Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3805


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“Huh? What is that brat doing?”

Luo Tian from in the sky has already discovered that Qin Shaofeng has left the team.

Since then, he has been looking for Qin Shaofeng’s location.

But there are jungles everywhere in Yunling, and there are too many people among them. It is too difficult to find Qin Shaofeng.

Just when he felt helpless and wanted to ask Dean to teach, he found Long Haoyue and the others walking in the forefront.

He knows the strength of the Seven Long Haoyue naturally.

According to their plan, Long Haoyue and the others opened the way, but they couldn’t leave the army too far.

Otherwise, if there is an accident, they will not be able to rescue.

At this moment.

Long Haoyue’s entire group has already left the large group far away.

Furthermore, I haven’t even fought with the star beasts all the way, just blindly searching for something.

In his interest, he followed the seven people’s search direction to probe.

This investigation does not matter, he was almost scared to death.

I saw that the cultivation base is definitely the weakest Qin Shaofeng, which has left everyone behind.

At this moment, holding a war knife Ghost Song, a wolf pack in a col rushed over.

“What does it do?”

Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy hearing this, looked over curiously.

He is a person who observes the student’s situation in the air with Luo Tian. Once someone is in danger, he needs to take action and rescue.

Looking at Luo Tian’s gaze, his pupils contracted fiercely.

He also found traces of Qin Shaofeng.

But he didn’t want to believe this scene anyway.

Captain of the Low Level class team at Infinite Academy.

Only Rank 1 Little Brat, a scumbag cultivation base, unconsciously escaped from the people of the endless college, unexpectedly one man one blade, moved towards that group of gale wolves rushed over.

“Mistweed! Crazy, crazy!”

Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy cry out in surprise: “Luo Tian raises, go and bring him back. Even if their entire Low Level team adds up, it is impossible to rush to Gale Wolf, let alone him alone. People.”

“No hurry, let’s see what he is going to do first.”

Luo Tian didn’t have the slightest attempt to rescue him. Instead, he raised his hand and stopped Vice Dean from Yunxian Academy.

“Luo Tian raise, are you crazy too?”

Vice Dean angrily roared in Yunxian Academy: “I know that brat offended you, but no matter how you say, he is just a little child. If your endless college does not want to keep him, give him to Yunxian The college is ready, the old man who offended you will compensate him!”

The situation in Cangming Realm is indeed very complicated.

But among the top influences, there are very few enemies of life and death.

The distance between the endless mountain and the Yunxian Temple is close enough, precisely because Two Great Influences are already good friends, otherwise there will be no joint autumn hunting.

The old man didn’t know the identity of Qin Shaofeng, but he didn’t want to see an obviously special young man, so he fell.

“You Old Guy are wishful thinking.”

Luo Tian raises it bitterly laughed: “That brat did offend me, but he has the capital to offend me, so you don’t need to ask, let alone rob someone. You can’t take this person, even if Dean agrees to let it go. It’s useless to go to your Yunxian Academy.”


Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy was stunned on the spot.

What is Dean of Infinite Academy? It’s useless to let people go?

This brat is a student of endless college!

He just thought of this, and a possibility suddenly emerged in his mind, and he suddenly cry out in surprise: “You mean, this brat is from the endless mountain?”

“He is the one delivered by the person Dean admired, do you understand this time?” Luo Tian raised said with a smile.

The old man was suddenly messed up in the wind.

Endless condensation!

It turned out to be an endless congealed person!

The old man suddenly felt a chill in his back.

He is indeed a member of Yunxian Temple, but his status is not too high.

Even Dean Yuncheng of their academy, among the top-level figures in the Yunxian Palace, is not high or low.

Such a position in front of the average person can indeed be called horror.

But compared with the one in Luo Tian Yangkou, it is not worth mentioning at all.

The sentence is awkward.

In case he raises with Luo Tian, ​​and the two Dean together offend that one.

The man came here and beat them four people to death. Two Great Influences were absolutely impossible. Someone stood up and said something nice to them.

You may even applaud.

This is the horror of that person.

He actually wanted to take that person to Yunxian Academy. He was simply seeking death by himself!

It’s no wonder Luo Tian Yanghui said that endless writing is useless.

Really useless!

“That’s not right!”

He suddenly realized something, and asked in doubt: “If this brat is that person, how could it be such a cultivation base, and why didn’t that person teach him himself?”

“Speak carefully! Speak carefully!”

Luo Tian Yang is equally unclear about all this.

But he has a lot of unpleasant guesses.

Such matters must never be discussed with other people, otherwise your own life will not belong to you.

And it still won’t die.

That’s called terrifying.


Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy was taken aback for a while, and immediately, a strange speculation appeared again.

Looking at Luo Tian again to raise that somewhat ambiguous, but terrified gaze, he suddenly became short of breath.

He he he…

The brat who only has the rank 1 cultivation base, turned out to be that bastard…cough cough cough!


No wonder that brat was so arrogant two days ago.

Fortunately, I didn’t get angry because of Dean, otherwise I provoke this little fellow. Wouldn’t it have to take the consequences?

What happens if my cultivation base is weak?

Can’t hold back the fucking awesome!

“It’s still wrong, even if that brat might be cough cough, he can’t rely on the trifling Rank 1 ant cultivation base, singlehanded to kill the gale wolf pack, right?” Vice Dean of Yunxian College continued.

“If there is no problem with my vision, the precious clothing on his body should be the Ningyue Treasure Shirt, Yaoshen Soldier.” Luo Tian raised his mouth.

Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy was messed up in the wind again.

I even got the Ningyue Treasure.

It’s no wonder that Luo Tian’s expression is so weird.

Anyway, if the old man accepts the discipline, no matter how much he loves it, it is impossible to give out my strongest defensive treasure.

Can you give it to me?

It seems that there will be no problem with the old man’s guess.

Qin Shaofeng is naturally impossible to hear the conversation between the two in the air.

He knows more impossible.

In order to hide his identity for him, Wu Wanwen actually gave Luo Tian such a hint to raise it, really too much!

Just give the name of Second Senior Sister to that.

I don’t know what kind of attitude the Second Senior Sister would have if he knew about this.

It is to kick the Eight Senior Brother into a cannonball flying into the air again, or to play as a ball.

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