Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3978


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“I don’t have a lot of talisman here. Brother Qi Mu, just look at the arrangement.” Qin Shaofeng not at all helped him make the decision.

He is just an outsider after all, and it is enough to express his meaning clearly.

Qi Huaanshang was hesitating.

Luo Star Monarch on the other side has already discussed with them.

“Qin Eldest Brother, we have already decided on it. I will take Lu Yao up the mountain with you. Lu Yao does not need Qin Eldest Brother to consume any resources. If he dies halfway, he will make up for his mistakes. “Luo Star Monarch said.

Heaven’s Mystery Building Young Master, who is greedy for life and afraid of death, is going to follow him on adventures?

Qin Shaofeng also froze for a while.

Immediately, he understood.

Luo Star Monarch’s idea obviously overlaps with some people before.

He is afraid that he doesn’t have much idea about inheritance.

The reason why I want to follow myself is just to live.

Since this brat is so obedient, there is no need to think about that many for the time being.

As for him and Heaven’s Mystery Building, they will become enemies.

A Trifling Star Monarch, who is the Peak cultivation base of the sky and moon, is still not too confused about it.

Maybe it can really give him some benefits or something.

In the future, when I go to Heaven’s Mystery Building to look for Ximen Bing Ning, there may be some benefits.

Everything has to wait to see on the way.

“It’s so good.”

Qin Shaofeng was nodded with satisfaction.

Immediately, he looked at Qi Tomb again.

Qi Tomb also discussed with everyone, and then said: “Our side, let Qi Zhen Qihuang and I go together.”

“Count Qi Xian one.”

Qin Shaofeng shook his head and said, “Before I came here, I promised to help Qi Xian get through. Protecting him alone can’t be considered any major event, not to mention his ability to build an array is very important to us. The effect is not small.”

Qi Mu slightly opened his mouth.

In the end, there was nothing to refute.

After all, when he was discussing it just now, he had considered Qi Xian’s role.

It’s just that this mountain is too dangerous.

If arrays and the like are no longer needed, bringing Qi Xian will only consume excessive resources.

But Qin Shaofeng spoke, he naturally wouldn’t have any different opinions.

Discuss the number of climbers, and prepare immediately.

The first thing I did was to open the space ring after breaking the illusion, and everyone shouted.

When everything is done.

Qin Shaofeng immediately began to collect things from the space ring.

That is a set of armor.

The armor level is only Celestial, but for most people, it is completely sufficient.

Qi Huanshang’s first stroke is not small.

Celestial has only ten sets of defensive equipment. He is impossible to take out all the equipment, and a part of it must be reserved for emergency.

Everyone was happily wearing equipment on their bodies.

Yun Tianxing has also put on the defensive equipment.

It was a fake Yao suit.

There are still some gaps in the level from what Qin Shaofeng wears, but it is already a super defensive equipment.

Everyone is fully prepared.

Qin Shaofeng ordered to start climbing.

Without Long Haoyue and the others need shelter.

They just gave Qi Xian to the middle position this time.

Lu Yao opened the road ahead, and Qi Zhen and Qi Huang finished in the end.

Qi Tomb and Luo Star Monarch are responsible for the protection of Qi Xian under the arrangement of Qin Shaofeng.

He and Yun Tianxing both have Yaoshen clothes on their bodies, so they are naturally the most casual.

Just walking behind Lu Yao.

Before going to the foot of the mountain.

This lineup looks very good.

Can be Lu Yao climbing for a moment.

Changes are sudden.

It’s just two insects like locusts flying over, and between the shadows of the shadows, two pieces of meat fell on the face of God’s Lu Yao with no defense equipment.

The screams resounded for an instant.

Luo Star Monarch immediately controlled him.

But that faint scream also alarmed many different existences.

Immediately, those insects and the like moved towards them.

Just the moment of climbing.

These scenes that appeared made everyone who watched their movements tremble with fright.

White Wolf cry out in surprise: “The two insects that launched the attack just now have at least the speed of the Sky and Moon Peak.”

“Here, so many insects come together, hiss!”

Xiaoyao drunk subconsciously speaking.

But it seemed to be shocked by his own words again, and there was a tremor all over.

“How could it be, how can it be so strong, and so easily attracted?” Luo Star Monarch was even more frightened and weakened.

If he hadn’t had too much confidence in Qin Shaofeng, I’m afraid he would have been scared and hurried back.

“Qin Eldest Brother, will this also be an Illusion Array, should I use the magical great array to try it?” Qi Xian asked at the same time.

“Everything here is nothingness.”

Qin Shaofeng shook his head, “In other words, we have now entered into the void Domain of a Void Realm Supreme Expert.”

The shaking of the whole body became more intense.

It turned out to be within the range similar to when the nihility powerhouse casts nihility.

Their cultivation base is no more than the sky and the moon.

Want to break into this horrible place?

Luo Star Monarch seemed to have lost his mind, and shouted loudly: “Lu Yao, go, kill those insects for me!”

Lu Yao didn’t have any autonomy, so he immediately took out his weapon and rushed up.

He is indeed the Peak cultivation base of Heaven and Moon.

There is still no chance of winning in the face of endless days and moons.

Qin Shaofeng didn’t mean to stop him at all.

Watching Lu Yao rush to the insect swarm with his own eyes, he started a life and death battle with insect, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

Faced with the insect and terrain that he had never encountered before, he really needed to observe it carefully.

As for Lu Yao’s life and death, he really doesn’t care much.

In other words, those present might not care.

As the battle begins.

Qin Shaofeng soon saw many things that he had never thought of before.

In this huge mountain, all the grass that appeared was exactly the same as the restriction they had seen, and they all existed like blades.

Even if there are some exceptions, they are extremely rare.

But the bushes that could be stepped on by Lu Yao faintly made Qin Shaofeng feel more dangerous.

“Qin Eldest Brother, no grass can be touched. I just used the heavenly secret technique to see that the weed that Lu Yao had just stepped on seemed to contain more terrifying power than a blade-like weed. “Luo Star Monarch shouted at the same time.

Although is Qin Shaofeng already felt, but after stopping his words, his face became harder to look.

What kind of existence are there?

The level of danger can reach such a high level?

This is too terrifying, right?

“Okay, let Lu Yao come back. There are still places for him to test in the future.” Qin Shaofeng said after thinking about it.

“Lu Yao, come back!”

Luo Star Monarch simply doesn’t think about whether his orders are reasonable.