Divine Cultivation System Chapter 4322


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Qin Shaofeng is like a fireman.

Step by step walked to Dong Yaoguang’s body.

Since Dong Yaoguang sat cross-legged, he was able to look at the old man’s illusory shadow.

“old mister, the temperament of your inheritor, I believe you have seen it clearly.”

“Perhaps in the process of inheritance, you felt that you might have Seize Body For Rebirth, so you have the idea of ​​revenge yourself.”

“The facts are just as you think.”

“But now, I am coming.”

He did not fully speak the threatening words.

But even if it’s just what he just said, anyone who is not a fool can understand.

Here he comes.

What will happen if he comes?

If this old man still wants body possession of Dong Yaoguang, what will happen, and where do I need to say it?

The strong aura was uploaded from Dong Yaoguang in an instant.

Just this aura made Zuolong complexion greatly changed, and he jumped to Qin Shaofeng’s side.

But when he wanted to help Qin Shaofeng resist, he was surprised to find that with his current strength, he couldn’t do the slightest.

“Qin! Shao! Feng! Get out of here!”

Dong Yaoguang finally couldn’t help it, and called out the name.

One word after another, it seemed that the shouts made the whole land tremble.

Just the name.

King Heavenly Dragon trembles all over, almost staring out.

“Qin, Qin Shaofeng!?”

He felt like he was going to faint.

Just as Dong Yaoguang has a deep memory of Qin Shaofeng, why not?

At the beginning, I lost to a junior who was that many worse than his cultivation base.

How could he not remember for a lifetime?

The problem is that the person in front of you is not that little evil star no matter how you look at it?

“Old Guy, Young Master called you an old mister, do you really think of yourself as something incredible?” Qin Shaofeng still ignored Dong Yaoguang.

But his voice was obviously cold.

At the same time as he spoke, the Ghost Fire on his body had already begun to dissipate.

At the same time.

But behind him there was a dark shadow.

It was almost exactly the same as the Yin-Yang Diagram in Qin Shaofeng’s memory.

But in this time, yin and yang are not the only ones.

Life and death, righteousness and evil… all kinds of opposing feelings and aura are almost all contained in that Yin-Yang Diagram.

“Supreme Ultimate Seal?”

The old man finally spoke.

The first time since he met Qin Shaofeng.

Even King Heavenly Dragon, for the first time in so many years, saw this old man speak.

“Ghost Fire? Or… Great Emperor Yinyang?”

The old man seemed to be lost in memory.

But soon, the color of memories in his eyes turned into madness: “Why do those two hateful bastards want to fall for themselves?”

“You Little Brat’s innate talents are indeed good, but even if you give you 1 million years of cultivation time, it is absolutely impossible to be the opponent of the ghost emperor.”

“But if we Old Guys can really be born again, only if we Old Guys take action together can we have the hope of revenge.”

“They are… hateful! hateful bastards!”

The old man roared frantically.

He was obviously in some inexplicable emotion.

But what he said made Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help but wonder.

Great Emperor Yinyang?

Who is that?

In the Tomb of the Dead, he seems to have just accepted the inheritance of the Ghost Fire Emperor, right?

It has been the Palace Lord for hundreds of years, and it seems that it shouldn’t be called that way.

“Great Emperor Yinyang? Who is he?”

Qin Shaofeng looked at the old man in a frantic state and asked curiously.

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was stunned.

Dong Yaoguang closed his mouth subconsciously.

Wang Heavenly Dragon and Zuo Long stared at him with weird gazes.

You all displayed the Supreme Ultimate Seal, but don’t you know who passed it to you?

“Who is the Great Emperor Yinyang?”

The old man couldn’t help asking: “You have inherited the Supreme Ultimate Seal of the Great Emperor Yinyang, but you don’t even know whose inheritance you have accepted?”

“This Supreme Ultimate Seal is the inheritance of Junior from the Ghost Fire Emperor. I have never heard of the Great Emperor Yinyang.” Qin Shaofeng answered obediently and honestly.

“Emperor Ghost Fire? It turned out to be that junior?”

The old man said to himself again: “putting it that way, the Great Emperor Yinyang is already dead?”

“hateful! hateful bastard!”

“Ghost Fire little child, what kind of thing, is there any qualification to inherit your Supreme Ultimate Seal, you should have body possession of him!”

Through the export of these words, Qin Shaofeng finally recognized a fact clearly.

That is, Old Guy has been completely sealed.

Ghost Fire Emperor is bad?

I am afraid that not only is it not a fact, but the opposite is true, right?

The Palace of the Dead was once the most powerful existence, how can it be weak?

Only this Old Guy has completely fallen into his own thoughts, will such an idea appear.

“So Ghost Fire Emperor is not worthy of it?”

A voice full of sneers suddenly remembered.

This voice once again attracted the eyes of the old man.

I saw Qin Shaofeng in the void behind him, and a silhouette shrouded in black Demonic Qi appeared suddenly.

It wasn’t Ximen Lingzhong who came out?

“The Old Guy at the end of the Tibetan Star Chaos, it seems that you are the old tortoise that the emperor said?” Ximen Lingzhong was really welcome.

An old tortoise almost made the old man run away.

“According to what I learned from the inheritance of the deadly emperor, you old tortoise doesn’t seem to have any record except living a little longer, right?”

“tsk tsk tsk !”

Ximen Lingzhong slapped his lips, said with a sneer: “The Ghost Fire emperor killed at least three ghost emperors in the war with the ghost clan. With the Supreme Ultimate Seal, he has severely injured the ghost emperor. This old tortoise seems to have the strongest record, has it only hurt a little ghost king?”

The old man’s complexion suddenly became weird.

The inheritance of Qin Shaofeng and Ximen Lingzhong is different.

But they all have one thing in common, that is, they completely accept inheritance.

The inheritance he accepted was the most powerful Battle General in the Tomb of the Dead, but what Ximen Lingzhong accepted was the owner of the Tomb of the Dead.

It is normal to receive different news.

But he absolutely didn’t expect, the old man in front of him who was at least Ruler powerhouse in his lifetime, his record was not impressive.

Really almost made him laugh out loud.

“Hurt… the ghost king? cough cough cough!”

Qin Shaofeng has to bear it again and again, but still has to use a dry cough to alleviate the embarrassment: “Senior’s record is really refreshing for Junior.”

“The old man just didn’t know how to deal with the ghosts. With the old man Remnant Soul for so many years of thinking, he has found a way to restrain the ghosts. As long as our group of Old Guys gather together to destroy the ghosts with no difficulty!” The old man roared,

“It turned out to be just an idea!”

Qin Shaofeng put away the Supreme Ultimate Seal directly.

With his cultivation base, it is too difficult to use the Supreme Ultimate Seal.

Since there is a simpler way, he will naturally not waste the power of colorful.