Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3821


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“Ghost Slash!”

Qin Shaofeng broke the prison strikes of the poisonous snake with another knife.

Hundreds of poisonous snake moved towards the surroundings were scattered and cracked.

Under the gaze and expectation of everyone.

Instead of taking an action attack, he put away the war knife ghost song, sit cross-legged down, full-strength restored the power of qi and blood.

“It seems that he has almost consumed it.”

Luo Tian raises and the others have already guessed this scene, and they are all frowned upon seeing it.

Qi Bai said: “Let’s go, let’s go up and help him.”

“No, he hasn’t asked us for help yet.”

Luo Tian looked at the jade green dragon king who was still entrenched on Qin Shaofeng’s shoulders, but aura was already on the edge of the breakthrough, smiling and shook his head.

“He has consumed to this level, but he doesn’t use it yet?” Qi Bai exclaimed.

“Keep watching!”

Luo Tian raised a smile and shook his head.

Qi Bai had to look over curiously again.

Long Haotian and the others are even more puzzled.

When they saw the snakes, they were already scared, knowing that if they were to deal with the snakes, it would be courting death.

But they didn’t expect anyhow.

Even if they are such a group of snakes who don’t dare provoke with such a strong position, Qin Shaofeng turned it into this.

Look over curiously.

The scene caught the eye, but after Qin Shaofeng recovered from sit cross-legged, the jade green dragon king who had been entrenched on his shoulders for a long time finally moved in front of others.

I saw it flew up in the air.

Trifling Yuyue is Peak, and directly rises into the sky.

jade green The dragon king suddenly moved.

It is so fast, like a stream of light.

Suddenly shot at the scattered and shattered snakes.

No gestures.

Slices of poisonous snake disappeared where it passed by.

Without exception, they are all broken down into nutrients by its poison mist and swallowed directly.

“It’s fast, and it can fly.”

Long Haoyue exclaimed.

The seven of them still know what kind of snake Qin Shaofeng’s snake is.

But his attention is not here.

On the contrary, Long Xiaoxiao asked curiously: “Luo Steward, what kind of snake is that snake of Qin Junior Brother? I have read almost the books in the library several times over the years, and I have never seen such a snake. Strange snake?”

The expression raised by Luo Tian suddenly became weird.

He naturally knows.

But can he speak?

“It’s no wonder you, his…cough cough, pet, it’s not completely physical now, and it’s a rare thing, it’s normal if you haven’t seen it.” Luo Tian raised the road.

“Isn’t it perfect?”

Long Xiaoxiao became more and more curious.

But she is a smart girl, she can clearly hear from Luo Tian’s words, Luo Tian doesn’t want to tell the situation of that ‘snake’.

Comprehensive Luo Tian raised the trump card that she said before, and she knew more clearly.

“so that’s how it is.” Long Xiaoxiao said.

The short duration of their conversation.

A more violent movement sounded from the col.

Everyone looked up together.

I saw a group of snakes of at least two thousand, coming from the grandiose in the col.

The three poisonous snakes headed by them are exuding terrifying aura.

One left and one right are Scarlet Rose Wang and Green Scale King.

The two snake kings are both the existence of Yuyue Peak.

The jade-top king snake king in the center of the two poisonous snakes is even the presence of the yellow moon, and its horror is far more than the other two poisonous snakes.

“It seems that these snake kings can’t stand it anymore.” Luo Tian raised said with a smile.

“It’s weird to be able to watch again.”

Qi Bai rolled one’s eyes and said: “It’s just that brat brought a pet and killed nearly 3,000 snake cubs. If these snake kings can watch again, they are waiting for the extinction of the group. Up.”

Luo Tian smiled calmly.

He knew Qi Bai was feeling bored, so he didn’t say much.

Due to the situation in the col.

The jade green dragon king returned to Qin Shaofeng’s shoulder at a very fast speed.

Qin Shaofeng also opened his eyes at the same time.

Time is too short.

His qi and blood power only recovered about a thousand times.

Compared to the battle before me, simply don’t look at it enough.

More on that.

His battle strength is indeed strong, and it can compete with the existence of the Universe.

But in front of Yuyue Peak and Huangyue Big Snake, it’s not enough.

The reason why he invited the Seven Long Haotians is precisely because of this.

It’s just that he still underestimated the horror of the snakes.

The seven obviously can’t help much anymore.

But the seven people did not come in vain, at least they have brought Luo Tian to raise two people.

Turn around.

“Ro Steward, my cultivation base is not the opponent of these snake kings. Now that you have rushed over, I believe and know that I will not treat these poisonous snakes as the prey of this autumn hunt. I will come to help. Come on!” Qin Shaofeng said with a smile.

Luo Tian Yang and Qi Bai both looked over silently.

“brat, this is hunting in the autumn, you know you can’t beat the poisonous snakes here, why do you want to provoke them?” Luo Tian rolled his eyes.

“Don’t install it.”

Qin Shaofeng said in a speechless voice: “You guys are paying attention to me from the very beginning. I don’t believe you don’t know anything. You need to ask me? Why don’t you come to help?”

Qi Bai and Long Haoyue were suddenly choked by his attitude.

Although they had seen it once before the start of autumn hunting.

But they didn’t know Qin Shaofeng at that time.

After getting acquainted this time, as friends, they saw this scene with their own eyes, and they really couldn’t accept the scene before them.

“Does your brat look like asking someone?”

Luo Tian nourishes the heart to be extremely bored.

But he also knew that if Qin Shaofeng dared to open this mouth, he never worried about his own thoughts.

I even have to keep him secret.

At least in front of people, I can’t talk to him too much.

That’s why.

Although he said uncomfortably, he has already walked forward and said angrily: “Get out of me!”

“It should have been this way.”

Qin Shaofeng laughed faintly and quickly stepped aside.

He once again opened the mouth and said: “By the way, I leave the three snake kings to kill.”


Luo Tian looked at him suspiciously.

But he didn’t say much.

It’s just three snake kings. There is really no difference between killing them and sending them to Qin Shaofeng.

The cultivation base aura of the shining star burst out.

Luo Tian raised the body flashed and rushed into the group of snakes.

The huge gap in the cultivation base is undoubtedly revealed in this brief moment.

Although is Long Haoyue and the others cultivation base has reached the Late Stage of Earth Moon, but it is completely incomparable with Yaoxing.

I saw that Luo Tian’s figure only flickered a few times among the snakes.

Thousands of snakes have been thrown into a hill by him.

Just one breath before and after.

Luo Tian Yang just grabbed three dying snake kings and walked over.

“Leave it to you.”

Luo Tian raises three snake kings still in front of Qin Shaofeng.

“Heavenly Void, go!”

Qin Shaofeng pats the jade green dragon king entrenched on his shoulder.