Divine Cultivation System Chapter 4424


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“Seventh Elder, whoever of you has poison or something like that, please take it out.” Qin Shaofeng has already moved towards Seventh Elder.

Don’t you accept the will of the dead, want to make Young Master upset?


Then Young Master will make you upset first.

Seventh Elder was suddenly stunned.

Qin Shaofeng was slightly smiled and said: “You are Sect Elder, you have already arrived, but are helpless for the lives and deaths of those of us. Are you not even willing to give us the capital to support us?” [19459002 ]

Guan Shanqian and the others all moved towards Seventh Elder glared.

They are normally afraid of Elder’s majesty.

Now that death is in sight, all fears have become the past, nothing is worth mentioning.

If I could survive, I would offend Seventh Elder.

The next thing is still to live to say.

If I die here, no matter how good I kneel and lick Seventh Elder, wouldn’t it be of no use?

People have the same heart and the same reason, but everyone has forgotten what Elder majesty is.

If you can’t help us survive, then we can take out the resources and let us find a way to survive.

Seventh Elder was trembling in fear by everyone this who seemed to have gone to hysterical gaze.

I had already cursed this wilderness in my heart.

Didn’t it mean that Land of Death, there is simply impossible living thing here?

What the hell is that bloodworm and what the hell is that?

How could this be!

Seventh Elder was almost pissed off by what he saw.

That’s bloodworm!

How many times more terrifying than the plague, as long as the bloodworm enters the body, there is no possibility of survival at all!

“Seventh Elder, you haven’t answered us yet, should we really die?” Guan Shanqian asked him the same sentence after seeing him speechless for a while.

“Seventh Elder, you haven’t answered us yet, should we really die?”

Dozens of people also followed up and asked.

Three consecutive inquiries, although all came from different people, the pressure they can bring is increasing.

Even characters like Seventh Elder don’t even know how to speak.

No answer?

Isn’t that forcing these rebellions?

When anyone’s life is cut off, he will do something that even he himself feels crazy.

Not to mention that there are many powerhouses in this group of people.

And being close to them is extremely dangerous.

A bad answer is that I don’t know how many people were killed or injured.

“Whoever of you has poison, take out all of you.”

In desperation, Seventh Elder gave such an order.

Those thousand people are unfamiliar with Qin Shaofeng.

But many people in the Qin Shaofeng camp were once acquaintances and even close friends.

Seventh Elder has given orders, and there are too many people who spare no effort.

Even people who don’t want to pay have a lot of useful things.

Guan Shanqian took the storage bag they threw over and quickly handed it to those who know how to do medicine.

Several people also know their current situation.

I got the immediately of medicine, and started to configure it, and at the same time, I was constantly discussing about bloodworm.

For the overwhelming majority, bloodworm once existed only in legends, and few people would read similar books.

But under the collective efforts, the situation about bloodworm became clearer immediately.

The more so, those who know the way of medicine, the look becomes more ugly.

Guan Shanqian really regards Qin Shaofeng as the last straw.

I could ask Qin Shaofeng again: “Junior Brother Qin, the life force of bloodworm can be tenacious to this level. No one has been able to research effective medicine since ancient times. We… can we really do it?”

“Why not?”

Qin Shaofeng’s face is also not very good-looking.

Acting and doing everything.

He is now a performer of Emperor level.

“Since we are all mortal, what else can we worry about? If the medicinal power is not enough, give me a match to die. As long as the poison is not dead, we can poison to death insect.”

“Looking back, is the poison to death of the owner person refining really worse than being killed by a bloodworm?”

Qin Shaofeng gritted his teeth, and the voice came from between his teeth.

If there is no bloodworm.

When they hear such remarks, they will definitely hold a grudge against Qin Shaofeng.

Now it is not.

As long as the poison that can poison to death bloodworm cannot be formulated, even if they are not killed by bloodworm, they will definitely be killed by Seventh Elder as cannon fodder.

Both left and right are dead, and poison to death that seems to be really made by yourself is better.

People have the same heart and the same reason.

Those who are in charge of distributing the poison but have no confidence in their hearts all gritted their teeth and said: “Anyway, we certain death, no doubt, then there is really nothing to be afraid of. Increase the dose by 3x.”

“Hi! This is really going to give the giant dragon to poison to death, but I like it!”

Another person who knows the way of medicine is already laughing out loud when he sucks in a cold breath.

The movements in the hands are even more terrifying at the first glance.

The poison they deployed.

Either one, is capable of giving people to the extent of poison to death.

It happens that such a large pile of poisons are all mixed together, which is really unimaginable. How can people survive if this thing is eaten.

The first poison was quickly studied by them.

Guan Shanqian gave an order.

Suddenly another person, with a person tied up into zongzi, strode into the wilderness and grassland.

Others are afraid of bloodworm, but they are really not afraid.

What if I was not attacked by bloodworm?

Anyway, I can see the poison over there clearly, and I think I can’t survive after taking that poison.

at worst What if I also do a little white mouse once?

This idea of ​​smashing cans is really a lot of people.

So that those who did not have problems, all of them are constantly sucking in a cold breath.

There are even people who want to stop it.

But when it came to my lips, I couldn’t help swallowing it back.

Not long.

A scream has already sounded.

bloodworm seems to know what happened, but it just attacked the tied person.

The person who took him over, immediately caught the person and rushed back.

“Quick! Give him the medicine, no, leave me a copy, maybe I have a problem too.”

When the man shouted loudly, he had already discovered that he was speaking slowly.

The person who had been arranged by Guan Shanqian to feed the medicine, heard that sentence feed the medicine, and directly poured the entire bottle down.

Countless poisons entered the body, and the person immediately died, and the body began to melt.

There is no trace of the imaginary bloodworm.

“It really works!”

The person who took that person over found that he had no place for him, so he grabbed the poison that he couldn’t recognize what it was and was ready.