Divine Cultivation System Chapter 4317


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Ideas are just ideas.

Qin Shaofeng will not waste too much effort in such unrealistic things.

Don’t think so many of them have ghost marks.

However, it is only affected by the severe suppression of the ghost clan and the presence of Ximen Lingzhong.

If not, it would be extremely difficult for him to figure out the current situation even if the ghost clan is in front of him.

Not to mention, it is simply impossible to find a large number of ghosts in the endless ghost Corpse Slave Army to help the soldiers upgrade the ghost marks.

“Prisoner, you guys follow me.”

Qin Shaofeng greeted Li Naling and the others, and moved towards the ground first.

At this time, the three hundred and three ghosts and corpses have been placed on the ground by neat and tidy, just like commodities for people to choose.

After taking a casual glance, he said again: “Luo San, you first choose the ghost corpse that suits you, first leveled your ghost mark to the silver ghost mark.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Luo San’s eyes shone brightly.

Although is this matter, it has long been confirmed, but it also made him very happy.

I saw it personally, and even felt the benefits of ghost marks.

How could such an opportunity make him unexcited?

“Mo Ya, Di Shan, you two will discuss, one can leveled to Silver Ghost Mark, I want this half-step Heavenly Dao Realm’s ghost king.” Qin Shaofeng continued.

The two had already had such a guess.

When Qin Shaofeng really heard such words, they moved towards Wang Sheng and looked over.

Wang Sheng was suddenly shocked by them.

“Two, this is Young Master’s arrangement. It is better for you two to promote.” Wang Sheng said quickly.

From the fact that the two gave Luo San their first chance of promotion, they have already let them know that the two of them are not too concerned about such opportunities.

Even deliberately giving up opportunities to them.

“One of us only knows pill refining, and the other only knows artifact refining. Even if there is something, we won’t be the first to rush forward. Luo three fights, and what you learn is array, he There are more times when you need to take action than when you use us, and you don’t need to decline.” Mo Ya actively said.

Wang Sheng was immediately gagged by his words.

The humility of the two made the Seventh Patriarch Zhan Cai’er look back more curiously.

This is not the first time she has seen it.

This kind of humility made him feel more and more unbelievable.

That’s a chance to get the silver ghost mark.

For an average person, it is definitely something that can be met but not sought.

But both of them have an indifferent expression.

Even if they are not in the station, this modest change to the average person, but it is absolutely impossible to appear.

“Wang Sheng, since their two elders asked you to come first, you should come first. This kind of opportunity will not be absent in the future.” Qin Shaofeng said.

Wang Sheng was taken aback for a moment, but had to be bitterly laughed.

The truth is as Qin Shaofeng said.

Once upon a time, how could they imagine such a thing.

Silver ghost mark.

That is unique in the entire Cangming Realm.

It just happened that they had already gotten it one after another in such a short time.

If it wasn’t for Qin Shaofeng, it seemed that he would use that half-step Heavenly Dao’s ghost king to test something, I am afraid they will have one more person to obtain the silver ghost mark.

He no longer wasted time, immediately stepped forward and moved towards the ghosts and corpses one after another.

With a ghost mark, it is not too difficult to kill the ghost clan.

Not long.

He has already beheaded the ghost king.

The silver ghost marks began to merge.

Qin Shaofeng just gave an order to get everyone to move.

Although they have a lot of people.

Compared to the base of the ghost clan, it can’t be considered.

Until they returned again, everyone couldn’t help moving towards him and the ghost king who had half a step Heavenly Dao.

Curious mood suddenly rose from their hearts.

What exactly is Qin Shaofeng going to do?

When they were puzzled, Qin Shaofeng had copied the long sword and walked directly towards the ghost king.

“Human Race, even if you kill this King, the corpse slaves will not stop, they will definitely make you regret it!” The ghost king died, still shouting loudly.

Such words made Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help laughing.

“Have you ever said that you want to stop those ghost slaves?”

He smiled indifferently, and the ghost song of the soldier in his hand has been moved towards the neck of the ghost king.

The silver ghost mark can indeed restrain the ghost king.

But the cultivation base of this ghost king is much higher than him.

During that half-step Heavenly Dao’s cultivation base protection, he forced him to cast the ghost Huo Lie under the flames, and even full-strength chopped several times before finally beheading the ghost king.

“System Prompt: Congratulations to Player Qin Shaofeng Beheaded the Heavenly Dao Ghost King in half a step, gaining a colorful value of 10 and increasing the number of silver ghost marks by 0.1.”

“There really is a change!”

Qin Shaofeng’s eyes flickered brightly.

With excitement in his heart, he subconsciously said this sentence, and immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“What has changed?”

Seventh Patriarch Zhan Cai’er was the first to ask.

“Ghost Marks.”

Qin Shaofeng immediately reacted from his ecstasy, said with a smile: “I guessed before, if the ghost can make the final breakthrough by killing the ghost king, then kill those who have the qualifications of the ghost king. What about the Ghost King?”

“So how did it turn out?”

Seventh ancestor Zhan Cai’er has a lot of splendor in the eyes.

Now that she has reached Heavenly Dao Realm, it is not too difficult to kill the ghost king like the one just now.

Even in the old lair of the ghost clan, it is dangerous at best.

If this opportunity can be used to improve, it will give Human Race a great advantage when dealing with ghosts and corpses.

“When I just beheaded the ghost king, the ghost mark increase I got was probably in the limit, an increase of about one-tenth.”

He didn’t tell more speculations or facts.

After all, the system is only useful for people like him, and no one is sure what it will be for the Seventh Patriarch Zhan Cai’er and the others.

Not to mention, to say too detailed figures will definitely attract the suspicion of the Seventh Patriarch Zhan Cai’er and the others.

“Can you improve so much?”

Seventh ancestor Zhan Cai’er was indeed surprised by this number.

For people without ghost marks, the King of Ghosts is indeed an existence that can be called Undying and Inextinguishable.

But she already has the silver ghost mark.

During the battle, she also felt that as long as the ghost mark was cast, the ghost corpse was not much different from Human Race for her.

It is too simple to hurt the King of Ghosts.

As Qin Shaofeng said, doesn’t it mean that as long as she runs more on the chassis of the ghosts and kills more ghosts, the ghosts can be upgraded again?