Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3804


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Qin Shaofeng is still galloping.

He is far away from the place where the jade green dragon king eats. Naturally, it is impossible to know the communication of the next few people.

Of course.

Even if he heard it, he wouldn’t care too much.

Although the jade green dragon king and the Heavenly Void bug only exist in the legendary species, they are not his true trump cards, even if they are exposed.

While moving fast, he is constantly feeling that the Heavenly Void insect controlled by the Heavenly Void Insect King is constantly degenerating.

jade green The level of the dragon king is hard to tell.

But ran down this way.

Qin Shaofeng faintly felt that the level of the jade green dragon king seemed to be comparable to himself.

Rank 4 Bad Moon Rank?

What level is that jade-green scales python?

Didn’t it mean that the stuff is generally not very high?

It appeared in the outer circle of Yunling again. It shouldn’t be too high grade, right?

When the dragon king jade green swallowed the snake, he moved towards the evolution of the star position. How could it be comparable to himself?

“Heavenly Void, what’s the matter with that jade-green scales python, it nourishes the jade green dragon king so well?” Qin Shaofeng still couldn’t help it.


Heavenly Void Insect King replied: “The jade-green scales python is originally the low-end existence of the jade green dragon king, and the jade-green scales python still exists in the elderly. Although the battle strength has degenerated to the yellow moon position, it is within the The toxicity of the body and blood can bring great benefits to the jade green dragon king.”

“The position of the yellow moon? Do you mean the position of the yellow moon?” Qin Shaofeng trembled.

He knew that Heavenly Void Insect King’s level was true, but he still didn’t want to believe it.

“It is indeed the yellow moon.”

Heavenly Void Insect King’s voice seemed to be a little sad, saying: “The jade green dragon king is rarer than our Heavenly Void bug, and my strength can no longer help the Master, so the battle for my children and grandchildren is quite casual. Mostly.”


Qin Shaofeng suddenly felt dizzy.

He finally learned how a group of Heavenly Void bugs, who were not as good as the stars, got a jade-green scales python.

Heavenly Void is too small.

Moreover, incarnation can also be nothingness. When he gathered all the Heavenly Void bugs in the tomb of the Yaoxing Ten Thousand Gods, there were tens of thousands of them.

In the past two years, it has moved towards 70,000 development.

Only that battle was directly casualty.

One can imagine how cruel the silent battle was.

“Then how many Heavenly Void bugs are available now?” Qin Shaofeng asked hurriedly.

“About 17,000.”

Heavenly Void Insect King’s answer made Qin Shaofeng feel black in front of him.

Is this guy too dare to do it?

Suddenly there were more than 50,000 Heavenly Void bugs casualty, just to help him win the jade-green scales python quietly, increase his own cultivation base and help Qin Shaofeng.

This kind of courage really makes people speechless.

“Call all other Heavenly Void bugs over here!”

Qin Shaofeng is heartbroken: “Besides, without my order in the future, absolutely can’t do this kind of thing anymore. The number of your children and grandchildren can’t help you to toss.”

“If you really want it, even if I expose something, it will be much better than this.”

“Yes, I got it.”

Heavenly Void Insect King’s answer seems to be very moving.

It has been with Qin Shaofeng for a long time.

I knew before that if I asked Qin Shaofeng, Qin Shaofeng would never be willing to waste his race life like this.

But as an intelligent race, it naturally knows what Qin Shaofeng is now.

It can’t help Qin Shaofeng, so I feel very self-blaming.

If Qin Shaofeng is asked to expose something that shouldn’t be exposed in order to help himself improve, it’s really unwilling.

As for the issue of descendants, it is not within its scope of consideration.

Every time it makes the Heavenly Void army come out, it will leave a thousand cubs to grow in Qin Shaofeng’s arm.

As long as there are it and those thousand cubs.

The race of the Heavenly Void bug is impossible to destroy.

Although is mentally prepared.

It still feels very heartache after discovering that more than 50,000 Heavenly Void bugs died in World War I.

Listening to Qin Shaofeng’s words again, how can it not be moved?

Such a moment.

It’s digestion is finally complete, noting that Qin Shaofeng is still full of sorrow, and hastily said: “Master, my promotion is complete.”

“So fast? What level are you now?”

Qin Shaofeng asked immediately.

Heavenly Void Insect King replied: “The Peak of the Wild Moon.”

“This…so fast?” Qin Shaofeng felt a little dumbfounded.

The jade green dragon king’s promotion speed is too fast, right?

Follow this trend.

Doesn’t it mean that if it eats more powerful snakes, it can be leveled into a terrifying Realm in a very fast time?

“In fact, it is already very slow.”

Heavenly Void Insect King replied: “When we just took down this jade green dragon king, it was close to the growth stage.”

“It’s just that the land of the shining star does not have suitable food to help it grow, which causes it to be so weak all the time.”

“But it is different now. It has really entered the growth stage. As long as there is enough food supply, it can reach the growth stage Peak in a very short time.”

Qin Shaofeng a thought flashed through the mind: “Where is Peak during the growth period?”

“Monthly Peak.”

Heavenly Void Insect King’s answer made Qin Shaofeng more excited.

Peak of the month!

Although it hasn’t met his expectations, it is enough to help him do too many things.

“It seems that we need to hurry up for the next period of time. If it doesn’t work, I will ask the guy in the sky to come down and help.” Qin Shaofeng’s face suddenly showed a strange expression.

Heavenly Void Insect King is speechless for a while.

It paid more than 50,000 lives for a jade-green scales python, but it didn’t want Qin Shaofeng to interrupt the plan for him.

So, isn’t it a waste of money?

“Master, you don’t really need it. The star beasts in this cloud forest forest are not enough to help me leveled to the growth stage Peak.” Heavenly Void Insect King replied.

“Whether we can or not, we have to speed up.”

Qin Shaofeng not at all answered its questions directly.

He came to Yunling Autumn Hunting for nearly three days, so there really isn’t much time to waste.

Thinking about it, he quickly moved towards Heavenly Void and rushed in a direction the bug had explored.

There is a gale wolf pack over there.

The gale wolf is not a near War Star beast, but a similar existence to the Human Race mage.

If an average person hears of this kind of existence, they will definitely avoid it.

Facing them is almost at the same time facing a large group of spell division powerhouses of unknown level, that is, courting death.

Qin Shaofeng is an exception.

When he confronted the Blood Wolf, he already knew clearly that if his attack was against a tyrannical star beast, it would be difficult to cause trauma to it.

Under the surveillance of the air and behind him, he dare not let Li Naling and the others come out to help.

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