Divine Cultivation System Chapter 4319


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Under the influence of the law of the hidden world.

Not only can the ghosts and corpses not cause any effective damage to them, they even have to do their best to help them full-strength.

So the collective fall of a group of alien gods, is it really a good thing for them?

The more they think about it, the more they don’t know the answer.

The battle in the air will not stop even for a moment because of their entanglement.

Before and after but one hour scene.

The Corpse Slave Army, which seems to be a terrifying number of ghosts, has been completely wiped out with the help of the two cultivation base battle strengths of the Seventh Ancestor Zhan Cai’er and Ximen Lingzhong, which can be called abnormal.

Until everyone came to stand still in front of Qin Shaofeng.

He finally determined the casualties of this battle.

Most of the eleven people he brought with him had some large and small injuries, but they were still not physically mutilated.

Zhang Hong and the others are not so lucky.

Of the more than one hundred people he brought, only seventy-two people were left at this time.

Let’s not say that everyone is wounded.

People who suffered serious injuries or disabilities alone accounted for nearly half of the number.

The level of misery can be imagined.

“You guys are doing very well.”

Qin Shaofeng looked at them gently nodded and said: “Zuo Long, and those two, one rewards a ghost mark, eight of you can kill five ghosts, Zhang Hong and among you, military achievement is outstanding A person who has the right to kill a corpse slave can also be qualified.”

Zuo Long and the others flickered in their eyes.

They followed Qin Shaofeng for a long time, and they had seen the horror of ghost marks up close.

I heard that there was a ghost mark in the lead of the three people, and the three people almost jumped up with excitement.

The others are also very excited.

Those are all ghosts of Void Realm Peak Realm!

As people of three continents, they used to see the existence of weak legs.

Able to kill them and obtain a certain level of ghost mark base.

This is a great thing.

Think about it.

Without any delay, none of them rushed towards the place where the ghost clan resembling a commodity was located.

Li Naling personally took Di Shan and the others over and arranged for them personally.

Zhang Hong and the others are puzzled.

Ghost marks?

He actually wants to grant ghost marks?

And after a miserable battle like ours, there are people with military achievement. Can one person kill a ghost?

They are a little unwilling.

However, thinking of their battle strength situation and the whole process is really only an auxiliary role, but it also left him speechless.

It was not until Zuo Long and the others finished harvesting that he began to lead people over.

The distribution of spoils of war is equally fast.

When the three continents led by Zhang Hong went to collect the spoils of war, Qin Shaofeng had already recovered the poisonous fairy Li Naling and the others into the ghost mansion.

At this moment, he looks as if he has become the same drunkard at the beginning.

After Zhang Hong got the job done.

After seeing his state that seemed to be harmless to humans and animals again, he almost couldn’t help but spray blood.

“This product is so good at play the pig to eat the tiger, right?”

This thought appears in everyone’s mind.

But none of them dared to vent their mouths.

“Zhang Hong, you are responsible for arranging people to regain the glacier country, and at the same time let the country you control also merge into our 7 Star country.” Qin Shaofeng said.

Direct merger?

Zhang Hong was taken aback for a moment.

Isn’t the rule here to go to war?

Although he does not understand.

But now that he has completely fallen to Qin Shaofeng’s side, he is too lazy to explain anything, and immediately ordered to go down.

Qin Shaofeng, however, ordered the two dragons to return to 7 Star for the transition.

He himself took Zuo Long away.

I have to say yes.

Zuo Long clearly told him his name, but such a character with insufficient battle strength can’t be remembered by Qin Shaofeng.

The name of the Dragon Army has long been forgotten by him.

When commanding the two, they still only called you and you, making them feel like they didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

As for Qin Shaofeng, he only took Zuo Long and moved towards the final kingdom.

Kingdom of Orion.

This is a country that is as backward as their 7 Star transition.

But when they came to the capital of Orion, they faintly felt something wrong.

Just because in a manor near the Imperial Palace, there are obviously two cultivation base auras that are not weak.

“There are only two Heaven’s Chosen here?”

Zuo Long muttered to himself subconsciously, then moved towards Qin Shaofeng and looked over.

“Go, go and take a look.”

Qin Shaofeng was even more puzzled.

Heaven’s Chosen, it is only a star position.

In today’s Tibetan star chaos, in the presence of that many Void Realm, two small shining stars are martial artists, who are simply not qualified to survive.

Soon, he directly moved towards the street in front of the manor and fell down.

At this time, it is the daytime when the stars are in chaos.

There are already many pedestrians on the street.

They descended from the sky and immediately attracted the curious eyes of countless people.

Even more strange is.

None of these people showed fear in their eyes.

Even more people, all moved towards the manor.

It seems that as long as there is that manor, no matter how tyrannical the foreign gods come, they can only be repelled.

Such a reaction made Qin Shaofeng even more curious.

“Zuo Long, go knock on the door.”

Qin Shaofeng spoke softly.

Zuo Long didn’t answer, but just walked forward and slapped the door three times.

When the third shot fell, the gate was opened at the same time.

No one appeared inside.

On the contrary, it was a voice that made Qin Shaofeng feel a little familiar, and it came from the depths of the manor: “Since there are noble guests, please come in directly.”

Qin Shaofeng can be sure that he must have heard this voice somewhere.

It’s just that since he came to Cangming Realm, he has seen so many people, there is really no way to remember it all at once.

“Go, go in and take a look.”

Qin Shaofeng still carried a long sword that he took out again, and walked in the rickety moved towards the gate.

Qin Shaofeng feels even more weird as soon as he enters the manor.


It feels more familiar to him here.

This makes him more certain, he must know the Master here.

At least I have seen it.

When he came to the deepest arch of the manor, he saw a red ray of light shrouded in the arch.

This aura of rays of light turned out to be comparable to the existence of Void Realm Peak.

But he did not feel this aura in the sky.

“Strange, why is there such a weird situation here, shouldn’t I not feel it before with my cultivation base?” Zuo Long became more puzzled.

The cultivation base aura burst out immediately, and strode towards the arch.

The domineering aura is like a sharp sword, forcibly cutting away the light, and at the same time opening the aura forcibly inside the arch.