Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3803


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“There seems to be something going on over there, let’s go and take a look.”

“Has the Star Beast started a civil war?”

“Impossible, but wherever we participate in the autumn hunt, there are strict orders issued by Blood Race, and the star beasts must cease fighting.”

“I’ve heard of this too, there must be Human Race there.”

“It looks like we are the ones who are in the forefront, right?”

“Could it be that the people from Yunxian Academy came here?”

“It seems unlikely, right?”

A group of seven people quickly moved towards the moving side and rushed over.

As Top Level students, their cultivation base is so high that they have reached the level of the earth and the moon. They are really the top group of students in the academy.

The movements of the seven are indeed surprisingly fast.

But when they came to the place where there was movement, they found that the trees here had been broken, and there were pieces of damaged places on the ground.

“Looking at the battle traces here, it seems that who fought with a giant python.” One person said.

“This place… is poisonous.”

Another person squatted in a very badly damaged place and spoke.

Huge python, poisonous.

Two clues came down, and suddenly a strange color flashed in the eyes of the seven.

“Is it a jade-green scales python? Or a red-hearted python?” The young man headed by him is already a Realm of the Ninth Terrace.

He is one of the top students among the college students.

Its battle experience is actually quite a lot.

But when he felt the identity of the star beast that existed here, his face became extremely difficult to look at.

Neither the jade-green scales python nor the red-hearted python are easy to deal with!

“Go, moved towards the traces to catch up and see.”

He just thought for a moment before he made a decision.

No matter what happened here, who was fighting with that python, he couldn’t just sit idly by.

As everyone knows.

If they follow the traces of the jade-green scales python’s departure immediately, they can easily catch it.

A little bit of speculation, but it’s too late.

The other side.

Qin Shaofeng is fast, but it is far from reaching the level of jade-green scales python.

When he was galloping a few thousand meters away, he saw a dark-green silhouette suddenly rushing over.

jade-green scales python.

Qin Shaofeng was taken aback by the unexpected appearance of jade-green scales python.

“Master, it has been controlled by my descendants.”

Heavenly Void Insect King’s voice came: “When they came to control the jade-green scales python, they felt a few auras that were much stronger than the jade-green scales python. I needed to swallow it immediately, otherwise jade- Although the speed of green scales python is very fast, it is easy to find out by those people.”


Qin Shaofeng nodded.

When he heard the first sentence from Heavenly Void Insect King, he really wanted to let jade-green scales python take him forward.

Since we have the following things, we naturally have to give up.

Heavenly Void Insect King is extremely fast.

His incarnation’s jade green dragon king is just green light flashed, and he has gone to the front of the huge jade-green scales python.

Qin Shaofeng looked at the chopstick-like body of the jade green dragon king, and the terrifying existence that was at least half a meter thick and up to 20 meters long. It is unimaginable how the jade green dragon king should swallow this jade-green scale python.

When he thought about it, the jade green dragon king moved.

I saw a dark green poison mist appear, covering the jade-green scales python a little bit.

If jade-green scales python is still the old jade-green scales python, this method of Heavenly Void Insect King, simply can not hurt jade-green scales python.

Unfortunately, jade-green scales python has been tortured in a dilemma.

Faced with this scene, he voluntarily gave up his defense and prayed for death.

In this way, it is naturally simple.

I saw the body of jade-green scales python turned into dark-green juice little by little, which was swallowed by the jade green dragon king.

The jade green dragon king returned to Qin Shaofeng’s arm.

This scene is very long, but the actual time consumed is less than a breath.

Qin Shaofeng was shocked by the jade green dragon king’s devouring methods, and saw the jade green dragon king return.

There are students from the Top Level class chasing them.

He didn’t dare to stay too much, his silhouette was like a white horse passing a gap, quickly moved towards the big tree not far away, and quickly moved towards the front sprint.

In just a few breaths, he has already left here.

Just as he disappeared completely, Qidao silhouette rushed over at an extremely fast speed.

The seven people saw the traces of jade-green scales python disappear so far, and their eyes widened.

“This… doesn’t seem right?”

The youth responsible for leading the way and tracking is even more stunned. I immediately went to the place where the jade-green scales python last disappeared and quickly searched for the starting point.

“Brother Long, something extraordinary seems to have happened in Yunling!” The only woman in the team asked in confusion.

The Brother Long is the powerhouse of the ninth terrace, the Captain of this team, Long Haoyue.

How can Long Haoyue not feel that an accident has happened?

But as one of the strongest of the Top Level class, he is ranked seventh in the Wind Cloud List of the entire academy. How could it be that simple?

He has already crossed this step, thinking directly about who is it, who can make trouble before them?

“Brother Long, I found a terrifying extremely poisonous here. If my observation is correct, it should only exist in the legendary jade green dragon king.” The person who was investigating the trace shouted loudly.

At the same time, another person grabbed a few scorpion-shaped insects, but they were ten times smaller than scorpions and ran over.

“Brother Long, a major discovery, a magical species that you never dared to think about.” The man said loudly.


Long Haoyue walked over quickly.

Receiving the insect corpse that the man handed over, he suddenly fell suck in a cold breath.

The breathing was so fierce that he made a sound of ‘ho’.

“Brother Long, what is this?” The woman followed him all the time.

“Heavenly Void bug.”

Long Haoyue’s body was trembling slightly, and she repeatedly asked: “Where did you find, how many corpse of Heavenly Void bugs?”

“I don’t know how many, most of them are turned into dregs. Only these few are still complete, I will bring you over.” The person replied.

“Heavenly Void, jade green dragon king, hiss!”

Long Haoyue fiercely sucked in a cold breath of air and said: “Who is it that can have these two species that are only spread in legendary?”

“What guy? Brother Long, you mean… this is man-made, not a battle between star beasts?” the girl asked in shock.

This is indeed the location of autumn hunting.

Change to another star beast, she will no longer doubt that the star beast is fighting.

But the jade green dragon king can no longer be regarded as the category of star beasts, maybe Divine Beast and Monster Beast are more suitable.

Heavenly Void bugs are even more of an insect species.

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