Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3820


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“This brat specially came to kill these poisonous snakes. There should be other purposes?” Qi Bai is a human spirit who has lived for hundreds of years after all.

He looked at the scenes before him, already feeling something unusual.

Subconsciously speak out the doubt.

But he still has reservations.

this Eminence?

This brat is just a small desert moon. What qualifications do you have to call yourself this Eminence?

Open mouth evil creature, closed mouth evil creature.

Does he think of himself as who?

What qualifications do you have to say such a thing?

The doubts in my heart are endless.

But since he agreed to help Luo Tian keep secrets, naturally he won’t continue to explore too much.

“Does this still need you to say?”

Luo Tian gave him a look and said: “Don’t you find out how many star beasts have been killed by this brat along the way, and how many times did you actually collect the material from the star beast?”

“One hundred star beasts, he may not collect materials from one body.”

Qi Bai nodded said yes and said: “But I am still very curious, what is going on with this brat, really weird!”

“Forget it, whatever that many do?”

Luo Tian Yang shook his head and said: “My martial artist, who has no secrets, when the old man wandered the rivers and lakes back then, there were so many secrets that you could not imagine.”

He was really just telling a fact.

Although is Qi Bai was also a generation of Heaven’s Chosen.

But he was born in a family, and he has very few secrets, but Luo Tian’s support is completely different.

He was born in Loose Cultivator, and he knows deeply that the more his secrets and trump cards, the better the chance of survival.

If you don’t even keep a secret, you don’t even know how to die.

Martial Dao is not a scholar studying, there is no place to make sense.

Their conversation was subconsciously.

But Luo Tian Yang soon discovered that the seven Long Haotian people actually bowed their heads.

One by one seems to have done something wrong.

“What’s the matter with you few?” Luo Tian asked subconsciously.

It’s okay if you don’t ask, it almost made the seven want to find a seam to get in.

“Don’t ask, these Little Brats should be from family origin. If you want to be outstanding in the family and get more cultivation resources, you have to show yourself in the family, and you have long developed to show yourself at all times. Mentality.” Qi Bai said.

Several people are even more speechless.

“It is true that you need to show yourself when you are born in a family, but shouldn’t you guys even have any reservations?” Luo Tian raised his eyes wide.

Stared at them for a long time, then sighed silently.

“It doesn’t matter what it used to be. I will keep a few more trump cards in the future, even if there are fewer trump cards, or if you come to the academy, if you are sold, you will have to pay the number of people.” Luo Tian raises anger Tao.

The seven are even more speechless.

But while they bowed their heads and said nothing, they were all curious to find that Mr. Vice Dean Qi Bai of Yunxian Academy was actually moving towards Luo Tian and glaring at him.

This is… what happened?

I heard that these two had a very good relationship before.

Even when Luo Tian was chased and killed by Qi Family, Qi Bai secretly helped more than once.

It seems that the relationship between the two is not as short as they heard in the hearsay!

“If you want to teach students, wait until you go back, that brat is almost consumed, pay more attention.” Qi Bai said solemnly.

“What hurry, can the group of little snakes kill him?”

Luo Tian raised laughed in a low voice and said: “Moreover, don’t you really think that brat’s qi and blood power is only as simple as you and I see it?”

“en? What do you mean?” Qi Bai wondered.

“It’s not interesting, let’s watch the show!”

Luo Tian is laughed, although he only cultivated the lowest level endless seal jue, he also knows how terrifying the consumption of the endless seal jue.

The silver light that appeared in Snake Mountain may not be known to others, but he knew that it was the rays of light that only appeared when the endless seal was cast.

Everything has been explained. The martial skill used by Qin Shaofeng is definitely not as simple as what they saw.


Qin Shaofeng now, how much qi and blood power is there?

He was also guessing in his heart, but he wouldn’t say any guesses.

Time is still going on.

Qin Shaofeng’s consumption level is only known to him.

This is the fourth time he has been piled up by a poisonous snake.

Three breaches, three bombardments, and he had to get down. He also killed less than a hundred poisonous snakes.

A total of down, there is only a star-moon value in the early 20,000.

But his consumption has really bottomed out.

In the end, there are more than two thousand left.

This time was piled up by snakes, Qin Shaofeng simply gave up the anger in his heart.

that’s all! that’s all!

It seems that for this autumn hunting, I was impossible to leveled the cultivation base to Zhouyue.

Then let Heavenly Void upgrade its body!

After thinking about it, he took advantage of the time he was covered by the poisonous snake group, and began to quickly recover the power of qi and blood.

jade green The dragon king’s devouring remains the same.

Compared to the previous swallows, the jade green dragon king at this time has already gone too fast.

jade green The growth of the Dragon King does not require a lot of time to accumulate like Dragon Race.

Relatively speaking, the jade green dragon king is more difficult.

Because the jade green dragon king is born weak and just like an ordinary snake, and Dragon Race is born comparable to the Moon Race Human Race.

The jade green dragon king needs a short cultivation and a large amount of food.

Every time after the jade green dragon king improves the growth phase, he needs to use a lot of food energy to raise his own influence.

Following cultivation breakthrough.

Simple cultivation is faster than other Dragon Races, but because of the number and weakness of the birth, the jade green dragon king wants to grow, which is much more difficult than Dragon Race.

The jade green dragon king owned by Qin Shaofeng can be said to be lucky or sad.

It is sad because it gets the same fate as most jade green dragon kings, and has long lost its consciousness.

Fortunately, its body was taken over by the Heavenly Void Insect King.

With the infinite help of Qin Shaofeng, he has now reached the peak of the moon.

Only one step is needed to reach the state of the yellow moon.

Although is the level now is far beyond when it just started to swallow too much.

It’s swallowing begins.

In just a few short moments, Qin Shaofeng regained his mobility.

But his devouring still didn’t stop.

After Qin Shaofeng regained his freedom, he did not rush to attack, but sat down cross-legged and began to recover his full-strength qi and blood.

It’s another short moment.

The devouring of the jade green dragon king was finally slowed down by the defense formed by the poisonous snake again.

“Seal of Mercy!”

Qin Shaofeng stood up, ran the Mercy Seal directly, and moved towards the defensive strikes formed by the snakes.

Still only three attacks.

The poisonous snake prison was completely shattered under his attack.