Divine Cultivation System Chapter 4103


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Chu Huan’s words are very vicious.

The so-called murder and condemnation is nothing more than that.

Zhang Qingwen stopped him, not for the so-called spoils of war.

He naturally didn’t care about Chu Huan’s counterattack.

“It’s all if you refuse to hand over Su Chang’s relics, but you have to explain clearly what kind of magic you used. Otherwise, as a person of the nine peak influences of the continent, I am qualified to represent Cang Ming The world will punish you, an inexplicable monster.” Zhang Qingwen shouted loudly.

“Zhang Qingwen, don’t you want to order Bilian, what do you think you are, even representing the Cangming Realm?”

Zhan Zhuixin’s status is not weaker than Zhang Qingwen.

He is also born in Peak influence, how could he let Zhang Qingwen shout out such threats?

“This sentence makes sense.”

The two Head Disciples of Everlasting Mountain also sneered: “Although Chu Huan’s practice is a bit weird, he is our person from Everlasting Mountain. What are you, and what qualifications do you have to represent continent?”

“What if he is from the endless mountain, can the people from the endless mountain do anything wrong?”

Zhang Qingwen shouted: “You have to forget, this is the Cangming Realm. Under the rule of the Cangming Great Emperor, the Cangming Realm has the order of the rivers and lakes of the Cangming Realm.”

He obviously has jumped the wall in a hurry.

Speaking of this, it is almost equivalent to moving out Emperor Cangming to suppress others.

If it’s not in this situation.

As a representative figure of the Yunxian Temple, he is impossible to say such words.

But he was also too anxious.

It seems to have long forgotten, the name of Emperor Cangming may be able to suppress most of the strength of Human Race.

Infinite Mountain, Dharma Courtyard and Beitian are the only exceptions.

A few days ago.

When the Great Emperor Cangming led the influence of all parties to crush the endless mountain, the resistance of the endless mountain had already spread.

As an intermediary, Dharma Courtyard obviously doesn’t give face to Emperor Cangming.

Even if Emperor Cangming spent a lot of effort to suppress this matter, there was still a gossip about it.

Beitian did not help the endless mountain.

But what did they do?

The Great Emperor Cangming ordered the entire Cangming Realm Peak influence take action.

But not only did the Great Emperor Beitian not go, he didn’t even send a person who passed the message to him, which is enough to explain his position.

In front of these two people of influence who didn’t give the face of the Great Emperor Cangming in Dalian, Zhang Qingwen used the name of Great Emperor Cangming to press people, which is really fantastic.

The moment he spoke, he realized that he had said the wrong thing.

But he hasn’t waited for him to come and change his tongue.

Chu Huan’s sneer sounded.

“I only know until now that this Cangming Realm is not the Cangming Realm of our Human Race great influence and Cangming races, but the Cangming Realm of his Cangming Great.”

“tsk tsk!”

He smacked his lips and stared at Zhang Qingwen with a owe look.

Even if there were no more words, Zhang Qingwen’s face was darkened.

“It seems that after you have become the dogs of the Great Emperor Cangming, you really don’t pay attention to the various races of the Cangming Realm. If I can be lucky enough to see all the races at the end, I must tell the big guys. This matter.” Chu Huan’s follow-up finally arrived.

His words almost made Zhang Qingwen spurt a mouthful of blood.

“What a yellow-haired kid with sharp teeth!”

Suddenly, an angry voice rang out.

Along with the shout, it was a terrifying shock and killing aura.

The practice of people coming is very obvious.

He simply didn’t care about Chu Huan’s weird martial skill, he just wanted to kill Chu Huan, who dared to humiliate Yunxian Temple in this way.

“Supreme Expert?!”

Chu Huan’s face changed suddenly.

Now he is indeed the cultivation base of the eighth rank of heaven and moon.

The higher the cultivation base, the more clear he will be.

The gap in the cultivation base in Martial Dao world is not the kind of division method used by Martial Dao Realm.

Star position, month position, shining star position.

When they entered the Cangming Realm, they had already heard of some.

But no matter how I heard it, it’s not as obvious as when the influence is really reached.

When the cultivation base was weak.

It seems that every level 1 improvement is a big jump.

But only the cultivation base has reached today.

They can truly realize that the truth is simply not that way.

Star position is to temper the body.

He didn’t believe this sentence at first, but he didn’t really understand it until now.

At the time of star position, every level 1 improvement seems to increase the cultivation base battle strength very much, but in fact it simply can’t be considered.

Otherwise, for every Level 1 of the month, the battle strength increases by ten times less, and the battle strength increases by a hundred times. What should I say?

The real cultivation level should be the Body Refinement star position, the first entry into the Martial Dao month position, the Martial Dao Early Stage star position, the Supreme Expert Void Realm, the Void Realm, the half-step Heavenly Dao, and the Ruler.

This can be seen.

His so-called eighth-order martial artist, in front of the powerhouse of the void, how terrifying the gap is.

Even if it was just Aura’s shock, it made him feel as if he was about to be torn apart.

The pink aura before, appears again.

The silhouette of the fuzzy woman suddenly rose towards the sky in this shocked aura.

The scream seems to help Chu Huan reduce stress.

But it’s just lightening.

Looking at Chu Huan’s face flushing, it is not difficult to think that Chu Huan has already reached the limit of endurance.

The next moment, it is very likely that it will be completely destroyed by the aura of the powerhouse in the void.

“Hundred poems on Li Baidou’s wine, Chang’an City’s restaurant sleeps, hahaha…”

It is at the crucial moment.

A arrogant laugh suddenly broke the tension.

The laughter is arrogant, but also with a deep drunkenness, as if he is really just a person who drinks too much.

But at the moment when this voice sounded.

A scarlet sword glow suddenly rose into the sky, as if to cut this world in half.

In an instant, Chu Huan felt lighter.

Look in surprise.

I saw the silhouette of a drunkard who originally made him full of curiosity, but felt that the battle strength may not be much stronger than himself, I don’t know when, he has already arrived in front of him.

The drunkard has no sword in his hand.

He didn’t even make the gesture of swinging the sword. Instead, he raised his head and drank the wine in his hand. It was graceful and free and easy.

It happened that this person was in this state, and even a sword shattered the power of the person who wanted to kill himself.

“Li Bai? Who is Li Bai?”

The person who took the action finally appeared in front of everyone.

The appearance of the two old men is very similar. The person who speaks has a big monkey on the forehead, but it is not known whether it is the Boss or Old Second of the brothers.

He obviously heard that Li Bai in Qin Shaofeng’s poem should be his personal name.

This is another world.

They naturally impossible to know what the poems read by Qin Shaofeng are.