Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3817

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“System Prompt: Congratulations to Player Qin Shaofeng, kill the green scales of the moon and the moon, and get 200 star and moon points.”

“System Prompt: Congratulations to Player Qin Shaofeng, kill the blood rose of the universe and moon, and get 300 stars and moon points.”

“System Prompt: Congratulations to Player Qin Shaofeng…”

Qin Shaofeng slashed down with a single blow, and the system voice sounded continuously in his mind.

Although the group of snakes is terrifying, they all exist in the position of the moon.

But his attack formidable power is not an ordinary Eternal Moon comparable.

With the help of Yao Shenbing Guiqu, killing three or four poisonous snakes with one knife is not a big problem.

His attack formidable power is really good.

Relying on the cultivation base of Tier 9 Barren Moon Position, slay three poisonous snakes with a single blow.

If it is changed to other times, it can also shock many people.

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Long Haoyue and his entourage witnessed this scene with their own eyes, but no one was shocked by his battle strength.

Not other.

At the same time as he held that blade’s hand, hundreds of poisonous snakes coiled him up, as if there was only one hill with countless poisonous snakes piled up.

Long Xiaoxiao is still in a coma, otherwise he must be frightened again.

Little Liu and the others trembled all over.

“This, this, this…”

“Isn’t this courting death?”

“It seems that changing to the powerhouse of the star position may not be able to handle this kind of battle?”

“That brat shouldn’t die inside, right?”

“Brother Long, shall we… do you want to save him?”

Zhang Ye is one of them, the cultivation base second only to Long Haoyue, he still remembers the mission of their entire group.

However, even though he asked, he was also looking forward to Long Haoyue’s rejection.

Go up and save people?

That’s just going up to die, OK?

Although our cultivation base is much stronger than Qin Shaofeng, one blade one sword should be able to kill more than a dozen poisonous snakes.

But Qin Shaofeng’s experience is in their eyes.

They are not confident and can guarantee that the poisonous snake will not pile them up.


Long Haoyue’s lips are also shaking slightly.

He was also hesitating.

But it was this ‘help’ that immediately made everyone look pale.

Although is fear in my heart, although is knowingly died.

They still took out their weapons immediately.

Looking at it, I really want to go up and save people.

“Don’t worry!”

Long Haoyue was startled by their actions.

“That brat has a fake celestial garment on his body, and the group of poisonous snakes can’t help him. If you go up like this, you will not save people, but send them to death.” Long Haoyue hurriedly called.

He was really afraid that the brains of these brothers would get hot, and he would go up and bury his life among the snakes.

“Brother Long, didn’t you mean to save?” Little Liu asked.

“We are going to save people, not to be buried, you idiot!”

Long Haoyue cursed and said: “Tian Kuang, Shen Jun, Kai Shan, the three of you return to the top of the hill behind, and then moved towards the Senior who is in charge of this battle in the air. Ask for help. Others will follow me here. Now, in case that brat can’t hold it, let’s talk about it.”


Nin ​​Tian Kuang three people put away their weapons one after another.

They have a fluke in their hearts: It seems to be good to be with Brother Long, otherwise we will be ruined here today.

The three people turned around and were about to go back to the mountain peak.

As soon as they got up, they all stopped in place.

Although the Long Haotian three people were looking at the piled up side of Qin Shaofeng, they also noticed their situation and looked back together.

Following their gazes, they saw two old men appear in front of them.

Two expressions of the two.

A smile on his face, as if he was about to die of happiness.

The other one was full of resentment, as if it had just been exploded, but stared at them with scorching eyes.

“Ro Steward, Qi Vice Dean?”

Long Haoyue’s eyes suddenly showed surprise.

He hurriedly turned around to meet: “The Top Level Ban Long Haoyue of Endless Academy has met Luo Steward, and Vice Dean.”

“Zhang Ye, Zhang Kuang, Shen Jun, Liu Kaishan, Lu Liubai see Liu Steward, and Vice Dean together.”

The five people followed and bowed to meet.

“You are all good children in our academy, you don’t need that many etiquette in the future, hahaha…” Luo Tian raised his mouth with a smile.

The two of them have long been hanging behind the crowd.

I saw the movements of Long Haoyue and the others with my own eyes and heard their conversations with my own ears.

No matter how many people’s cultivation base battle strength is.

With such a temperament, how could he be unhappy?

The Qi Vice Dean of Yunxian Academy was jealous because of this, and even opened his mouth to benefactor again.

He returned with a few words, which made Qi Vice Dean have the current expression.

Qi Vice Dean felt even more depressed when he heard what he said.

First it was a Qin Shaofeng, and then such a group of good children, why did they all appear in the endless Academy?

The sky is unfair!

Why didn’t the old man see such a good child in our Yunxian Academy?

“Luo Steward, you came just right, go and save Qin Junior Brother!” Long Haotian shouted anxiously.

“No hurry.”

Luo Tian raised his gaze and fell on that pile of hills, and said softly with a smile: “This kind of battle looks very scary, but I can’t kill the Little Brat in the Yao God clothing.”

Long Haotian all six were stunned.

How does this sound so weird?

Long Xiaoxiao finally woke up.

She was sober immediately and heard this sentence.

He got up suspiciously.

Too late to meet, subconsciously glanced back.

At the sight, she almost fainted again with fright.

is simply too terrifying a.

But when she thought of Luo Tian’s words, subconsciously asked: “Luo Steward, are you always paying attention to the situation here?”

“hmph! That brat doesn’t take the Low Level class to kill the star beasts, and runs to the front alone to take risks. How can the old man not pay attention to it himself?”

Luo Tian Yangxiu said angrily: “Compared with that guy, you child, you make the old man shine.”

Several people joyful hearts.

“After returning to the academy, if you want, you can follow the old man cultivation for a period of time, and after the cultivation base leveled to the sky and moon position, the old man will find a way to send you to the endless mountain.” Luo Tian Yang continued. .

“many thanks Luo Steward.”

The seven were overjoyed.

Cangming Jie is like the endless mountain, within the scope of the most Top Level influence, as long as a place like academy is opened, the people who attract the most influence are nearby people.

Maybe there are people coming from other places, but they are only a handful.

Their family of seven is within the scope of the endless mountain influence.

Being able to enter the endless mountain is the family of each of them, and I don’t know how many years are expected.

But although their cultivation base is not weak, it is extremely difficult to enter the endless mountain.

With the sentence of Luo Tian raising, everything becomes completely different.