Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3810


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“gale Wolf King, are you still going to struggle?”

Qin Shaofeng quickly beheaded the remaining dozen gale wolves before he carried the knife and moved towards the gale Wolf King step by step.

Every step of each step made Gale Wolf King tremble.

As if his steps were all stepping on the heart of gale Wolf King, making gale Wolf King subconsciously retreat.

Such a scene stunned the two in the sky again.


They even forgot the quarrel that should have been due.

Twenty silver moon wolves, 5000 300 stars and moon value, so how much can this Wolf King bring me?

Qin Shaofeng moved towards gale Wolf King step by step.

But in my heart, I kept thinking and calculating.

After his cultivation base entered the barren moon position, bottleneck has appeared for the acquisition of star and moon values.

Ten thousand is already the ultimate.

Go straight up, although it may expose something.

But if it is wasted, it will only make him more depressed.

“Forget it, upgrade!”

Qin Shaofeng sighed helplessly in his heart.

His current star and moon value has reached 6,300.

The level of gale wolves may not be much higher than that of other gale wolves, and it’s just a month’s difference to death.

But he has never killed the existence of the moon.

If the amount he can get exceeds his imagination, it is likely to cause waste, but it is not worth it!

“System Prompt: Congratulations to Player Qin Shaofeng upgrade, the current fifth-order barren moon position.”

The level increase once again made his aura soar again.

Qin Shaofeng felt the full recovery of the cultivation base battle strength, and the cultivation base was further improved, and immediately moved towards the gale Wolf King rushed up.

Again, I just rushed ten meters away in front of Gale Wolf King.

A cyan ray glow flashed in gale Wolf King’s eyes again, and the strong wind roared again, and moved towards Qin Shaofeng swept across.

“You have lost half of your life, so you came back?”

Qin Shaofeng feels speechless.

But he knows most about Gale Wolf King.

The poison used by Heavenly Void Insect King has been suppressed, and after a few breaths, it has already caused gale Wolf King to be very poisoned.

In addition, when he just started to kill ordinary gale wolves, Heavenly Void Insect King was still using poison.

Twice poisoned, gale Wolf King was already extremely poisoned.

Even if you don’t do anything with him, it will be certain death, no doubt.

I was blown 100 meters away again.

Qin Shaofeng’s face is not at all unwilling, but a little smile is outlined at the corner of his mouth.

Such tornado simply cannot cause much harm to him.

Moreover, after he killed the ordinary gale wolf, there was no wind blade attack all over the sky, which meant that he was continuing to rush forward.

But gale Wolf King is always invaded by snake venom.

He rushed up again.

The two shocked in the air didn’t finally react until this time.

“Again, there is a breakthrough?”

“What happened to that brat?”

“Luo Tian raise, you must know what is it right?”

“I said why you are so relieved about that brat, it turns out that something is hiding from the old man.”

“How did he poison the gale wolf just now, what happened to his cultivation base?”

Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy felt that he was going crazy, so he kept asking questions.

“What do I mean to hide from you?”

Luo Tian raised the same frowned, and said angrily: “I only know that brat has a lot of secrets, and I don’t know what they are.”

“You can see the current state, it should be related to the Heavenly Void he called before.”

“As for the cultivation base…”

He not at all said, but they both thought of one thing together.

Qin Shaofeng has been in the endless academy for one year, but has never been able to increase the cultivation base by a level.

They are this age cultivation base.

Even Wu Shuang, who was originally the seventh-rank barren moon, has already leveled to the ninth-rank.

He only had Rank 1, didn’t he even improve a rank?

This is too unreasonable, right?

“Okay, we don’t need to say that many, you can cash out the bet I won first!” Luo Tian raises the road.

Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy was taken aback.

But he is not a shame.

Just after thinking about it, I took the oath.

Immediately, he returned to the state where he had come to observe the situation in the first place, and said nothing.

There is a little smile in Luo Tian’s seductive eyes.

He found that Qin Shaofeng wanted to do things, so he was naturally responsible for helping Qin Shaofeng keep secrets.

It happened that he was with Yunxian Academy and wanted to help Qin Shaofeng conceal the past, but it was more than just a concealment.

This method is more perfect in his opinion.

Cangming will.

That is not an illusory thing.

People at the beginning thought that the Void Realm had no will.

But when the disaster strikes, they finally understand that the world also has the will of the world.

That kind of will may be a kind of Heaven and Earth Rule.

After coming to Cangming Realm.

powerhouses have long discovered that the will of Cangming Realm is stronger, and only then will the Oath of Cangming Will appear.

An event in history also shows that Cang Ming’s will is indeed restricting those who swear.

He doesn’t need to worry about Qin Shaofeng anymore.

Took a deep breath full of ease, he moved towards Qin Shaofeng and looked over.

Qin Shaofeng has rushed back and forth seven times.

There was no expression of impatience on his face. Instead, he stared at the gale Wolf King 100 meters away and smiled lightly.

When he saw that Gale Wolf King had fallen powerlessly, the smile on his face suddenly became brighter.

“Can you stick to it?”

He haha ​​smiled, and once again strode towards gale the wolf rushed over.

The gale wolf poisoning is too deep.

Qin Shaofeng’s sprint this time failed to cause gale Wolf King to attack again.

Stride to the front of gale Wolf King.

The corner of his mouth shows a real bright smile.

“A gale Wolf King should be of great value!”


Before Qin Shaofeng’s words fell, the sword had already cut gale Wolf King’s neck.

Blood gurgled out.

The body of gale Wolf King trembled fiercely a few times before losing all his life force.

“These gale wolves are really difficult to deal with. I hope that what I will encounter next is not a type of gale wolf or blood wolf. It is simply disgusting.” Qin Shaofeng lamented in his heart.

Immediately, put away all the corpse of the gale wolf, quickly moved towards the forest and galloped away.

Not long in the past.

Seven Dao silhouette Rapid Speed ​​moved towards here.

“Brother Long, the howling of the wolf just now seems to be coming from here…Huh!?”

The words of the first voice changed suddenly into a scream before they finished speaking.

Long Haoyue and the others are unknown.

But when the people he brought with him made such a cry, they still shouted: “Come and take a look!”

He was the first one to move towards and rushed out.

In a blink of an eye, he saw the pathfinder ahead, as well as the ruins swept by wind blade.