Divine Cultivation System Chapter 4101


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“It turned out to be just a guy playing insect.”

Chu Huanlen said with a sneer: “Since you are playing insect, take your insect out and let this Young Master see what your insect can do to me.”

The look on his face is still full of gaze.

It seems that no matter how powerful an insect is, there is no qualification to scream in front of him.

Su Chang was originally a proud man.

And under the influence of the orc bloodline, he is very irritable.

Just Chu Huan’s expression almost made him run away.

“Since you are courting death yourself, then I will show you my flying yellow armor!”

Su Chang roared.

I saw his cultivation base shook slightly, and a piece of insect flew out of his sleeve.

Flying yellow armor?

Qin Shaofeng is the first time I heard of this name.

But when he moved towards the so-called flying yellow armor, he almost burst out laughing.

The name is indeed weird, but it is just a bunch of locust-like things.

The difference is that the belly of those flying yellow armors looks transparent, and some yellow things seem to flow in their belly.

A pair of sharp, big teeth often appear crimson.

I just don’t know how strong the bite is.

Or really because of extremely poisonous.

While he was still wondering, he saw that a group of Fei Huang Jia had gone near Chu Huan.

The flying yellow armors approached in no hurry.

But when there was still three meters away from Chu Huan, they stopped collectively and seemed to condense into a certain array in the air.

Or just a normal enclosure.

Qin Shaofeng, who doesn’t know much about insect, can’t understand what this is like.

I saw the next moment.

All the flying yellow armors spit out the liquid in their stomachs collectively.

My stomach dries out instantly.

But when those liquids appeared in the air.

Qin Shaofeng could faintly see that some impurities in the air have corroded a little bit of smoke that is difficult to detect when they are in contact with the liquid.

It’s so corrosive?

Did these flying yellow beaks all grow up with sulfuric acid?

Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help being surprised.

Chu Huan’s cultivation base is no longer much weaker than him, and it is natural to see how terrifying the venom of the flying yellow armor is.

But his face is still full of gaze.

“I thought your insect was so powerful, it turned out that there was only this method?” Chu Huan shook his head with disdain.

Immediately, I saw a layer of golden light radiating from him.

“The Emperor’s Photo!”

Chu Huan finally spoke just before the venom came.

The loud shout rang out, making the golden light shine on him.

This moment.

His image in the eyes of everyone really looks like he has become an emperor on earth.

The golden light on her body is more like the domineering spirit of the emperor.

Deterrence, just deterrence.

But what Chu Huan deterred was not the flying yellow armor, but the venom that was about to come.

Seeing that the venom was only inches away from him.


Chu Huan loudly shouted again.

A horrible deterrent, aura, appeared from him, turning into one after another strong wind, and forcibly swept away the venom.

The venom did not move towards the empty land, but instead found the flying yellow armor that spewed the venom.

Since the corrosiveness of the venom is terrifying, he will let those flying yellow armors try it by himself.

Chu Huan’s approach is not unpleasant.

deal with a man as he deals with you.

It’s a pity.

He still underestimated these weird flying yellow armors that Su Chang had made.

The venom turns back.

Those flying yellow armors didn’t even react at all.

Allowing the venom to spill on the body failed to cause any reaction.

On the contrary, the venom that fell into the ground from the gaps in the flying yellow armor corroded quickly.

The originally good bluestone ground was corroded into big pits in an instant.

“Is it true that I am not afraid of corrosion?”

Chu Huan’s eyes still didn’t see the slightest, but the look fluctuated because of the miss, but faintly smiled and said: “Then just die!”

“The Emperor’s Secret! Extinction!”

A Core Disciple-level endless print appeared in Chu Huan’s brow.

The moment when the endless seal appeared, it has already blended into the aura emanating from him.

Immediately, the color changed drastically.

The endless seal of silver turned into a golden gold after being contaminated with his imperial spirit.

next moment, the entire endless impression is integrated into the emperor’s breath.

Swept away with the air of the emperor.

All flying yellow armors are almost in a flash, and they have been enveloped by the emperor’s air.

The rumbling sound reverberated continuously.

The battle lasted just one breathing time, and Gold’s imperial aura had dissipated.

Core Disciple level endless seal, that is also comparable to the existence of the star position.

Even if Chu Huan’s cultivation base is insufficient, and he can’t fully display the formidable power of the endless seal, it is not such a group, but the flying yellow armor around the Xuanyue position can be compared.

The golden light converges, turns into an endless seal, and returns to Chu Huan’s hands.

“Your insect is really not qualified to shout in front of me. If you have other means, just use it, otherwise I will take action.” Chu Huan’s right hand shook slightly.

The strong qi and blood power emerged and turned into a sword glow.

body flashed.

“Three Endless Swords!”

What he said seems to be terrible.

In fact, Chu Huan would not give him any chance.

The rich battle experience made him clearly know that no matter what time he screamed, it wouldn’t help.

If you really want to completely defeat your opponent, you have to step on the opponent’s corpse.

“Brat, don’t you think that I only have this batch of flying yellow armor, right?”

Su Chang sneered and said: “Since you want to court death, let you see what a Beastmaster is!”

He kept shaking his hands up amidst the roar.

Slices of poison insect flew out of his sleeve.

The insects that fly out are different every time, and none of them have the appearance of only a few hundred.

But in such a blink of an eye, he has already dumped it several times.

The insects around him have already reached thousands.

A piece of poison insect forming a dense mass, Qi Qi moved towards Chu Huan swept over it.

“Insect is always just an insect. No matter how bad your insect is, it is impossible to be the opponent of my martial arts.” Chu Huan coldly shouted.

The endless seal in his hand once again turned into a rich golden light, and the poison insect moved towards the front swept over.

And his true body seems like nothing happened.

It seems that Wu Jin Yin’s battle with poison insect has nothing to do with him.

A flashback.

Under the protection of the endless seal, he easily rushed through the area enveloped by the insect, and moved towards Su Chang with a single sword.

“It’s worthy of being an endless seal, there are indeed some doorways.”

Su Chang looked at the sword that fell immediately, and there was no worry on his face, but his smile became stronger.