Divine Cultivation System Chapter 4105


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Zhan Zuixin’s face became more and more ugly.

Although he is the person responsible for this Chongming Pool competition on behalf of Beitian, he is not good at eloquence.

Suddenly faced with the shameless behavior of the two people one after another, a small face suddenly turned red.

The age difference between the two is not small.

Zhang Qingwen almost laughed at the change in his expression.

Just as he said to the end, the reason he suddenly remembered gave him a bit of confidence.

He immediately shouted: “Zhan Zuixin, do you think that a Supreme Expert in the void can be provoked by who?”

Listening to his words, even Qin Shaofeng’s expression changed slightly.

He is indeed confronting Qi Delong.

But the matter itself, after all, was Qi Delong who came first to make trouble. As long as he had a certain eloquence, it was impossible for Zhang Qingwen to say that he had come to mess with it.

This happened now.

“What a Supreme Expert in the void, can the Dao Void void cultivation base arbitrarily interfere with the already decided Two Great Influences competition?” Sha Pojun walked out intolerably.

As the Peak of the Void Realm once existed, he was also impossible to grasp the problem.

Unfortunately, Zhan Zuixin who should speak most has nothing to say, and he has to stand up.

As soon as he said that, Qi Delong’s gaze turned around.

The imposing manner of the powerhouse in the void broke out again.

But before he pressed the imposing manner towards Sha Pojun, another sword glow suddenly rose to the sky, cutting his imposing manner once again.

“If you come out to make trouble, you are still arrogant, and now you have to use the cultivation base to suppress people. Yunxian Temple is indeed the strength of continent Peak, hahaha…”

Qin Shaofeng no longer needs anyone else to speak this time.

He swung the long sword that was condensed by Power of Heaven and Earth in his hand in a volley, and then moved towards Zhang Qingwen and Xuanshan two old three people with a finger.

“The people of Yunxian Temple, whoever wants to do something to the Lord’s people, just take action directly. There is no need to find that many excuses, hahaha…”

His words are no longer about him.

But his body was still swaying, and the long sword in his hand moved towards Zhang Qingwen and clicked, and then he pointed towards the second old Xuanshan.

“A group of shameless people, if you can’t afford to lose, just go together. Master has been around the world for so many years, and he still doesn’t care about this trivial matter, hahaha…” He was still smiling arrogantly.

As if his strength of oneself, singled out Yunxian Temple, it was originally a trivial matter.

But he is not willing to expose his strength easily.

But it is clear that neither Sha Pojun nor Chu Huan are the little fellows like Zhan Zuixin who have just entered the rivers and lakes, and they can definitely hear the meaning of his words.

Sure enough.

As he spoke immediately, Chu Huan’s lips moved slightly.

Immediately, he has come to Qin Shaofeng’s side.

“It seems that all competitions in martial arts are bullshit, then we are counted as an endless mountain, and our endless mountain has not been humiliated for a long time!” Chu Huan’s words were even more vicious.

There were originally two endless mountain dísciples that I didn’t know how to decide.

hearing this Qi Qi showed the long sword and the endless seal, and walked over quickly.

Zhan Zui looked at their movements with hesitation in his eyes.

But he knows very well.

What Chu Huan just gave him sound transmission must be true.

If you don’t do it yourself, I’m afraid that today’s excitement will be really big.

“Well, since it is the shameless of Yunxian Temple who broke the contract, we will naturally be with us in the north!”

As he said, he took out a jade pendant.

The jade pendant looks simple, with only a simple crimson ‘North’ on it.

But the aura faintly exuding from this jade pendant changed the expressions of Zhang Qingwen and Xuanshan.

The aura faintly emitted from the jade token can make them clearly feel that it turns out to be the aura belonging to the talisman.

This turned out to be a piece of only using that word, refining becomes the existence of talisman.

No need to think about it.

They all know that this is obviously the jade pendant used by Beitian to send messages, or call for help.

Zhang Qingwen’s face suddenly darkened.

The complexion of Elder Xuanshan was dark enough, but the rays of light in their eyes made people clearly feel their anger.

What about the anger of the powerhouse in the void?

Zhan Zuixin and the others have great influence behind them.

As for Qin Shaofeng, even the two guys in the void are not in sight.

In his current fan mansion, the number of people has decreased.

Li Naling, the lord of the endless prison, was able to make a name in the imaginary world 1,000 years ago. Its battle strength is so strong that it is obviously not the two who became famous for several hundred years, and also became a runaway in Yunxian Palace. Can be compared.

“Aren’t you going to fight in groups? Come then!”

Chu Huan suddenly mocked when they saw that they all stopped talking.

There is indeed Cangming Palace behind Yunxian Temple.

But the ambition of Cangming Palace has been completely exposed, as long as they dare to brazenly go to war with Beitian.

I believe that Dharma Courtyard will not sit idly by.

As for the endless mountain and Dragon Race that have formed an alliance, they will also stand on the side of the northern sky.

Even Blood Race, which has already come to spoil the chaos, will stand up and help Beitian.

This is not in the interest of Cangming Palace.

The look of the three people is extremely ugly.

But they didn’t dare to say that Qin Shaofeng would fight Qi Delong.

“Who said that there is a group battle, it is clear that you said it good?”

Zhang Qingwen finally had to speak.

“Zide Senior Long just said that, and none of you said that you disagree, I will say let them play the second game, since you all have opinions, then you must first compare.”

“As for the matter between that brat and Zide Senior Long, our Yunxian Temple will not intervene, and I believe you will not intervene in Beitian and Endless Mountain.”

Zhang Qingwen is worthy of being a representative of Yunxiandian.

His words are directly about forcing Beitian and Wujinshan to stop intervening in this matter. Obviously, they are irreconcilable with Qin Shaofeng.


Zhan Zuixin walked out in a rage and said, “Master Li is helping us Beitian. If you dare to take action on Master Li secretly, then it is irreconcilable with us Beitian!”

There is no joy or anger on Zhang Qingwen’s face.

He turned his head and moved towards Xuanshan and the two elders looked at each other, said with a smile: “This matter will be discussed later. Let’s continue the competition now!”

The meaning of the eye contact is very simple.

Can’t deal with Qin Shaofeng blatantly, can’t you wait for Qin Shaofeng to leave the northern sky, or to take action after Zhan Zixin and the others’ vision?

Even if that brat some ability.

The two elders of Xuanshan take action together, even if they are two powerhouses of the same order, they may not be able to fight with them.

Not to mention that it is a small sky and moon Peak Wu Xiu.

By him?

Being able to live a few breaths under the cooperation of the two elders is already a record of heaven defying.