Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3981


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“What kind of restriction is this, how can it be back in place?”

Qin Shaofeng’s face has been completely black.

Through previous experiments, he has thoroughly figured out that it is not advisable to break simply according to the original restriction method.

Because those simply are not the root of the restriction here.

But he is about to use up the Clear Heart Talisman Urn, and Soul Crystal is not much left.

So it seems…

Qin Shaofeng pondered for a long while, a cold color appeared in his eyes.

Everything is difficult at the beginning.

No matter how far the resources in his hands can support them, there is no chance for hesitation.

After thinking about it, he took out that piece of mind.

“The heart crystal? It is still a special heart crystal?” Yun Tianxing exclaimed again.

He can indeed think that he has some habit of Qin Shaofeng’s great generosity.

Compared with Lord Luo Xing, the gap is still very far away.

Maybe there are some mental differences?

Luo Xingjun wished that Qin Shaofeng could gather all the treasures of the Cangming Realm until he was injured, so that he would be more hopeful to take him out.

trifling a heart crystal, it won’t cause him to fluctuate much.

Heaven’s Mystery Building was born as the second son of the original poster.

He also has the mind, although it is not specially made, but he doesn’t care too much about the mind.

Qin Shaofeng has already used the heart crystal in Yun Tianxing’s exclamation.

Heart Crystal, Soul Crystal, plus Clear Heart Talisman Urn.

He immediately felt that the world before him had changed again.

As if before his eyes, there is already an overlapping world.

The two worlds overlap.

Looking again in this state, he immediately noticed the difference.

The three original restriction items are all false.

The real restriction is suspended in the air ten steps away. It is a thin line.

Or it should be the hair or beard of a certain animal.

The restriction on the mountain has become such an existence?

Qin Shaofeng was surprised, so he already used a Defensive Talisman on himself, and strode towards that and hair rushed out.

“Qin Eldest Brother, be careful!”

“Young Master Qin, don’t mess around!”

Luo Xingjun and Yun Tianxing exclaimed at the same time.

According to their opinion, even if Qin Shaofeng finds something, he should let others go to get it.

Although Lu Yao is dead.

But in their team, aren’t there still Qi Zhen and Qi Huang?

Although the two should not be regarded as cannon fodder.

But they all know that when the two choose to follow, they must have been fully prepared.

However, Qin Shaofeng walked over in person.

“bang bang bang!”

Thunderbolt strikes up instantly.

Qin Shaofeng has already ignored that many.

Defensive Talisman is not like the celestial clothes on his body, unable to sustain energy.

Defensive Talisman, after all, was meant for a one-time defense.

The gap between this is not an ordinary one.

A few steps came between the beard and hair, and he reached out and moved towards the air and touched it.

This touch was empty.

“Why not?”

Qin Shaofeng called out in alarm in surprise.

Immediately, there was a clear comprehension in his heart.

The restriction on this mountain is formed by the power of nothingness. To take it down, I am afraid that the power of nothingness is needed.

Fortunately, he has met Ya’er before, otherwise he will come back empty-handed.

Thinking about it, he turned the pink cloud out of the dantian and applied it to his hand.

Dare not hesitate anymore, he hurriedly reached for it.

This time is different from what I felt before.

He can clearly feel that he seems to have touched something, but he can’t get it out anyway.

Why still can’t get it?

There was a fierce flash in his eyes while he was puzzled.

The value of Heart Crystal is indeed ten thousand times higher than Soul Crystal.

But speaking of which consumes, the heart crystal in his hand consumes at least ten times faster than Soul Crystal.

In other words, he only has one hour at most.

This is not much different from the limit of Void Realm strength he can bear.

Void Power reinforce body.

He immediately felt as if his body was about to be torn apart.

But at the same time, he really grabbed that beard in his hand.

The touch is very soft, just like a baby’s skin.

Don’t dare to hesitate.

He put that beard into Heavenly Dragon city immediately.

The restriction environment disappeared as he put away his beard and hair.

“My secret technique and Xinjing didn’t last long for a long time. I’m breaking in front, you guys follow!” Qin Shaofeng yelled to everyone, and the silhouette suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“Broken, broke?”

Yun Tianxing and Luo Xingjun almost stared out their eyes.

They just saw Qin Shaofeng snatch a few times in the air, and they broke this terrifying restriction?

But where did he go now?

Used the secret technique?

What secret technique could increase his speed so much?

They don’t know.

Qin Shaofeng is obsessed with time now.

Here is still far away from the top of the mountain. If he can’t break the formation in the fastest time, he can’t be sure that he can reach the top of the mountain.

The one flickering just now, he has already gone to the second restriction great array.

Almost casually break.

The third seat, the fourth one……

Qin Shaofeng’s speed under the battle strength of the void realm is simply staggering.

But everyone is behind.

His speed has surpassed the level of observation of the sky and the moon, so that no one knows how much the previous restriction has reached.

Although Qin Shaofeng’s break speed is extremely fast, it takes about a breath to find and collect in each restriction great array.

His forward speed is actually not too fast.

In the blink of an eye, it is two tea time.

Qin Shaofeng felt a little unsupported under the fastest consumption, and finally disappeared when he looked ahead.

But everything in front of him made his scalp numb.

Because those pieces are like the illusory shadow of the self before he goes to the canyon.

His appearance immediately made hundreds of Dao Void shadows look at him.

Look at each other.

The cultivation base aura on those illusory shadows has also begun to explode.

“Fogweed! It turned out to be the self!”

Qin Shaofeng was scared into a cold sweat.

He has no way to persist in this situation, hurriedly use the power of nothingness, and re-seal the heart crystal that consumes most of it.

In the next immediately, he has already taken back Void Realm’s cultivation base.

Under the instant change of battle strength.

He also clearly saw that the hundreds of Dao Void shadows started to change because of his changes.

In the blink of an eye, he became exactly the same as he is now. Weak people need to be carried on their backs.

Don’t say it’s fighting a martial artist. It seems that you can’t even fight an ordinary person.