Divine Cultivation System Chapter 4102


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“golden armor!”

Su Chang didn’t release a group of insect beasts again until Chu Huan’s sword came in front of him.

Insect beast shows red gold all over.

Just looking at the appearance of this bug, it looks like a beetle.

You can see the confident smile on Su Chang’s face, but it makes people feel that this insect beast is definitely not what they see.

After the insect beast flew out of his sleeve.

They immediately gathered together, connecting their bodies to each other, turning them into a gold shield, and condensing on top of his head.


Chu Huan’s sword came.

The moment a tyrannical sword fell on that golden armor worm shield, there was a roar.

Most of the golden armor bugs suddenly shattered under the slash of sword edge.

Any golden armor bugs that survived.

Actually, at a very fast speed, they condense together again, forming the 2nd shield on Su Chang’s head.

Chu Huan’s sword was consumed in the attack just now.

There is not much formidable power at this time.

The defeat of Yu Wei, simply failed to shake the 2nd shield formed by the golden armor bug.

And when his sword was contained.

The shield formed by golden armor worms suddenly spread out, and the collective moved towards Chu Huan’s long sword, which was condensed by the power of qi and blood, tore through.

The sword of qi and blood begins to dissipate at a speed visible to naked eye.

Although is Chu Huan.

When I saw this scene, a look of surprise appeared in his eyes.

“What kind of insect is this, even my qi and blood sword can be crushed?”

Chu Huan couldn’t help but called out in alarm.

But there was only surprise in his eyes, but there was no other expression.

When the golden armor insect bites get closer and closer to him.

He suddenly shouted loudly, and a pink rays of light flashed in his left hand.

The rays of light flash, and the golden armor bugs will be killed instantly.

His previous sword had already wiped out most of the golden armor bugs, and the remaining ones simply couldn’t play any role.

Everyone had already anticipated this.

So after seeing this scene, not at all people looked surprised.

Qin Shaofeng faintly felt something wrong.

The pink rays of light are very weird. No matter how they look, they don’t seem like a normal martial skill should appear.

The doubt in his mind lasted for only a few moments.

He has put away the doubts.

No matter what secret Chu Huan possesses, it is Chu Huan’s personal good fortune.

I only need to be happy for him.

When he was still in the heart thinking.

The battle over there has changed again.

Chu Huan dared to be so arrogant, he naturally has his arrogant capital.

When Qin Shaofeng was surprised by the pink rays of light he used, he took action again.

The attack at this time is still not an ability Qin Shaofeng recognizes.

Does not belong to the endless mountain.

Naturally, he doesn’t belong to him.

He actually made a gesture of crossing his arms around his chest, but behind him there was a strange light and shadow.

It seems to be the phantom of a woman.

But the phantom is too vague, making Qin Shaofeng simply unable to see what the situation is with that woman.

“This King, representing the endless ocean, sentenced you to drowning!”

Chu Huan’s voice is very soft, as if the voice should have come from a woman’s mouth, which makes people feel very unreal.

Or when he spoke, the Dao Void shadow behind him also said such a sentence at the same time, which led to such a weird feeling.

“Only you can come to the verdict, uh…wu wu wu…”

Su Chang’s voice suddenly became sobbing and painful again, as if he was drowning.

“What happened and why did this happen?!”

People around who found this scene screamed.

Anyone who can appear here has been cultivation on Martial Dao for many years.

Especially the real Loose Cultivator.

Take any one out. No matter how young it looks, it is more than 50-60 years old. Even Su Chang, who is playing against Chu Huan, is more than 300 years old.

How extensive is their knowledge based on their age?

But it was the first time I saw such a thing.

This scene is simply incredible.

In just one sentence, would a powerhouse cultivated to the peak of the sky and the moon be drowned alive?

I’m afraid even those weird races don’t have this kind of ability, right?

Everyone was still thinking in shock.

I saw that Su Chang had rolled his eyes.

It was actually drowned alive.

Even Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help his eyes widening after seeing this scene.

“A peak powerhouse of the sky and the moon, will be said to death by that brat?”

“Go on, what are you kidding me?”

“What kind of magic did he use?”

“Black art, yes, it must be black art!”

“We are all martial artists of the Heaven and Moon Position. If the Heaven and Moon Position can really cultivate to such a martial skill, how could we not?”

Several Loose Cultivators photographed by Zhang Qingwen in Yunxian Temple immediately began to discuss spiritedly.

Although Su Chang is not the one with the highest battle strength among them.

But it is also the person with the most means.

Even if two of them run into such a guy who plays insect, they are reluctant to provoke them easily.

It can be seen from this that Su Chang is an insect cultivator.

It happened to be such a person, dead so baffling, how can they not be shocked?

They are constantly talking.

Chu Huan seemed to have heard nothing at all, and was picking up various things from Su Chang who had fallen indifferently.

In this short period of time, he has found more than 20 storage bags from Su Chang.

It’s a pity.

After observing, he found that ninety-nine percent of the things in it were all insects.

Although he didn’t feel it was needed, he didn’t rush to throw it away.

Instead, it was placed in a special place, as if it was ready to be used for other purposes later.

He waited until everything had been converged before he finally strode towards this side.

After losing the first battle, Zhang Qingwen’s face had already turned black.

When he saw this, he suddenly shouted: “Stop!”

“Anything else?”

Chu Huan looked at him with an unhappy face, his face was full of cold colors.

“Su Chang is indeed your opponent. He lost to you and we have nothing to say, but you can’t even take away his storage bag and other things after defeating him?” Zhang Qingwen coldly said.


Chu Huan sneered: “Since you have also said that he is my subordinate defeated, what’s wrong with me to collect my spoils of war?”

“Still saying…”

He paused for a moment on purpose.

There was a sneer in his eyes, and he asked: “As an employer, you still want to snatch the relics of the hired person?”