Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3977


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Only a dozen meters away in front of them, a terrifying mountain peak stood tall and over the clouds.

There is a winding road on the edge of the mountain.

The Panshan Road originally seemed to be three meters wide.

But both sides of the road are now overgrown with weeds, and you can still see the road, but about one meter.

There seems to be some kind of creature in the weeds.

Or some palm-length yellow snakes, or some that look like locusts, but they all have a pair of insects with large teeth shining with cold light.

The three-legged toad has a tail of about two meters long, like a whip-like centipede…

All kinds of strange creatures make the scalp numb.

Those exist in different ways.

But they all have the same characteristic, that is, they all have terrifying power that is easy to kill.

“This…what kind of mountain is this? Why is it so scary?”

White Wolf’s whole body began to tremble.

Even if his cultivation base has reached the Peak of Heaven and Moon, seeing such a scene at first glance feels very unbearable.

‘Puff! ’


Several light sounds in succession suddenly pulled their thoughts back.

Whether it was White Wolf trembling all over, or gritted his teeth and did not make a sound, Yun Tianxing, whose cold sweat had soaked his clothes, looked back together, but saw that three people were already sitting on the ground. .

There is a person beside them, and it is White Wolf who always chooses to stand with them.

The other two are all behind Qin Shaofeng.

It is Qi Xian and Luo Star Monarch.

Qi Xian’s fear of death is naturally what everyone expected.

But none of them thought of it.

He even threatened everyone proudly before, and the seemingly arrogant Heaven’s Mystery Building Young Master Luo Star Monarch was so unbearable.

As their eyes fell on the two of them, they saw Luo Star Monarch jump up suddenly.

This is naturally impossible.

But they also know that what Qin Shaofeng said is absolutely true.

Even if Qin Shaofeng has many intriguing methods, they are absolutely impossible to rescue them.

If you really don’t listen to persuasion to go up the mountain.

They don’t believe that they can climb to the mountainside, let alone the top of the mountain, based on their treasures.

That is absolutely impossible.

“This mountain is beyond our reach, we should stay here.” White Wolf sighed.

Xiaoyao was scared and paralyzed when he was drunk, and quickly followed nodded.

It’s just this situation that they are seeing now, they are almost scared to death, where can they dare to take it seriously?

That is not a risk, but a real death.

“Since you two are going to stay here, I have something to ask for your help.” Qin Shaofeng said.

“Young Master Qin, please speak.”

The eyes of the two of them suddenly showed joy.

They have no guts to go up the mountain.

I am really worried that Qin Shaofeng will not care about them.

Since they have something to do, it naturally becomes different.

“It’s not that easy to climb this mountain. We only need a few people in our line, and all the others will stay here and wait.” Qin Shaofeng said.

An expression of surprise suddenly appeared in the eyes of the two.

Qin Shaofeng wants to keep his people. Doesn’t that mean they are impossible and then abandoned?

“Junior Brother Qin, should we let Shen Jun go up the mountain with you?”

Long Haoyue knew that Qin Shaofeng was talking about these people, and asked immediately.

“No need.”

Qin Shaofeng shook his head, and then moved towards other people.

Qi Tomb and Qi Xian naturally want to bring them.

But Qi Zhen and the others don’t want to bring that many.

After all, these five people are all from Zunxiandian. If there is an accident, it is not good for him not to help.

Think for a moment.

He just said: “Brother Qi Mu, you five of the Immortal Palace, you can choose by yourself! I impossible to control too many people.”

“Luo Star Monarch Young Master, you also have the same situation in Heaven’s Mystery Building. It is up to you to decide how to arrange it.”

Luo Star Monarch’s face suddenly changed.

After seeing the situation on the mountain, he also didn’t want to go up the mountain again.

But he controls Lu Yao.

Looking at the situation of this mountain again, it is conceivable that the last level will be the last one.

If he doesn’t go, he will be a little bit unwilling.

The other side.

Qi Tomb is very simple, said with a smile: “To be honest, it is very rare for me to be here. I believe there will only be more crises on the mountain, and my father once said, let you get inheritance .”

“If you feel that one of us is a burden, just let us wait here.”

His words were so sincere that everyone looked at Qin Shaofeng in surprise.

Hall Master Qi Huanshang actually pressed Bao on him?