Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3807


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“Why, don’t you believe him?”

Luo Tian’s eyes are shining with strange rays of light deep in the eyes.

He has personally seen Qin Shaofeng’s methods and knows that although this brat is young, the battle experience is not comparable to an ordinary person.

All he lacks is insight.

As long as he can test out the gale wolf’s ability, want to break through it, or even kill the gale wolf, it doesn’t seem to be an impossible thing.

“It is clear that you trust this brat too much. Let’s not talk about the difference between strength and quantity. You just need to tell me how that brat is approached.” Vice Dean of Yunxian College said.

“I don’t know.”

Luo Tian Yang shook his head and saw a smile appeared in Vice Dean’s eyes in Yunxian Academy. Then, he continued: “But I believe that brat will definitely kill the gale wolf.”


Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy is speechless.

Is this guy too blind?

Ask yourself.

If you change your position as Qin Shaofeng, with your own battle experience, it is almost impossible to find a way to kill those gale wolves.

Why does that brat do what he can’t do?

“Why, don’t you believe it?” Luo Tian Yang asked this question again.

“The old man naturally doesn’t believe it.”

Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy finally answered positively.

“Since you don’t believe me, how about we make a bet?”

Luo Tian’s deep smile finally couldn’t help flickering, and said: “I bet he can kill the gale wolves, you bet he can’t, you place a bet!”

The expression in Vice Dean’s eyes of Yunxian Academy is very strange.

He can clearly feel that Luo Tian Yang Nai has done a trick on him.

But even if he wanted to break his scalp, he couldn’t figure out how Qin Shaofeng could break through this layer of defense.

But… gambling?

“The old man does not gamble, if that brat can really kill it, the old man admits that he is very difficult to deal with, and vice versa.” Yunxian College Vice Dean said indifferently.

Luo Tian was immediately dumbfounded.

Didn’t you just put it on?

Why did you change your mind in the blink of an eye?

His expression changes are all in the eyes of Vice Dean of Unxian College, which makes Vice Dean of Unxian College feel more and more confused.

That brat is impossible to win no matter how you look at it!

But Luo Tian’s confidence in him is too great, and he even used this matter to cheat the old man.

The problem remains the same.

Why can this brat be killed?

He is puzzled.

Qin Shaofeng moved towards gale again. The wolf rushed over.

“I want to see how long you can stop me.”

He burst into mouth while sprinting.

Anyway, all this way is to resist gale wolf’s wind blade attack, he doesn’t need to do anything.

During the sprint, he opened the space map.

Tiantu opened.

He immediately saw Space Cracks one by one.

I saw it.

But he can also immediately perceive that Space Crack in the Cangming Realm is very difficult to tear.

If it’s the same realm martial artist, it’s useless if you can see it.

He can indeed do it.

But even if his qi and blood power is terrifying, I am afraid he can only tear two or three times at most.

In other words, he only had two opportunities.

It’s best to do it all at once.

thoughts are revolving.

He has the urge to scold his mother.

Who is following him secretly, can the two Old Guys in the air be so nervous?

I only need a moment to be enough!

One year of library reading.

He also knew what kind of terrifying martial skill Thunderbolt Qianshan was.

That is the core of the Three Laws of Qi Cai Zhenjun.

Although is I already have an endless mountain generation discipline background, if it is exposed, it will definitely cause a lot of trouble.

Therefore, the thunderbolt thousand flashes after martial skill fusion can be used.

But thunderbolt’s characteristic ability cannot be used casually.

When he cursed in the heart, he appeared in the previous position again.

The azure light in gale Wolf King’s eyes flickered again.

“evil creature, is the same method still going to be used on Young Master?”

“open for me!”

Qin Shaofeng’s left hand suddenly tore in the void on the right side of his body.

The hurricane condensed, forming a tornado under his feet.

Just as tornado was about to roll his body to 100 meters away, he clung to the entrance of Space Crack, escaped from tornado and entered into Space Crack.

“Tearing Space!”

“He can actually Tearing Space!”

Two exclamations sounded from the air at the same time.

At this time, the two of them are already messed up in the wind.

Whether it is Luo Tian, ​​who believes that Qin Shaofeng has a way, or Vice Dean, who is almost fooled, have exactly the same expression.

Tearing Space is very common in Cangming.

Many powerful existences who understand the art of space are all driven by Tearing Space.

However, the cost of tearing space is not something an ordinary martial artist can afford.

Even Heaven’s Chosen Child, the most terrifying Kun family ever, seemed to be able to do it when he was cultivated to Yuyue Peak.

Ordinary people, the cultivation base is less than the yellow moon, simply unimaginable.

And it’s still tearing, and it can’t do more.

The almost impossible situation appeared in Qin Shaofeng’s body.

“Luo Tian raises him, how can he be Tearing Space?” Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy still asked in shock.

“Don’t ask me, I don’t know, this brat is simply not human!”

Luo Tian couldn’t get out of the shock even though he raised himself: “Even Kunjia…No! If the Kunjia Space Tiantu cultivation is successful, there seems to be something special…No!”


Dean of Yunxian Academy yelled angrily: “Kunjia Tiantu Level 1 Perfection, which can be torn apart with 1,000 blood threads, Level 2 costs 800, and Level 2 Perfection costs 500.”

“Could this be just a statement, OK?”

“The cultivation base of Huangyuebit, even if there is a full strength outbreak, the Space Crack cannot be torn apart, let alone the consumption of the Space Crack.”

“That brat is just the rank 1 in the wild, and the bloodshot is only seventy-eighty. Why does he tear the crack?”

Luo Tian raised her mouth again.

What he didn’t say just now was that he had already thought of this kind of thing, so he didn’t dare to continue speaking.

But I have to admit that Qin Shaofeng really did it!

With their eyesight, how can it be impossible to tell whether the Space Crack torn by Qin Shaofeng is true or false?

Yes but, but but.

How did he do Ahhhh?

Too unscientific!

Take a breath.

In the gale wolf pack, World Space suddenly fluctuates.

I saw a big white hand emerge from the space, fiercely moved towards the side and torn, Space Crack appeared.

Qin Shaofeng’s silhouette suddenly rushed out of the Space Crack.

“The calculation is wrong, the calculation is wrong, the consumption of the Tearing Space is still too terrifying. I need to tear it twice when I enter and exit. I don’t have the next chance.” Qin Shaofeng whispered, and killed the gale wolf.

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