Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3985


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“Okay, now that it doesn’t make any sense. Let’s first consider whether it is right to choose to move on.” Qin Shaofeng immediately spoke and stopped their conversation.

Everyone hearing this is nodded again and again.

Even Yun Tianxing moved towards him and looked over.

Everyone has some ideas about what to do under the circumstances.

“danger lurks within the riches and honour, we have already come here, if we don’t go for it, we will be unwilling.”

Qi Mu just clenched the fist: “even more how, this Secret Realm will only be opened once in thirty years. Those of us are impossible to wait another thirty years. If we don’t make this one, we won’t have to think about it in the future. Up.”

As soon as this remark came out, Luo Xingjun and Qi Tomb immediately became pondered.

Only Yun Tianxing held the fist fiercely.

He has come here, he really wants to try it.

But with what Luo Xingjun said before, it made him feel very difficult to decide.

There is only more hatred in my heart.

“Qin Eldest Brother, you say what we should do, I will listen to you all.” Qi Xian remained unwavering as always.

Qin Shaofeng gently nodded, not at all, give any answer, just moved towards others and looked over.

As Qi Mu just said.

Qi’s tomb is impossible to come in thirty years later, and he is in the same situation.

Not everyone can enter this tomb.

Age is just one aspect.

Another requirement is below the shining star position.

It seems that he has not yet reached the star position, but in fact there is not much difference.

Just need him to increase the martial arts value as soon as possible.

If you want to get the required star and moon values ​​for the sky and moon positions, really can’t be considered what troublesome things.

“Qin Eldest Brother, despite your order, I will also listen to your choice.” Luo Xingjun has also made a decision.

The two said these words one after another, and immediately put all the pressure on Qin Shaofeng.

Qin Shaofeng hasn’t felt how, Yun Tianxing’s mood has become depressed.

He knew very well that as long as Qin Shaofeng gave an order, it would immediately determine the movement of their entire group.

If you make a different choice, you will be abandoned, right?

Perhaps Qi Xian would care about family affection and let him go back along the path formed by the defensive great array, but he can never think about inheritance.

His expression became more condensed.

But this kind of waiting makes Qin Shaofeng feel uncomfortable.

“Whether you want to go or not, give an answer right away!” Qin Shaofeng asked Chengshen.

For a moment, Yun Tianxing asked in confusion, “What about you? Are you going or not?”

“Didn’t brother Qi Mu just said it?” Qin Shaofeng indifferently smiled.

“Then I will go too.”

Yun Tianxing called out immediately.

“If this is the case, then you just need to protect yourself.”

Qin Shaofeng nodded, and immediately took out Defensive Talisman.

After the previous supply from Yuntianxing, the Defensive Talisman in his hand has reached ten, and the Offensive Talisman urn has only increased by one.

There are some talisman in the star position.

But in this dangerous situation, Qin Shaofeng didn’t like it at all.

He is here to defend the owner person.

Make Yun Tianxing’s eyes sparkle with intense anger.

You know, he was also the one with this Defensive Talisman!


Qin Shaofeng never looked at him.

Anyway, he is also a dísciple of the endless mountain generation. Even if he is really alone, he will not be too afraid of Yunxiandian.

“Qin Shaofeng takes action and kills all illusory shadows with the attack array.” Qin Shaofeng shouted.

Qi Xian still has no answer.

But he has already moved directly.

The terrifying aura around suddenly vibrates.

As the space collapsed, all the illusory shadows were killed.


Qin Shaofeng shouted loudly, Luo Xingjun was the first to rush out carrying him.

Qi Mu is pulling the younger brother Rapid Speed ​​to follow.

Although Qi Zhen and Qi Huang are walking at the back, they are also in front of Yun Tianxing.

At this time, Yun Tianxing had just suppressed his anger.

Didn’t expect Qin Shaofeng to ignore him in the slightest, so he took the lead to go away and hurriedly chased after him.

Under the full-strength sprint, the distance of several ten thousand meters simply can’t be considered.

Qin Shaofeng is good, no matter the others.

The most worried thing before was not the distance of ten thousand meters, but anything that might happen outside the ten thousand meters.

If the distance is closer, they can copy it according to the situation in the great hall before.

Just give Qi Xian enough time to build a great defensive array, everything will become simple.

But is that really easy to happen?

Seven short breaths.

Ten thousand meters have been crossed by them.

As they stepped to the top of the mountain, it immediately gave them a strange feeling of coming to another world.

As if this is another layer of space.

“Build a great defense array now!”

Qin Shaofeng was the first to call out when others were stunned.

He didn’t ask Qi Xian to use all the cornerstones of the array before, just to avoid the various dangers that might arise here.

Even if it is still quiet now, he will not have the slightest idea of ​​fluke.

Qi Xian suddenly woke up.

I broke away from Qi Tomb, took out the foundation stone of the array defense great array and started to build it.

His spirit has been condensed into within arrays.

not at all.

As he branded the first foundation stone of the array, a pair of dark green pupils flashed out of the void.

They are just pupils, but they are suspended in the air like two rounds of dark green moons.

If you observe carefully, you will find that those eyes are full of expressions of thinking.

When Qi Xian is about to arrange the defense great array.

An illusory-filled voice came to everyone’s ears.

“Are you…Human Race?”

Listening to his words, it is clear that it is another species.

Suddenly speaking human’s words, everyone was shocked.

Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help but look up moved towards the sky and looked over.

I found the pupils staring at them.

He was only gently nodded, and said: “We are Human Race, dare to ask Senior, but Antiquity Ominous Beast Primal Chaos Senior?”

“Antiquity Ominous Beast?”

The pupil’s Master never seems to have heard of this term.

Long time.

He only replied: “I don’t know when Antiquity Ominous Beast, but I am indeed Primal Chaos, the king of Primal Chaos, you can pass through the blockade of this King and come here, you can see your out of the ordinary. “

“This King can tell, you want to get the inheritance of this King.”


Qin Shaofeng no longer needs to lie at this time.

It doesn’t matter whether the previous ray of Primal Chaos is real or not, it is the same.

“Then, you have been to this King and set the last level for you. People who pass it can come to get this King inheritance.” The voice of the King of Primal Chaos continued to sound.