Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3815

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Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy felt a pain in his crotch when he thought of this number.

The figure obtained by brat alone seems to be comparable to the sum of the students participating in the gambling contest in the two colleges, right?

Thanks to Luo Tian to raise this bastard, what did he just say that this brat is going to give up the next gambling time in advance.

If you really let him count the poisonous snake in the mountain.

The number of its gains, shouldn’t it scare others to death?

“Let’s go, let’s hang far behind them. If there is an accident, we will take action together.” Luo Tian raised a hello, and moved towards the mountain first.

Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy was full of helplessness, but had to follow along.

Among the mountains.

Qin Shaofeng took the lead and has already come near the mountain col.

Before they really approached, the neighing sound has been heard in the ears, and the air is filled with sweet smells.

I didn’t even see a poisonous snake, and Long Haoyue’s complexion had become difficult to look at.

“Junior Brother Qin, the snake venom here is too serious, are you sure not to swallow some to avoid Poison Pill?” Long Haoyue asked again.

“These snake venoms can’t threaten me yet.”

Qin Shaofeng shook his head again and said, “You only need to do your own defense now. Although our trip is a bit dangerous, it is definitely not fatal. If there is an accident, the two people in the sky will not sit idly by. .”


Long Haoyue seven people are speechless for a while.

They have persuaded Qin Shaofeng no less than five times along the way.

Every time I got the answer, it turned out to be the same.

The two in the sky will not sit idly by.

We also know that they will not sit idly by.

The problem is that the snake venom here is too terrifying.

They already knew that if the seven of them fell into this snake den, it would be extremely difficult to escape.

It seems that where or what is extremely difficult?

Don’t say that there may be a yellow moon poisonous snake in this mountain col. Even if all are poisonous snakes of the cosmic moon or the wild moon, we can’t hold it!

He was still in the heart when he was struggling.

Qin Shaofeng has already gone to the front of the col.

Further forward, is where the poison mist really pervades.

My eyes have not yet seen the existence of the poisonous snake, but the neighing sounds are already close at hand.

“If I don’t ask for help, you should put your own safety first.”

Qin Shaofeng reminded again and took out the ghost song of the sword.

Although is his cultivation base has now reached the ninth-level barren moon position, when he holds the ghost war knife, he still feels very heavy and it is extremely difficult to use.

But the situation in the previous col is really unimaginable.

He can don’t dare be careless.

Ghost song is Yao Shenbing after all, even the weight and sharpness can bring him a great sense of security.

“Heavenly Void, can you disperse the poison mist here first?”

Qin Shaofeng looked at the poison mist that completely blocked his vision, and spoke.

As soon as the voice came out, Long Haoyue and the others immediately looked over.

Up to now, they have not been able to see the pet Qin Shaofeng mentioned.

I was frightened by Qin Shaofeng’s impudent bold before. Only then did he finally remember this and Qi Qi looked at him.

Seven pairs of eyes looked at the same time.

I saw some movement in Qin Shaofeng’s left wrist.

“Is that his bracelet?”

Long Xiaoxiao is a girl after all, and pays more attention to the things on Qin Shaofeng.

She had seen the weirdness on Qin Shaofeng’s left wrist a long time ago.

Even women like her usually only wear one kind of accessory.

But Qin Shaofeng has three on his wrist.

Along the way.

She wanted to observe a few times.

Qin Shaofeng hides well, so she simply doesn’t have much chance to explore.

The only thing that can be determined is one of the bracelets, which seems to have the ability to resist the power of forbidden force.

Although Yunling’s forbidden force is not too strong, it also needs the assistance of such items.

The Luo Tian Zen shadow on Qin Shaofeng’s wrist is emitting a little bit of aura all the time, it is extremely difficult for her not to see it.

But the other two green’s bracelets existed, and she still couldn’t see it.

But she couldn’t think of it.

One of the bracelets was turned out to be the pet that Qin Shaofeng said.


Everyone moved towards Qin Shaofeng and looked at his left wrist.

The scene that caught your eye was the scene where the snake head of the jade green dragon king protruded from the sleeve of Qin Shaofeng.

The true race of jade green dragon king is Dragon Race.

But its size and shape have nothing to do with Dragon Race.

It’s even much smaller than some small snakes.

The total length is only half a meter smaller, and the thickness is comparable to that of chopsticks.

Full body jade green.

If it does not deliberately move, absolutely no one can imagine it with a snake.

“It turned out to be a snake?”

Little Liu asked in surprise: “What kind of snake is that? It looks so weird. It seems to have dark-green scales on its body, and its head is so weird?”

The others were just looking at shock, not at all, watching carefully.

After a closer inspection, I suddenly found the difference.

“Then…how does it seem to be the legendary god Dragon Race?” Long Xiaoxiao asked in surprise.

“Dragon Race? No, it’s not like Dragon Race?” Little Liu questioned.

“Who said those big lizards? I’m talking about our god Dragon Race in the Void Realm. It is said that when they migrated, they brought two of them. Now they should be kept in Void Hall, right?” Xiaoxiao gave him a white glance.

A few people just woke up.

But when they think about it for a while, they feel helpless again.

Their cultivation base is really good, but they don’t know much about Star Beast and Divine Beast. They really don’t remember what the god Dragon Race looks like.

“The color is wrong, and the one from Qin Junior Brother is too small, without a beard and dragon horn.” Long Haoyue shook her head.

Several people in the academy are indeed well-know figures, but they are not truly omniscient.

But the two people hanging not far behind them stared.

“jade green dragon king!”

The two turned their heads together and looked at each other, and they could see the look of shock in each other’s eyes.

This is only in the legendary existence!

Even the sacred giant dragon, they have seen it in the Void Hall, and there were more in the Void Realm.

But the jade green dragon king really only exists in the legend.

According to legend, the jade green dragon king and the dragon race are natural enemies, and after this thing grows up, the toxicity is unsolvable.

In addition, in history, it seems that there is no one who can subduing the jade green dragon king for his own use, so that the Human Race has all been dumped on the sacred giant dragon and fought against jade green Dragon King Clan.

Over time, the jade green dragon king has become history.

They couldn’t imagine that Qin Shaofeng would subduing a jade green dragon king for his own use.

It’s no wonder that he would rather not care about the college’s grades and his own safety, and have to make a special trip to this col.