Divine Cultivation System Chapter 4320


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“In our Human Race, is there a half-step Heavenly Dao Realm powerhouse?”

A voice that sounded very young, but it looked like an extremely old one, came out from the deepest part of the courtyard when Zuolong opened Aura.

The young voice gives Qin Shaofeng a more familiar feeling.

It was old in it, but it gave him a strange feeling of hard to describe.

The familiar and the unfamiliar are together.

Even if you upgrade your knowledge to an existence like Qin Shaofeng, you will be stunned for a while because of this voice.

Whether you are really acquaintances or not, you have to walk in and have a look.

Immediately, he stepped forward and walked directly into the road that Zuo Long had dedicated to him.

Such a red light enveloped the entire courtyard.

Fortunately, Zuo Long’s cultivation base is strong enough.

If you change to Void Realm Peak powerhouse, you may be able to split this aura, but you will definitely not be able to hold on for a few breaths after entering and leaving.

Zuo Long’s complexion only changed slightly, and he moved towards the front.

There is a left dragon to open the way.

Qin Shaofeng is like walking in a leisurely courtyard.

It seems that there is no expression, but in fact his heart has already set off a stormy sea.

Keep moving forward, not just those two familiar voices.

Even the current aura brings him a very strong sense of familiarity.

The entire land of shining stars.

The only person he thinks is likely to survive is Jun Zhan.

But this is not the aura of Jun Zhan.

But another person.

A person who was almost impossible to survive under the invasion of the corpse tide.


He has come to the most central position of the courtyard.

That kind of aura does not cover the entire courtyard, but the space that flows out is too small and too small, which leads to such an illusion.

In the most central part of the courtyard, there is an open area with a diameter of about 10 meters and a height of only about two meters.

In such a small place, I am afraid that some tall people will not be able to live normally here.

However, when he saw the situation in the center of the courtyard clearly, he no longer thought that way.

He indeed knew all the two people in the courtyard.

One of them was the same sect, or the same sect that was implicated because of the betrayal of his teacher.

This person is Dong Yaoguang.

Qin Shaofeng said that he could not expect anything, that Dong Yaoguang would survive.

What was even more unexpected is that Dong Yaoguang would actually appear here.

As for the other person.

At first, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he was even more surprised.

King Heavenly Dragon!

He clearly remembered this person’s name.

When he was confronted with the two Top Level influences in Yaoxing Land, this person was the first powerhouse to appear.

The problem is that the powerhouse at that time, in his view now, really has the same view as the people of the illusory continent, but it is the Body Refinement Realm before Martial Dao, which is simply not enough to call it a martial artist.

Not to mention powerhouse.

It happened that the two people in the cultivation base not only survived the invasion of the corpse tide, but also appeared in front of him.

This situation is really shocking.


He has already noticed something wrong between the two.

Although the original king Heavenly Dragon was not a powerhouse, it was far from the junior of Dong Yaoguang.

And they are already hostile.

Appearing together at the same time, it is worthy of surprising simultaneous.

At this moment, Dong Yaoguang’s state is obviously wrong.

The whole person sit cross-legged in the center of the clearing, and the defense is like a sculpture.

On top of his head, there are two illusory silhouettes.

One of them is Dong Yaoguang who he is familiar with.

The other silhouette is extremely unfamiliar, which is obviously the cause of the anomaly in the Orion Kingdom.

As for the king Heavenly Dragon, who should have been hostile to Dong Yaoguang.

But like a benevolent elder, he looked at Dong Yaoguang with a worried face. There was a wooden basin beside him, and he was holding a wet towel in his hand. He seemed to be ready to wipe Dong Yaoguang at any time. same.

“You…what happened to this?”

Qin Shaofeng still wears a phantom mask at this time, and also has no intention of recognizing the two of them.

Wang Heavenly Dragon simply didn’t mean to look back.

Dong Yao blew the two illusory shadows on top of his head, but at the same time he was surprised and said: “Do you know us?”

“Whether you know it or don’t know it, now I’m asking you.” Qin Shaofeng smiled lightly.

At this time, he still looks like that drunkard, but he seems to have a sense of harmless to humans and animals.

This also led to his tough words, but Dong Yaoguang was more likely to think about it, or the illusory shadow that is not a who is not Tao.

For a long time, do not answer.

Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help but ask again: “Are you going to hang me here forever?”

At the same time he opened his mouth, he strode into the unsuppressed area.

Randomly found a place to rely on, and sat down unscrupulously.

Leaning back on the corner where the building is unclear, but a stone is exposed, the long sword in his hand is still on the side even more recklessly, watching Dong Yaoguang while drinking.

“For me now, it really makes no difference whether I know it or not, oh!” Dong Yaoguang finally said.

He sighed deeply and said: “Since you have found this place and it is Human Race again, it must be for the final level?”

Qin Shaofeng indifferent expression, no nodded, nor shook his head.

Dong Yaoguang was also speechless for a while.

Before that, both the ghosts and the Baiye have been here once.

The attitudes of both parties are not an ordinary strong.

And when they heard their own words, they all wanted to immediately ask him how to pass the test.

The person in front of me seems to be more interested in him.

“The levels here are difficult and difficult to say, simple and simple. Zangxingchao was originally a plane world, but the most powerful thing in that world is technology, not cultivation, so that after the invasion of the ghosts, they There is no strength to fight back.”

“Since the prince of Seven Colors collected the people of the Stars and Chaos World into this supreme treasure, the remaining Old Ancestor of the Old Ancestors of the Tibetan Stars, I hope that the princes of Colorful Colors can instruct their people to cultivation, and in the future they will be good for the people of the World of Stars and Chaos. Revenge for fellow citizens.”

“But the Qi Cai Zhenjun at that time was preparing for the final decisive battle, and later he died in that war.”

“But what kind of cultivation base is True Monarch Seven Colors, even if it is the last remaining will, such a checkpoint has been created.”

“If you want to clear the level, I can also give you the kingdom of Orion, but at least you have to cultivate them all into the existence of the peak of the gods to be able to pass the following levels.”

Before waiting for him to ask questions, Dong Yaoguang had already told everything he knew.