Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3813


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“Among our people in Endless Academy, besides me, is there anyone else walking in front of you?” Qin Shaofeng laughed, smiling very well.

But those bright smiles were seen in the eyes of a few people, but they all had the urge to scold their mothers.

What does it mean to have someone walking in front besides you?

What kind of cultivation base strength do you have, don’t you really know it?

“It’s not that we don’t believe it, it’s just that your cultivation base is too…cough cough cough!” Long Haoyue coughed dryly.

His words are very vague.

The others couldn’t help it.

“That…brother, do you really only have Rank 1 as the cultivation base for the deserted month?”

“This doesn’t seem right, right?”

“Will there be some senior expert who brought you all the way to kill, or else how can you kill and behead that many star beasts with your Rank 1 cultivation base?”

“You come all the way, probably the number of star beasts killed will exceed 500, right?”

“How did you do it?”

Little Liu five people asked one after another.

They are just the few people who can’t believe the scene before them.

But when they spoke, Long Xiaoxiao laughed in a low voice.

Several people turned their heads together.

Long Haoyue asked: “Xiaoxiao, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, you should ask this Junior Brother!”

Long Haoyue’s beautiful eyes glanced over a few of them, and spoke very speechlessly.

This sentence made everyone more confused.

What did she see?

Everyone looked at Qin Shaofeng suspiciously again.

After Long Xiaoxiao’s laughter reminded him, Long Haoyue had already guessed a possibility, but he still couldn’t believe it.

If that were the case, a few people would be speechless, right?

“cough cough! Be a man, keep a low profile.”

Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help bitterly laughed at the six people who were so rare and treasured.

Especially Long Xiaoxiao clearly saw something, but still refused to say it, which made him choke silently.


Little Liu subconsciously repeated it.

Immediately, his eyes stared like brass bells.

Staring at Qin Shaofeng extremely shocked, cry out in surprise: “You…Hid your strength? Then what cultivation base are you? Earth-moon position? Or heaven-moon position?”

Everyone was in their conversation and understood thoroughly.

Just looking at Qin Shaofeng’s body, it is clear that it is just the cultivation base aura of Rank 1 Desolate Moon. They are all speechless.

This brat is too good to be installed, right?

It can be called low-key.

“cough cough, just keep a low profile!”

Long Haoyue interrupted Little Liu’s questioning.

He knows that Qin Shaofeng deliberately hides the cultivation base, so he naturally has his own unspeakable concealment, saying: “Junior Brother, are you here to wait for us?”

“How about it?”

Qin Shaofeng laughed indifferently, and said: “Since everyone has already rushed over, I won’t hide it. This autumn hunting time is too short, making me feel that I have not experienced enough, so Ready to go ahead and play.”

“If I was the only person, it would be more difficult, so I want to invite everyone to go with me. I don’t know what everyone Senior thinks?”

He told the story straight to the point.

Seven people were stunned.

This is really not an ordinary direct!

But when they glanced over Qin Shaofeng’s body, their faces were not very good.

They all know that Qin Shaofeng hides strength.

But they have been tracking for a few days later, and they have some guesses about Qin Shaofeng’s approximate battle strength.

According to their thoughts, Qin Shaofeng’s battle strength is definitely not weak.

What will happen to something that even he finds difficult?

“Junior Brother, my name is Long Haoyue, this is my girlfriend Long Xiaoxiao, and they are all my good brothers Zhang Ye, Ren Tiankuang, Shen Jun, Liu Kaishan, Lu Liu.”

“Don’t know what Junior Brother is?”

Long Haoyue fixed her eyes on Qin Shaofeng’s face.

He had a strange feeling. He seemed to have seen this face somewhere, but he couldn’t figure out where he saw it, so he asked.

“Don’t you know me?”

Qin Shaofeng coughed a few times.

Before Nine Heavens, he stood in front of everyone before entering the mountain.

He felt that as long as he appeared in front of people, most of the people in the two colleges would be recognized at a glance.

I didn’t expect that none of these seven people would recognize him.

I saw the six people’s “Are you famous?”

He must not unwilling to do cough a few times, and said: “My name is Qin Shaofeng. This time the two academies are in the gambling battle, representing our Captain of the Low Level class of the endless academy.”

“cough cough!”

“cough cough cough!”

Seven people had each one, and they all coughed.

Little Liu even sat down on the ground.

Qin Shaofeng said that sentence when you didn’t know me, he scolded the most in his heart.

But he didn’t expect no matter what, this one is not an ordinary person.

It should be said that they didn’t recognize it at a glance. It was their problem.

Long Haoyue coughed for a while.

At last, zhi zhi wu wu said: “Junior Brother you, cough cough, you are the Qin Shaofeng who represents our academy in Rank 1? The one with Celestial defense supreme treasure?”

He didn’t say a word.

That is the fierce person who dared to anger the top of the two colleges in front of all the students of the two colleges.

What he just said is already very problematic in his opinion.

If he says this sentence again, he can’t guarantee that he can continue to communicate.

“Isn’t it me?”

Qin Shaofeng shrugged, and the seven of them shut their mouths completely.

Soon, Long Haoyue had an expression of shock in her eyes.

“You are the representative of our Academy Low Level class!”

Long Xiaoxiao six people all looked at him.

They were all surprised at what their Captain was going crazy.

“Brother Long, didn’t he already say it just now? Is there something wrong?” Little Liu asked Lu Liu.

“What is wrong with what is meant?”

Long Haoyue took a deep breath and said: “I finally know that the low level class of our college is so poor. Why did Dean agree to the gambling of Yunxian College? It turns out that the academy’s confidence is all because of you, Junior Brother!” /p>

Qin Shaofeng shrugged, indifferent expression.

He has seen the situation of Long Haoyue and the others clearly.

He really didn’t want to tell the truth.

Otherwise, this group of people with a good cultivation base, and those with too weak psychological endurance, may really be unable to withstand such a blow.

“I don’t know why the college decided.”

He shrugged and asked again: “We don’t have much time to waste. Will you follow me?”

“Junior Brother, would it not be too good for us to do this?” Long Haoyue asked: “After all, you represent the academy, aren’t we cheating?”

Qin Shaofeng hearing this, couldn’t help but roll one’s eyes and pointed to the sky: “What a joke, do you think the person above us is really watching the show?”