Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3980


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“Young Master Qin, what’s going on before, is it troublesome?”

Yun Tianxing has never encountered a situation like restriction.

However, his instinct as a Peak Wuxiu of Heaven and Moon made him feel that this place seemed to be full of endless danger.

If you can’t respond correctly.

Even if he is wearing a fake celestial robes, he still has a lot of defensive treasures on him, but he will definitely not be able to pass this level safely.

His question not at all got any response.

Or did not get any response from Qin Shaofeng.

On the contrary, Qi Xian gave him a fiercely look, saying solemnly: “Don’t talk, if you interrupt Qin Eldest Brother break restriction, after this restriction break, you will go alone!”

Qi Xian said these words sonorously.

As if teaching Junior.

If you change someone else, you might be really frightened by his words.

But Yun Tianxing’s heart is more shocked.


This brat was indeed arrogant and despotic in front of the ordinary person.

But in front of some more powerful people than him, he always looks like a little bastard, even without others having attacks, he can scare himself to death.

But now he dared to criticize himself like this.

This is incredible, right?

The stormy sea had already been set off in Yun Tianxing’s heart, but he did not dare to move any more, he just quietly looked at Qin Shaofeng and then at Qi Xian.

The surprise in my heart is getting deeper and deeper.

Although the voice of is outside world disappeared after Qi Xian shouted, Qin Shaofeng’s heart couldn’t calm down.

Even when he had just entered the void world, he simply couldn’t find a way to break in the study of restriction.

Although this is also a restriction.

But the restriction here is completely different from what he encountered before.

In other words, the restriction here is formed by the combination of several restrictions.

Although there will not be many prohibited performances and formidable power, many restrictions overlap each other.

If it is one of the breaks, it will immediately cause other restrictions to backlash together.

Many restrictions are moved towards one direction.

Even if he had a gazebo and a lot of Void Defensive Talisman, he didn’t have the least confidence to resist it.

What can I do?

Thinking for a long while.

He had to choose to end his thoughts, turned his head and said: “Luo Xingjun, I will point out a few places for you, and you can help me figure out where is safer.”

As he said, he moved towards three directions and pointed.

This restriction has three restrictions that constrain each other.

“Which three directions?”

Luo Xingjun immediately displayed the heavenly secret technique.

Qin Shaofeng also knows some heavenly secrets, but he wants to compare with Luo Xingjun, but it is far from the ground.


Luo Xingjun’s mouth is getting bigger and bigger.

By calculating the secrets of heaven, he was able to perceive that the three directions Qin Shaofeng said seemed to be completely different from other existences.

At the very least.

Other places, even if it is half a step forward, it is life and death step by step.

But somewhere in these three directions, no danger can be detected.

But when he made further calculations.

A feeling that makes him feel have one’s hair stand on end suddenly rises in the mind.

It seems that the three directions mentioned by Qin Shaofeng are not only where there is no danger, but also the most dangerous place.

“No, those three directions will only be more dangerous than other places.”

Luo Xingjun immediately shook his head like a rattle.

His answer made Qin Shaofeng’s face suddenly look ugly.

Under this situation, he believes Lord Luo Xing is impossible to lie to himself.

In other words, the three places where you can break are actually the most dangerous places.

How could this be?

His face is getting harder to look.

Since the heavenly secret technique had no effect, he had to continue to rely on himself.

He stabilized his mind again, and he continued to study.

One hour is over.

He still has no semi-nodded threads.

“What the hell is the restriction here, why is it so different from the previous ones?” Qin Shaofeng was about to blow his scalp.

But still I can’t even think of any useful clues.

There was another thought.

He moved towards Luo Xingjun again and turned his head to look, said solemnly: “Let Lu Yao go over there and take down the tile, or break it directly.”

As he said, he has already taken out three Void Defensive Talisman.

Under Yun Tianxing’s stunned gaze, he successively applied three Defensive Talismans to Lu Yao.


“Young Master Qin, your handwriting is too big, right?”

“Just for one try, do I need to waste three void talisman?”

Yun Tianxing was so distressed, he said unbearably.

Perhaps he still regards himself as the core figure of Yunxian Temple, but in front of people like Qin Shaofeng, it is just a burden.

Qin Shaofeng’s eyes are always on the direction he said.

And the other side.

Luo Xingjun commanded Lu Yao to move.

Void talisman reinforce body.

Lu Yao walked directly on the tip of the knife.

The rapid consumption of talisman’s strength caused him to release the rays of light.

The consumption rate is so fast that it is astounding.

In a blink of an eye.

Lu Yao was already three steps away.

The distance of ten steps in the past, but only three steps now, caused countless thunderbolts in the sky to flash and strikes down quickly.

Just two strikes of thunderbolt, they even eliminated the first void Defensive Talisman strength that Qin Shaofeng put on Lu Yao.

He has just gone out five steps!

Lu Yao’s eyes were already filled with fear.

Luo Xingjun, who controlled him, didn’t dare to have even the slightest carelessness, and immediately controlled him to leveled to the fastest speed.

Lu Yao really seemed to be using the residual heat before his death.

In just a blink of an eye, I was in front of the tile Qin Shaofeng said.

He grabbed the tile immediately, ready to escape back.

But the moment he took the tile in his hand.

The void near him seemed to freeze.

The blade grass under Lu Yao’s feet and the endless thunderbolt on his head disappeared without a trace in this brief moment.

At the same time, Lu Yao himself disappeared a little bit.

not at all, there is no danger again.

But that’s it, Lu Yao actually disappeared slowly before everyone’s eyes.

As for the void talisman that Qin Shaofeng imposes on him, it seems that nothing has been done.

He disappeared so strangely.

“This, this…what is going on?”

Yun Tianxing had already been stunned.

Originally, Qin Shaofeng’s use of three Defensive Talisman in succession brought him a sense of waste, which has already disappeared completely.

His attention was on Lu Yao who had disappeared abruptly.

Qin Shaofeng’s eyes are always on the tile.

He clearly saw that after Lu Yao disappeared, the tiles had returned to their original positions.