Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3979


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“Young Master Qin, he is afraid he can’t come back, right?”

Yun Tianxing’s face is extremely ugly, saying: “The strength of those insects is no less than that of Peak Wuxiu, we can’t meet him at all.”

“It’s okay.”

Qin Shaofeng not at all explained his plan, causing Yun Tianxing’s brows to wrinkle slightly.

But seeing that other people didn’t even plan to ask, the expression couldn’t help but become even more weird.

What exactly did this brat plan for?


He saw Qin Shaofeng take out an Offensive Talisman urn.

Look at the talisman level clearly.

The corner of his mouth fiercely twitched, feeling that all three views have been subverted.

It turned out to be the void talisman.

Would you consume such supreme treasure just as soon as you went up the mountain?

“go! “

After Qin Shaofeng took out the talisman, there was no delay.

He has thoroughly understood the use of talisman through this period.

For example, the Offensive Talisman urn in his hand has a certain controllability, at least it will not let the attack fall on the person he does not want to attack.

loudly shouted, the void around him seemed to freeze in an instant.

With a light grip on his right hand, the pieces of insect shattered one after another, which gave Lu Yao a chance to return to the team.

“system prompt ……”

“system ……”

The prompt sound of the film suddenly resounded from my mind.

Using talisman to attack these insects can indeed bring him some gains, but the gains are too small and too small.

Every insect that was killed can only bring him 100,000 stars and moons.

Fortunately, the number of insects here is too huge.

Only the attack this time, directly killed more than two thousand insects.

You can get the value of 200 million stars and months directly, which is not bad.

But the same.

Insect can’t bring him the normal star and moon value, nor can it bring her a half-point increase in the martial value.

According to this trend, even if he obtains enough star and moon values, it won’t help much.

In the future, I will look for opportunities to start a massacre.

While calculating silently in the heart, he threw a medicine pill to Lu Yao, who was seriously injured.

Under the control of Luo Star Monarch, Lu Yao swallowed medicine pill in one bite.

After the previous battle.

Qin Shaofeng immediately ordered Qi Zhen and Qi Huang to take over from Lu Yao and start moving towards the mountain.

The speed of the team began to accelerate as the insect was obliterated.

Just after circumventing this side of the mountain, the insect came up again.

Qi Mu and Qi Huang are not Lu Yao.

Qin Shaofeng immediately displayed the two Defensive Talisman.

No orders from him are needed.

Both of them also know what the most important thing to do right now. With Defensive Talisman’s energy, they don’t attack, and they yelled and started to hate.

During the period of time when the two of them followed themselves and the others, they really saw their own position clearly.

After seeing this scene, Yun Tianxing twitched his mouth again.

This team is too much crazy.

I used Lu Yao before that’s all.

After all, he also knew that Lu Yao was the one who was abandoned by them.

But the desperate behavior of Qi Zhen and Qi Huang made him feel uncomfortable for a long time.

It wasn’t until the two of them consumed almost the talisman’s defenses that they finally returned with a horrible swarm.

Qin Shaofeng is naturally not stingy.

Offensive Talisman’s urn takes action again, this time it is directly credited with 400 million stars and months.

“Go ahead.”

The Qin Shaofeng command is issued again.

Everyone moved towards the mountain again.

Although from time to time there will be an insect on the road.

But among them, except for a seriously injured Lu Yao, everyone has defensive equipment.

Even though most of the defensive equipment played a very limited role, with the help of many powerhouses, there were no more casualties.

Besides, there are three great tools to guide the way, so that their speed doesn’t slow down much.

The team moved forward quickly.

The people who did not follow them on the mountain were dumbfounded.

Long Haoyue and the others who know his methods are that’s all.

White Wolf, Drunk Xiaoyao, and the others almost got their jaws off in shock.

There are that many horrible insects on the mountain!

They can climb so fast?

Momentarily, they can’t help but start to feel regretful.

If they are not timid, is it possible to get a chance?

Of course, this thought just flashed in their minds.

They know clearly.

Qin Shaofeng’s methods are indeed many, but they will not use them casually.

If they really follow, they can tell what will happen.

When I haven’t heard it for a while, will there be screams?

The road is definitely not as simple as they see it.

When these people were in the heart speculating, Qin Shaofeng had already brought everyone to the mountainside location.

This emptiness mountain doesn’t seem to be what they thought, it’s all the kind of road where insects gather.

Just when they came to the mountainside, they entered the restriction again.

Qi Tomb and the others have long been used to this kind of restriction.

Luo Star Monarch and Yun Tianxing encountered the restriction attack for the first time, and they both looked at Qin Shaofeng nervously.

“Qin Eldest Brother, these restrictions seem to be not simple! What do we need to do?” Qi Xian asked immediately.

When Yun Tianxing and Luo Star Monarch heard the word restriction, they both began to wonder.

I am the Young Master of XXX, how come I have never heard of this term?

restriction? what is that?

“The restriction problem here is indeed not small, at least not as simple as what we encountered when we first entered the void world.”

“It seems that we have encountered more dangers than others along the way, and we have a lot more things than others.”

Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help but sighed, and immediately took out a Soul Crystal.

Even Yun Tianxing who has just entered the team.

I’m used to Qin Shaofeng’s great generosity.

Even if it was the first time I saw Qin Shaofeng bring out the Soul Crystal that could be absorbed by his trifling Xuan Yue Wu Xiu, there was no shock as before.

Along the way, he saw that Qin Shaofeng used more than 30 Defensive Talisman.

There are more than twenty Offensive Talisman urns.

Such consumption, even he can only secretly stunned.

Only the consumption he saw has surpassed all his assets in this little half of his life.

Soul Crystal… but Soul Crystal that’s all.

He can only comfort himself like this.

Qin Shaofeng began to use Soul Crystal and talisman’s dual enforcement, instead of improving his complexion, he became more gloomy.

He can already see the restriction.

But the restriction here is at least ten times more complicated than when they first came in.

This is still the situation where he has thoroughly figured out the restriction that just came in.

If it weren’t for this, he would definitely not understand at all.