Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3982


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When Qin Shaofeng was observing the situation of the self-illusory shadow clearly, there was a sound of footsteps behind him.

It turned out to be Qi Tomb and the others chased up.

The arrival of reinforcements immediately made Qin Shaofeng’s mood relaxed and sat down on the ground.

Hundreds of Dao Void shadows born from him fell down at the same time.

“Don’t all get too close!”

Qin Shaofeng looked back at the rapid approach of the crowd, and quickly shouted.

At the same time, the space ring was taken off.

Quickly took out the talisman and various medicine pills, threw the ring behind, and shouted: “Qi Xian, I will give you tea time and arrange for me to defend against the great array and attack the great array. !”

Qi Xian and the others stopped because of his shout.

But when I saw the ring he threw over, I finally realized it.

There must be something extremely bad happened before, otherwise Qin Shaofeng would definitely not be so anxious.

“Qin Eldest Brother, what kind of great array do I need to arrange?” Qi Xian couldn’t help but ask.

“Start the formation from where you are, move the great array closer to the top of the mountain, defend the great array next to me, and place the great array on both sides of the defense great array. Don’t Worry about consumption, just give me fiercely!”

Qin Shaofeng’s voice came again.

I heard him say that even Luo Xingjun, who thought he was very rich, was sucked in a cold breath.

Yun Tianxing’s eyes widened even more.

He didn’t know how many array cornerstones Qin Shaofeng got.

But this is the first time he has heard of this method of formation.

Qin Shaofeng unexpectedly used the great array of void defense to create a road to the top of the mountain.

They felt shocked and incredible.

Qi Xian will not have even the slightest delay.

Just when they exclaimed, Qi Xian had fully understood Qin Shaofeng’s plan.

He doesn’t understand the straight forward array, but it is not a problem to expand the great array to the largest possible extent.

He immediately moved quickly.

In just 10 breaths time, the first great array has been formed.

Qi Xian didn’t even plan to pause.

Take it out immediately to attack the array and arrange it near the defensive array.

Three attack great arrays were arranged one after another, and the defensive great array was completely enclosed in the center before moving towards the front array.

With his current understanding of arrays and the cultivation base of Rank 3 stars, it is enough to be within arrays and set up a hundred meters ahead.

The foundation stone of the array is continuously embedded in the land, making the second great array slowly forming near Qin Shaofeng.

The other side.

Qin Shaofeng saw Qi Xian’s actions, and his heart was also set.

He didn’t worry about observing anything, but counted all the talisman he took out.

The illusion-breaking talisman consumes the least along the way, and now there are more than 70 copies.

The offensive and defensive talisman is close to falling.

There are still seventeen Offensive Talisman urns, and eight Defensive Talisman.

This shows how terrifying their consumption along the way.

Qin Shaofeng opened the system interface after determining the resources on his body.

In the first half of going up the mountain, he almost let the star and moon value increase, not at all deliberately took a look.

Anyway, I’m not busy now, so I might as well watch my changes.

Player: Qin Shaofeng

Level: Nine-Terrace Moon Position (94,000,000,000)

Star position: mark martial artist (silver)

Body: Heavenly Void Moon Spirit (6th Tier)

Star value: 138150/0

Martial body value: 382/2000

Ghost marks: 1-36

martial skill: Infinite Body, Heavenly Void 3rd Layer, Ghost Three Slash, Thunderbolt Thousand Flashes, Heavenly Jishu, Supreme Void Great·Dharma, Endless Yinjue

inheritance spell :Beast Thunder

Sky Map: Space Level 3 (0/100000)

Wildfire Golden Core: 9 strands /9 strands

Star and moon value: 16.3/18.7 billion

Innate Skill: Heavenly Void True Spirit, God and Demon Spirit Code

Sea of ​​​​Consciousness: Heavenly Dragon City

Looking at the changes in the star and moon values, he suddenly sighed, and couldn’t help muttering to himself: “It seems that it’s really time to do martial arts value again.”

Look at the involuntarily moved towards the distant illusory shadow.

The sadness in his heart is serious.

Any one of these illusory shadows also has a strength that can be called tyrannical.

But no matter how you kill, it is impossible to bring him the slightest increase in the cultivation base, which is really unpleasant!

He thought silently for a while before he took his thoughts back.

Because Qi Xian and the others at this time have already come to him.

When everyone saw the endless illusory shadow in the distance, everyone except Yuntianxing held the breath cold air fiercely.

Yun Tianxing also saw those illusory shadows, but asked unclearly: “What are those things, are they very terrifying?”

His voice was like awakening Lord Luo Xing in shock.

Luo Xingjun walked to Qin Shaofeng’s side.

But his gaze was staring at Yun Tianxing, as if he was facing an enemy.

Such a gesture almost made Qi Mu, Qi Zhen and Qi Huang laugh out loud.

Yun Tianxing opened his mouth again in shock.

Mind: What magic power does that Qin Shaofeng have that can turn this Second Young Master of Heaven’s Mystery Building into his loyal dog?

It’s really incredible!

After all, he hadn’t seen Lord Luo Xing’s fear of death, and it was not too much to think about it.

During their conversation, those illusory shadows that seemed to be dumb, have each locked their targets, and rushed towards here.

Qi Xian seems to have seen nothing, still arranging the array to the front.

He used the foundation stones of array one by one.

Not long after, the roaring sound resounded from outside the defense array.

Until this time, Yun Tianxing finally woke up.

He found that one hundred Dao Void shadows were exactly the same as his cultivation base battle strength, and even his trump card absolute skill was used for attacking and defending the great array.

Yun Tianxing suddenly felt his back break out in cold sweats.

Since they entered the void world, they went straight to the canyon, and their ignorance of this void world made him indistinguishable from a fool.

At this moment, he couldn’t help but start to rejoice.

Fortunately, the team he followed is strong enough, otherwise he might not even know how to die!

Qi Xian had already arranged the next great array when they were thinking about each other.

opened of great array.

Under Qi Xian’s deliberate control, all illusory shadows were shaken out.

“Qin Eldest Brother, go, let’s go to the next great defensive array.” Luo Xingjun personally carried Qin Shaofeng who was limp on the ground.

On this back, he noticed that Qin Shaofeng seemed to be soft all over.

As if even the bones are already soft.

“Qin, Qin Eldest Brother, didn’t you just use the power of nothingness?” Luo Xingjun exclaimed.

“Apart from the power of nothingness, is there any way we can pass the previous level?” Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help bitterly laughed.