has taught you all that should be taught.”


Everyone was speechless again.

What is going on here?

Both of them said before that they would go alone.

Two days ago, Qin Shaofeng said that before leaving, Meng Na remained silent.

Why Qin Shaofeng just proposed, she is leaving too?

The five people are all confused.

But before they thought about anything, they saw that Meng Na had also moved towards the direction Qin Shaofeng had left.

Qin Shaofeng’s departure was unexpected.

Ke Meng Na’s cultivation base is too strong.

She moved, so that several people could not even think of chasing after.

“Are those people still observing here?”

Qin Shaofeng galloped while asking Heavenly Void Insect King in consciousness.

“Luo Tian Yang of your academy has always been staring at you. There seems to be a terrifying existence beside him, but that person is not only paying attention to you.” Heavenly Void Insect King replied.

“It seems that the Eight Senior Brother really cares about me!”

Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help but speak in consciousness, but then said: “Since Luo Tian is a member of the Eight Senior Brothers, he should be unlikely to betray me, so let’s speed up!”

“You give me a copy of the people in the previous Top Level class, and then the location with the most star beasts in the distance.”

He communicated with Heavenly Void Insect King in consciousness.

It’s really not slow at all.

Even the ability of thunderbolt to increase speed in Thousands of Lights has been specially used.

The order was given, and a map that seemed to be condensed by starlight was formed in his mind.

The picture has three colors.

Qin Shaofeng recognized at a glance, those were from the Top Level class, and those were star beasts. Among them, there are actually two major academies’ top powerhouses.

“There seems to be something wrong.”

Qin Shaofeng is about to speed up again, the voice of Heavenly Void Insect King rang in his consciousness again.

“What happened?” Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help asking.

“I feel that you seem to be stared at by something. The feeling is very vague. I can’t tell, but it’s definitely not the powerhouses in the sky.” Heavenly Void Insect King replied.

hearing this, Qin Shaofeng’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink slightly.

There are other beings staring at him?

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but feel resentment.


I participate in autumn hunting by myself, but in order to quickly improve my level, what’s the matter with the tail hanging behind?

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