Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3812


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The ten-day autumn hunting time speaking of which seems not short.

When you really enter the forest of Yunling, it’s not like that at all.

Qin Shaofeng simply didn’t feel the passage of time, it turned out to be after Nine Heavens.

“This time is too fast, right?”

Qin Shaofeng sat cross-legged at the entrance of a cave, clutching food with both hands, swallowing.

For six and a half days, he was in battle almost all the time.

Although is this level of combat.

After six and a half days, his cultivation base has just reached the ninth-level barren moon position.

cultivation base reached this point.

It was supposed to be something to be happy about, but now he is happy at all does not raise.

The cost of time is only one aspect.

When he leveled the cultivation base to the 9th-order barren moon yesterday, he found sadly that the difficulty of the next increase turned out to be ten times higher.

Full 100,000 stars and moons.

Although is in the Cangming Realm, he can also feel how difficult it is to improve next.

It should be noted that after his seventh-order illusory astral body, with the cultivation base reaching the moon position, the total upgrade amount has been converted into 200,000 star and moon value.

According to the current upgrade requirements, if he couldn’t upgrade his martial body, he would not even be able to reach the Ninth Tier Universe Position.

Not to mention all kinds of time required, it is a headache to think about it.

“Heavenly Void, do you think I should leave the academy and try to find a place for a while?” Qin Shaofeng said uncomfortably.

He doesn’t have many people in the Cangming Realm who can ask questions.

Heavenly Void Insect King is one of the most important.

But he himself knew that Heavenly Void Insect King simply couldn’t give him any answer.

The words came out, and he sighed helplessly again.

“Forget it, I don’t want that many messy things, let’s hurry up and settle the next things!” Qin Shaofeng threw down the clean bones, wiped his hands, and stood up.

“This meal has wasted my three 10 breaths time. It’s time to continue activities.”

He stretched his waist and asked again: “Heavenly Void, are those provocative guys still tracking down?”

Actually, he can guess even if he doesn’t ask.

Since passing through the trial area of ​​the Top Level class, the seven people have followed him all the way.

Getting the answer from Heavenly Void Insect King, he walked out of the cave slowly.

He came to a conspicuous place this time, but he didn’t rush to move on.

He has the entire Heavenly Void Insect Race around him to help him find the way. He knows what he might encounter on the road.

Although there are still many star beasts in Yunling.

According to the information he got, the star beasts were scattered. He simply didn’t have that many time to kill them one after another.

Not to mention, he has too little time.

So after some thought, he counted the seven people who were always hanging behind, and prepared to move towards a race further ahead.

If there were no accidents in that battle, even if he still couldn’t leveled the cultivation base to the celestial moon, he would probably be similar.

While he was thinking and waiting.

On the other side of the mountain, Qidao silhouette finally tracked it.

“Who is the mysterious person in front and how can he run like this?”

Little Liu is still at the forefront.

In the dispute team, his tracking ability is the strongest person.

But he didn’t expect anyhow.

The chase lasted for nearly seven days. Seeing that it was almost time to go back, I couldn’t catch up with the person in front.

“Stop talking nonsense there. There is not much time left until the autumn hunting is over. If we don’t know each other’s identity by the end of the autumn hunting, all the time in the past few days will be wasted.” Long Haoyue reminded.

Everyone suddenly became more energetic.

After tracking down for so many days, I didn’t even see the person in front of me.

If this matter is really passed back to the academy, I am afraid that a few of them will have no face to see people again.

After thinking about it, everyone’s speed suddenly became a bit faster.

Not long.

They are already on the top of the mountain.

Long Xiaoxiao jumped and went to the top of the tallest tree, moved towards the front and looked far away.

Similar things, she has done many times in the past few days.

In the past, this method was used to find the people in front of them, where they might have fought.

When she came to the treetop this time, she saw a completely different scene from before.

There seems to be some traces of battle before not at all.

But on the mountainside in front, there is a bumpy land.

On the most conspicuous piece of giant stone.

There was a young silhouette who was moving towards the direction where they were. It seemed that they had been waiting for them for a long time.

It’s like waiting there specially, waiting to see their good show.

“There are people ahead, everyone follow me!”

Long Xiaoxiao didn’t understand why the person in front of him waited specially, but he could guess that the person in front was the mysterious person they followed all the way.

“Find him?”

Long Haoyue’s eyes all showed surprises.

It’s been so many days, it can be regarded as catching up.

The surprise in their hearts did not last long.

As Long Xiaoxiao was running fast on the mountain road soon, they could already see the silhouette standing on the unusually conspicuous giant stone, looking towards them.

Even Long Haoyue, who claims to be calm, feels dizzy after seeing this scene.

“That guy is actually waiting for us? This, this…”

Little Liu almost spurt a mouthful of blood.

The Dean generation will not mention it for now.

Purely among peer students, he thinks that his tracking ability is the first, and he really can’t accept this scene seen by his eyes.

“Everyone, speed up a little bit, and absolutely can’t let that brat go!” Little Liu shouted.

After a few breaths.

“You are finally here.”

The gentle smile on the face of the youth standing on the giant stone seems to be just a meeting between friends.

This plain question made the seven almost spurt a mouthful of blood.

Qin Shaofeng is naturally waiting here.

But it was precisely because of this that made the seven’s urge to spray blood even more intense.

“You you you…”

Little Liu zhi zhi wu wu, you who have been talking for a long time, have not been able to say a complete sentence.

Long Haoyue and Long Xiaoxiao are also speechless.

Is the boy in front of me really the mysterious person they have been following for several days?

But… how is this possible?

Look at each other for a long time.

“You, are you the one who walked in front of us and killed hundreds of star beasts?” Long Haoyue asked in a deep voice.

Even at the beginning of the meeting, he had already confirmed this.

However, seeing the faintly revealed cultivation base aura on Qin Shaofeng’s body with his own eyes, he couldn’t recognize this.

Rank 1 Desolate Month? !

How is this possible?