Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3983


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When everyone heard their conversation, they all shivered for a while.

They are the Overlord Young Master brothers, they naturally have a nihilistic power that their elders stay within the body.

But they also know that the power of emptiness is not something they can bear.

It is said that apart from the several healing medicine pills of Peak, no medicine pill can reverse the trauma torn by the force of nothingness.

If the elders found out in time, it would be nice to say.

If you are really in a dangerous situation, once the power of emptiness is exhausted, it will become fish on the knife.

Even an ordinary person has the ability to kill it easily.

“Qin Eldest Brother, you really worked too hard.”

Luo Xingjun said, he took out a medicine pill sealed in a wax pill and stuffed it into Qin Shaofeng’s mouth.

At the entrance of the medicine pill, Qin Shaofeng suddenly felt that his condition had recovered a lot.

“What kind of medicine pill is this, you can actually reverse the repercussions brought about by the power of nothingness?” Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help but asked in confusion.

“This is the Heaven’s Mystery Pill, the supreme healing medicine pill of our Heaven’s Mystery Building. If its injuries can be cured, it can’t reverse the trauma caused by the power of nothingness.”

Luo Xingjun couldn’t help sighing as he spoke, and said: “I was given this celestial pill at the same time after receiving a ray of emptiness from my father.”

“Tian Ji Dan in our Heaven’s Mystery Building is an extremely rare healing Saint Grade, which is not comparable to those medicine pills.”

“But the effect of Tianji Pill on void trauma is not great. According to my father, this pill can accelerate the recovery of trauma, but at best it can only restore the walking ability of the ordinary person.”

There are not a few other medicine pills that Qin Shaofeng has eaten. Naturally, I know that Luo Xingjun is true.

He was gently nodded and said: “No matter how you say it, this is also your life-protecting object, many thanks. If the inheritance inside can really be inherited by multiple people, you will definitely have a share.”

“many thanks Qin Eldest Brother.”

Luo Xingjun was overjoyed.

Immediately, he moved towards Yun Tianxing and looked over, and said in a very unpleasant tone: “Qin Eldest Brother, we can talk about everything, but it’s hard for someone to talk about it!”

Qin Shaofeng naturally understands what he meant.

And he did not at all swallow the Tianying Pill, but quietly collected the Tianying Pill before everyone arrived, and it was precisely because of this.

Since Luo Xingjun has clicked this point out for him, he is naturally impossible to let it go.

Then his gaze moved towards Yun Tianxing.

“Yun Young Master, before we climbed the mountain, what we said was that you are responsible for your own affairs, but on this road, you have come under our shelter.”

“In any case, you are also Qi Mu and Qi Xian’s cousin, and I can let you continue to follow, but you can’t do nothing at all, and finally sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits. “

“I wonder if Yun Young Master agrees with me?”

Qin Shaofeng was indeed only asking, but his tone was extremely domineering.

Yun Tianxing couldn’t help being taken aback.

When he first started climbing, he did not think of this situation.

Can fall with Qin Shaofeng.

Some thoughts that shouldn’t have appeared, but also involuntarily emerged from the bottom of his heart.

At this moment.

The idea that appeared in his heart soon was pierced by Luo Xingjun and Qin Shaofeng, which immediately complicated his mind.

Now Qin Shaofeng has fallen.

Qi Xian and Qi Mu brother, although they are obedient to Qin Shaofeng.

But they are cousins ​​after all.

If he invites the two to deal with Qin Shaofeng together, it might not be impossible?

The expression in his eyes is constantly changing.

Luo Xingjun, who was already paying attention very carefully, immediately quickened his pace and rushed into the next great defensive array before looking at him worriedly.

Qi Xian is still arranging a great array of defenses, and seems to be indifferent to everything here.

Only the complexion of Qi Tomb became ugly.

He naturally knew Yun Tianxing’s thoughts and support.

But he really doesn’t want to be an enemy of Qin Shaofeng.

Not to mention, Qin Shaofeng now seems to have lost its battle strength, but the real situation is probably only known to Qin Shaofeng.

“Sky Star, what do you want to do?”

The cultivation base aura of Qi Tomb began to spread out quietly.

He stared at Yun Tianxing, as if he could take action at any time.

His movement immediately caused Qi Zhen and Qi Huang to move.

What they need to guarantee is their Highness.

Neither Qin Shaofeng nor Yun Tianxing has much to do with them.

Since Eldest Prince wants to stop Yuntianxing, they naturally can’t sit idly by.

Not to mention.

They also know that this is just pressure, not really to do it.

“Qi Tomb, you should also understand the meaning of that brat, do you want to look at me and let him be the cannon fodder?” Yun Tianxing’s words also showed no real meaning.

“Little Feng is not what you think.”

Qi Mu shook his head and said: “If you don’t want to be an enemy of us, you’d better listen to him first, or you can go down the mountain by yourself.”

After he said this, he immediately felt full approval of the very ruthless before Qin Shaofeng.

If Qin Shaofeng didn’t kill those dozens of people.

If those people are allowed to come here to rebel with Yun Tianxing, I am afraid their trouble is not an ordinary one.

It is clear that they are contributing their efforts along the way, and in the end I am afraid that 90% of them may not get inheritance.

Yun Tianxing suddenly felt sitting on wax.

He has thought a lot before.

But no matter what I thought, I never thought that Qi Mu, as a cousin, would stand so firmly on Qin Shaofeng’s side.

“Okay, then I will listen to what he said.” Yun Tianxing’s eyes shifted.

“I want all your offensive and defensive talisman, and everything that may be threatening or useful to us except your own equipment.” Qin Shaofeng said solemnly.

His words immediately made Yun Tianxing complexion greatly changed.


If he really handed over everything, he wouldn’t have to think about vying for inheritance.

I could look at Qin Shaofeng and the others glare like a tiger watching his prey, but he didn’t dare to say anything he didn’t say seriously.

Qi Tomb has stated that Qi Zhen and Qi Huang are naturally impossible to help him.

As for Qi Xian…

The Qi Xian today is no longer the same Qi Xian he used to be.

And don’t need to ask him to know that at this time Qi Xian is absolutely standing by Qin Shaofeng 100%.

This is not an ordinary trouble!

“If I give you all the good things, what should I say if I encounter danger again?” Yun Tianxing said solemnly.

“Naturally you can do it yourself.”

Luo Xingjun took the lead: “Have you forgotten what we have said before? is it possible that you still want us to protect you all the time?”