Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3806


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Qin Shaofeng doesn’t know that many things, and doesn’t care about that many things.

His eyes are only the group of gale wolves in the distance.

When he could see the gale wolf with naked eye, the gale wolf had also discovered his existence, and all moved towards him looked over.

“The level is indeed not weak, there should be around the moon position.”

Qin Shaofeng looked at the large and small, thirty-forty gale wolf, with an expression of surprise in his eyes.

As he observed one by one, he quickly stared at the existence of a Wolf King, and his eyes became more smiling: “That should be the existence of the wolf King level, right?”

“ao! Ow! Ow!”

The gale wolf found him staring at his entire race, and immediately roar towards the sky.

The sound of howling seemed to arouse the strength of heaven and earth, and it seemed that a storm was blowing up in Qin Shaofeng, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

“Fogcao! This group of things is so cruel, and I just started to do it when we meet. It seems that I should indeed enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven.” Qin Shaofeng said to himself.

His words are not loud.

However, the attention of the two people in the sky has already come to him, and they have gotten too much closer. With full attention, how can they not hear his voice?

This brat…too shameless!

Is he really that bastard?

Why do you feel so unreliable?

When the two had mixed feelings in their hearts, Qin Shaofeng had already moved.

“Heavenly Void, do it!”

Qin Shaofeng loudly shouted, ignoring the small wind spells that the gale wolf was making, and quickly moved towards wolf pack and rushed over.

The speed is pulled in a little bit.

The wind blade that gale wolf first displayed all fell on him.

This wolf pack only has thirty-forty only.

According to the wolf pack, there is already something that cannot be called a race.

But this is gale wolf.

As a spell division race, the reproductive ability of gale wolves can’t be compared with the melee wolf pack, even the difference between Heaven and Earth.

But the gale wolf pack teamed up to attack, and the battle strength is so sturdy that even a wolf pack of tens of thousands is not willing to provoke it easily.

Thirty-forty is tens of thousands.

It can be seen that these gale wolves’ attacks all fell on Qin Shaofeng, what kind of feeling it would be like.

“What kind of attack is this, too much disgusting, right?”

Qin Shaofeng felt that the oncoming wind blade seemed to be a gale shower, densely packed and smashed on him continuously.

The formidable power of each wind blade seems to be comparable to the three Rank 4 powerhouse.

So many wind blades attacked together.

There are really few people who can resist.

Qin Shaofeng completely opened the Yao Shenyi’s defense before taking action.

When the wind blade came three inches in front of him, it seemed to hit an invisible barrier, and then disappeared.

“It’s really a Ningyue shirt!”

The two people in the sky exclaimed in unison when they saw Yao Shenyi’s defense.

Qin Shaofeng doesn’t even know Ningyue Baoshan, so naturally it is even more impossible to know their guess.

But if Mo Ya heard the name Ningyue Treasure Shirt, he would definitely be surprised.

Because the endlessly condensed treasure shirt is from the hand of Moya father and Mo frivolous.

When Mo Ya first gave Qin Shaofeng refining Yao Shenyi.

The plan is to personally refining with the cooperation of that many people to come out and see the Ningyue Treasure shirt.

The end result is naturally a failure.

That’s why.

Yao Shen Yi was clearly Divine Weapon Level, but he refused to let Qin Shaofeng name Yao Shen Yi.

In his opinion, he is not at the level of Ningyue Treasure Shirt.

The treasure that he refining is not eligible for a name.

If he can help Qin Shaofeng increase the level of Baoyi to reach or exceed the level of Ningyue Baoshan in the future, Qin Shaofeng will be named.

These things Luo Tian raises and the others are naturally impossible to know.

That’s why.

Qin Shaofeng’s Yaoshen Yi, which is in the same refining method as the Ningyue Treasure Shirt, looks like a genuine Ningyue Treasure Shirt to them.

“That’s right, that’s right, he turned out to be…foggy!” Yunxian College Vice Dean exclaimed.

The cold sweat ran down his forehead.

Fortunately, I didn’t offend this little ancestor, otherwise, if this little ancestor goes to our Yunxian Academy to make noise, what should the old man do?

The expression raised by Luo Tian is extremely solemn, saying: “Don’t shout, watch the battle first, and be ready to rescue at any time.”

When the two of them were shocked, Qin Shaofeng was already within the range of wolf pack 10 meters.

People in Cangming Realm know what the result will be after Wu Xiu and Master Spell get closer.

Spell teacher cultivating is Golden Core.

Golden Core is stronger, their strength will naturally become stronger, and vice versa.

Because of this, almost none of them have much battle strength and defensive ability.

Human Race spell divisions can make defensive treasures such as Yao Shen clothing, Yao Shen battle armor, etc., but star beasts like gale wolf are impossible.

Qin Shaofeng believed that as long as he approached, he would be able to kill the gale wolf easily.

But when he and the gale wolf get closer.

A cyan ray flashed across the eyes of the gale Wolf King at the back.

Suddenly, the wind howled.

Qin Shaofeng can feel a storm at his feet.

Immediately, the storm turned into a terrifying tornado, flying him to in midair.

“fuck, what’s the situation?”

Qin Shaofeng was so angry that he started bullshitting.

I finally got close to gale wolf pack. How could I encounter such a thing? How can I kill it?

You can’t even get close!

Reluctantly controlling his body to fall, he found sadly that he went 100 meters away again.

All the sprints are wasted?

“I do it!”

Qin Shaofeng almost cried.

The defense of these gale wolves may be extremely poor, but the defense methods are too strong?

The formidable power of the tornado attack is extremely poor.

But as long as the body is wrapped by tornado, it will be rolled back directly, so that the combat distance is still just the same at the beginning.

How can you fight this?

“Pu chi!”

The two watching the battle in the air couldn’t help laughing.

When I saw Qin Shaofeng sprinting with my own eyes, the two of them were completely relieved.

gale wolf simply can’t help but Qin Shaofeng wearing a’Ningyue Treasure Shirt’.

The same.

Qin Shaofeng knew where his strengths and weaknesses were, so he chose such a group of gale wolves as the target to kill.

But he absolutely couldn’t think of how the fragile group of gale wolves would have no defenses?

“Luo Tian raises, this brat’s knowledge is too bad, right?” Yunxian Academy Vice Dean said with a smile.

“It is indeed a matter of insight.”

Luo Tian raised the nodded who agreed, but came again: “But I feel that this battle is only a matter of time. Since gale wolf cannot attack his defense, he will be beheaded one after another sooner or later.

“Gale wolf can’t help him, can he help gale wolf?” Yunxian Academy Vice Dean said, rolling his eyes.

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