Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3802


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“Can you find out who the tail is and where is it?”

Qin Shaofeng thought for a moment, and felt that there was nothing he could do with the tail behind.

Heavenly Void Insect King fell silent immediately.

Long past.

According to the constantly changing map where he got it from Heavenly Void Insect King, he was already close to the range of those Top Level students’ autumn hunting.

Heavenly Void Insect King’s voice finally sounded in consciousness again.

“The other party is likely to be an extremely powerful existence. The descendants I sent out have already checked out everything within several ten zhang nearby, and absolutely no one exists.” Heavenly Void Insect King said.

Qin Shaofeng’s brows suddenly frowned.

Absolutely not.

He believes in the Investigation Ability of the Heavenly Void bug.

If someone really exists, even if they step into the void, they cannot escape the sight of the Heavenly Void bug.

Since Heavenly Void Insect King said absolutely, there must be no falsehood.

Someone is following, what should I do?

Qin Shaofeng frowned and thought for a long time, and couldn’t help muttering: “Forget it, no matter that many, for my next cultivation, fight it!”

The whispering sound ended, and he rushed out Rapid Speed ​​moved towards the front.

His cultivation base is only Rank 4 Desolate Month.

Its speed is absolutely comparable to that of the powerhouse.

Although it is not fast as lightning, it is like a spirit in the forest, using trees to jump off.

Every time he jumps, he can move towards the front and charge ahead several meters.

A few breathing times.

He has already come to the place where the Top Level class student tries.

With the results of the exploration brought to him by the Heavenly Void Insect King, the full-strength held his breath and quietly moved towards the front and lurked in the past.

Infinite Academy dare not call the Cangming World No. 1, but it is also among the top ten.

When it comes to level, it is even more top-notch.

Family influence, who doesn’t want to send their junior disciple to endless college to study?

Even if the enrollment requirements of endless colleges are extremely strict.

People who want to squeeze in every year are still vast crowds.

Although the discipline in the academy has an upgrade exam every year, whether to participate in the exam depends on the student’s self-perception.

For this reason, there are tens of thousands of people in Top Level classes.

Although is Spiritcloud Mountain Range is huge.

When the tens of thousands of Top Level students were integrated into this area, the investigation was still very clear.

After all, behind them, they represent the endless college to participate in the low level class of the competition.

If they didn’t do well enough, causing the Junior Brothers to have an accident, it would be really bad.

It is precisely because of this kind of thinking that these people make them extremely careful.

Qin Shaofeng is cautiously lurking, but is also moving towards the front quickly.

According to his understanding, the people in the Top Level class are scattered, forming a team similar to them, occupying many scattered places in this area.

For this reason, the front is drawn very long.

Qin Shaofeng lurked quickly for a long time.

He finally sighed in relief slightly.

“Finally passed those people.”

He sighed slightly, and felt a chill of cold when he was about to hurry.

Hurry moved towards and look around.

Does the guy who is always staring at him take action on himself?

It shouldn’t be?

Isn’t that guy a Human Race, but some kind of strange star beast?

He quickly moved towards all directions and looked over.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it.

This look immediately made him suck in a cold breath of air fiercely.

The imaginary Human Race powerhouse not at all found, and also did not find anyone who was always staring at him.

Instead, a huge head appeared in the grass not far away.

The skull seems to have the thickness of a bucket.

It turned out to be a huge python lurking here, and was startled by his sudden appearance.

The head of the python is triangular.

Jade Green’s snake head and body make it easy to make mistakes when observing.

“It turned out to be jade-green scales python.”

Qin Shaofeng’s brows frowned fiercely.

He saw it in books.

This is a kind of python star beast, and its level is not too high.

But it has the size of a python, the extremely poisonous of a poisonous snake, even for some under-level existence, its battle strength is very scary and very difficult.

“Fuck, how come you came across this thing!”

Qin Shaofeng almost vomited blood with anger.

He still hasn’t escaped the areas that Top Level students can explore.

Although it has come to the front of those students.

But if he started with this jade-green scales python, it would definitely attract the attention of those Top Level students.

That’s not a good thing!

“Heavenly Void, can you control that jade-green scales python?” Qin Shaofeng immediately asked.

Heavenly Void Insect King said: “That jade-green scales python is good, but I don’t feel as good as this jade green dragon king, Master, you bypass him directly, I let my descendants take it down, and then let me Used to eat, it will definitely help me make a big improvement.”

“Then do it.”

Qin Shaofeng doesn’t have much time to think.

Although there are people staring at him behind him and in the air, he is unwilling to really expose it. That kind of trouble is too much.

Thunderbolt thunderbolt comes out.

His speed burst directly to the extreme, and moved towards the forest in front of him rushed out.

“si si hiss!”

The jade-green scales python found that he started to move, his huge figure was still like electricity, and he moved towards Qin Shaofeng and shot past.

If you change to some time in the past, such an attack will naturally be no problem.

But its current attack is not realistic.

When it moved immediately, the pair of within both eyes that used thermal imaging to see things, suddenly found that there were densely packed dots all over the sky.

Not at all like Flying Insect.

It shook its body subconsciously, and the worm swept towards Heavenly Void.

Facing general insects.

Its tyrannical attack power, as well as that tyrannical scale, can make him an invincible existence.

It’s a pity.

It faces the Heavenly Void bug.

Heavenly Void insect battle strength is not amazing, only the ability to transform the incorporeal into the enemy’s body to fight.

It is this kind of ability. When dealing with many star beasts, they have absolute restraint ability.

If Qin Shaofeng hadn’t found the problem, he would have taken the Heavenly Void Insect King first. He also certain death, no doubt.

Although the attack of jade-green scales python is powerful, it cannot harm the incorporeal Heavenly Void bug.

And when it attacks.

Heavenly Void insects got into its body by virtue of its incorporeal body.

Swallow, split, and start immediately.

In an instant.

jade-green scales python felt severe pain.

It has begun to lose track of Qin Shaofeng in its eyes, but it is no longer in the mood to pay attention to Qin Shaofeng’s situation.

Just as Human Race starts autumn hunting every year.

The autumn hunting place is actually the place where the star beasts hunt the Human Race. Most of the Human Races they hunt in this battle will need to be handed over to the Blood Race in the future.

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