Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3814


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The seven of them were all shocked.

Would they not know that in the sky there are always people from two colleges staring at them, but they don’t have to say that?

“Since you started tracking me, in the sky at least has two people have stared at us to death.”

“Where we are going next, no matter what record we get, the two people who believe in the sky can testify.”

“even more how, I simply didn’t plan to take out the gains over there to compete, it’s really bullying.”

Qin Shaofeng shrugged and spoke silently.

A few people were speechless again.

But when they thought about the gains from Qin Shaofeng, they couldn’t say anything.

‘This brat has killed at least five hundred star beasts along the way, right? ’

‘Look at his expression, the next place to go must be dangerous, and it seems to be too bullying to take it out. ’

Long Haoyue thought for a while and asked: “Where are you going to go deep into Yunling, to kill the super star beast in the depths of Yunling?”

“Naturally not. My next goal is in the front mountain col.” Qin Shaofeng smiled and opened the mouth and said.

“The col in front?”

The seven were puzzled again.

But when they thought that Qin Shaofeng came here before them, maybe they had already gone there to investigate the situation, so they stopped thinking about it.

Long Haoyue asked: “What’s in the col in front, is there a star beast of the sky and moon rank?”

“How is it possible?”

Qin Shaofeng shrugged and said: “If the guys there take it out alone, you can kill them easily. They are usually around the moon position. Even the strongest one should not exceed the yellow moon position, right?”


Long Haoyue heard him say that, first sighed in relief.

It’s right now, but happy does not raise.

According to Qin Shaofeng’s track record, if it is as simple as what he said, It shouldn’t be waiting for them.

“Junior Brother, don’t sell it, just say what it is.” Long Haoyue asked.

“A snake den, or a few snake dens, seems to have three groups of snakes living in it, the number of which will never be less than 3000.” Qin Shaofeng said.

The three people trembled violently.

The number Qin Shaofeng said was really frightening them.

Even Long Haoyue couldn’t help thinking: No wonder this brat is said to be difficult, at least 3000 extremely poisonous poisonous snakes, I am afraid that our seven martial arts will not be able to come out alive, right?

“How are you going to fight?” Long Haoyue asked.

“One of my pets needs to swallow the poisonous snake strength increasing. You only need to be responsible for the formation. I will take my pet to kill in front. If it is dangerous, I need your help.” Qin Shaofeng said.

Several people opened their mouths together.

I still plan to do it alone!


Long Haoyue thought for a while, nodded responded.

The purpose of their trip is to protect these Junior Brothers first.

When encountering Qin Shaofeng and going to risk, they naturally can’t watch them.

Not to mention that it was just a battle in the past, but it can’t be considered.

“Without delay, set off immediately.”

Qin Shaofeng spoke directly.

He already knew where the snakes were, and immediately led the way.

Long Haoyue seven hurriedly followed.

On the move.

Long Xiaoxiao took out some Detoxifying Medicine Pill and distributed it.

Qin Shaofeng is the one who participated in the gambling fight this time. She did not dare to send it directly, but chose to ask.

Qin Shaofeng, with the jade green dragon king beside him, shook his head and refused.

Cross the next hill.

No need for Qin Shaofeng to explain anything.

With many years of EXP, everyone can feel the looming danger in the road down the mountain at a glance.

Don’t talk about the cols that Qin Shaofeng said.

The place close to there is no longer the emerald green as it should be, but purple black.

Apparently, the extremely poisonous poisonous snake actually polluted all the forests there.

“What kind of snakes are those, whose poison is so terrifying?” Long Xiaoxiao’s face turned pale when she saw it.

For gender reasons, she was afraid of the existence of snakes.

Suddenly seeing this scene before her, she was really frightened.

The scene in the mountains is not just for them.

When Long Xiaoxiao spoke, in the sky also made the same voice: “What kind of snake is there, whose poison is so terrifying?”

The person who exclaimed was the Vice Dean from Yunxian Academy.

The only person he asked.

Luo Tian’s expression is also ugly and authentic: “Uncertain, the entire mountain col has been covered by snake venom, and I can’t see the situation clearly.”

“Should we stop him?” Vice Dean asked Yunxian College.

Luo Tian raising expression suddenly became more difficult to look.

He really wants to stop.

But since Qin Shaofeng made this kind of decision, he obviously had some confidence, which made him totally wonder what to do.

“What are you still thinking about there, they have already started to go down the mountain.”

Vice Dean of Yunxian College saw him hesitate and couldn’t help but said, “Even if the poisonous snake in that col is not high in level, with the huge number and the poisonous mist, the general Yaoxing position Wu Xiu will have it. Dangerous.”

“Even if he called the Little Brat in your college, the risk of entering is great, even more how we are in the sky, we can’t always pay attention to their situation.”

Luo Tian’s ugly expression became even harder to look after he said these words.

Why doesn’t he want to stop?

The problem is, Qin Shaofeng’s identity is there.

Although he knew the danger in the col, he still made this decision. Even if he tried to stop it, it might not be able to stop it.

The more he thought about it, the uglier his face became.

“Then we won’t watch it here.”

Luo Tian Yang suddenly spoke, making Yunxian Academy Vice Dean look over in shock.

“Stop watching? Are you going to leave it alone?”

“Who will let go?”

Luo Tian raised fiercely’s patted on his forehead, and said, “Isn’t that brat already said? He killed this batch of snakes to feed his pet. The number of kills is not counted in the two colleges In the gambling fight.”

“And he also found the seven Little Brat, which means he has ended his gains in this gambling battle ahead of time. What if we go to see behind them?”


Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy is completely speechless.

Can you do this?

I can think about it again, it looks like this is true.

That brat down this road, the number of beheaded kills is far from the five hundred or so that Long Haoyue said.

They are always watching in the sky.

Clearly know that the number of star beasts killed by Qin Shaofeng has already exceeded 800, although 10 of them are Star Beast corpse feeding the jade green dragon king, the number in his storage ring is also nearly 800 quantity.