Divine Cultivation System Chapter 4425


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“Really…effective?! Foggy grass!”

The people who had already distanced themselves from them, looking at the person who was directly turned into thick water by the poison, listened to his words, and suddenly felt a tingling scalp.

This poison is not just a question of whether it can poison to death bloodworm, right?

Let’s work out the antidote, how many are not to keep ourselves alive?

This group of guys is good.

It doesn’t matter if you die or not, as long as you can kill the bloodworm.

It really can poison to death a giant dragon’s extremely poisonous!

It’s really too terrifying.

“This medicine doesn’t work, there may be no problem with the direction, but it still hasn’t been done. The most important goal of you is the blood, not the whole person.” Qin Shaofeng immediately said.

“Yes, it really is!”

It is nodded again and again.

Those people moved again.

This time, not only were they exploring and thinking, but everyone was also plunged into contemplation.

Only a dozen people who were tied up were almost scared to pee.

These guys are crazy!

We are going to become a little white mouse in the hands of such a group of people. The life experience can be so miserable, it is really too terrifying.

“Don’t let everyone do it together, one person in one direction, you can deal with poison that can barely poison to death, you deal with poison to death, you deal with blood poison, you deal with…”

Qin Shaofeng went up again and quickly assigned the mission to everyone.

Seventh Elder and the others listened to his request not have the will to live and be unable to ask for death. They were all sweating and hateful.

Guan Shanqian and the others After listening, they were all even nodded.

Many people voluntarily joined in to help.

I really want them to do this horrible thing.

“You said that those bloodworms depend on blood to survive, but what happens if our blood has problems?” Qin Shaofeng asked again.

This question is full of malice and inducement.

Seventh Elder almost couldn’t help but scold.

The eyes of several pharmacists lit up.

They used to be just apprentices. Although they thought they had the qualifications for finished apprenticeship, they never did anything like that in person.

Not to mention learning from human lives.

At this moment, with this great thing, they all feel that it doesn’t matter even if it is the poison to death that they really made.

“It seems to make sense!”

Guan Shanqian was also nodded again and again, saying: “bloodworm needs blood, but what if we can use medicine to turn our blood into stone and poisonous water?”

“This statement is reasonable, I will study according to this aspect.”

“I have heard of a prescription that seems to correspond to the Golden Spirit Palm. The Golden Spirit Palm Poison is to turn all human flesh and blood into gold and iron, and that kind of medicine seems to have a restraining effect.” [ 19459002]

“We will not use the vicious cultivation technique of Jin Lingzhang, so we can turn that recipe in the opposite direction.”

Many pharmacists are still discussing.

Every word coming out of their mouths will make countless people who heard the sound tremble with fright.

It’s really not scary!

Who would have thought that the people who had studied how to detoxify us and heal our wounds suddenly became Devil?

If you really continue like this, I’m afraid it’s not enough to play people to death, right?

A variety of poisons continue to form in their research.

A dozen little white mouse looks like a lot.

In fact, it can’t be considered at all.

Before and after it was only one hour, a dozen people tried the poison more than 30 times, and it really made people tremble all over.

So many poisons did not produce any results.

Even Seventh Elder is thinking about whether their temporary team will fall apart.

Qin Shaofeng spoke again and asked: “We now need a group of people who are willing to die, who is going to die?”

What he said was really domineering.

Who is going to die?

Seventh Elder almost sprayed blood.

How could anyone choose to die?

But when they just started to think about it.

Suddenly more than 20 people stood up.

“A few of you prepare.”

Qin Shaofeng pointed at a few people casually.

Among those people, one of them is Heavenly Dao Realm powerhouse.

Trifling Early Stage Wu Xiu arranged for the Dao Realm powerhouse to die. Normally it is impossible.

However, when I saw Dao Realm powerhouse that day, I directly prepared nodded.

The next batch of poison will come out soon.

Among them is the reverse research of the so-called Golden Soul Palm detoxification medicine.

Then Heavenly Dao powerhouse drank the poison directly.

There was a sound of steel all over his body, and his face seemed to turn into the color of gold and iron.

“I’ll go first.”

The Heavenly Dao powerhouse shouted and rushed in.

Just for a moment.

Similar to the screams before, it has already sounded.

But the Heavenly Dao powerhouse gritted his teeth for two breaths, but the screams were cut off, and even the bulge in the flesh and blood disappeared.

“Useful, really useful, hahaha…”

The Heavenly Dao powerhouse laughed for a while, and actually stood up to the attack of weeds and bloodworms and walked near the defensive barrier.

“Put away the defense, I will carry you back, but we don’t have many test items.” The man greeted.

Actually brought all the people back.

But after finishing these, he completely turned into a gold and stone sculpture.

“That Golden Soul Palm’s palm poison can actually resist bloodworm?”

Seventh Elder couldn’t help but exclaimed, and hurriedly shouted: “All pharmacists will come out for the old man. Full-strength studies the poison of the Golden Soul Palm, and at the same time the detoxification medicine must be the shortest In the time, get everything ready.”


Qin Shaofeng and Guan Shanqian couldn’t help the cursed of gnashing teeth.

Others might think that Seventh Elder wants to help them.

But after hearing Qin Shaofeng’s curse, he turned his head and thought about it, and immediately understood Seventh Elder’s intentions.

The effect of Golden Soul Palm Palm Poison is already obvious.

Seventh Elder and the others want to pass, obviously they need to get a safe medicine.

They are indeed matching, but they are the ones who are really used to make the experiment!

Momentarily, everyone’s eyes began to move towards Seventh Elder and the others.

Just for them to survive, even if they try the poison that is a hundred times more terrifying, they will not hesitate.

But if they need to use their lives to help others on the road, it’s completely different.

“What did you two little fellow say?”

Seventh Elder hearing this was furious, and said: “The old man is also to help you, how dare you insult the old man instead?”

“What about scolding you?”

A clear-cut Heavenly Dao cultivation base with only half a step, but with a very hot temper, had already decided to take his own round, and dísciple, who went to die to death, suddenly cursed.

“You old bastard want to use our lives to give you a chance to do meritorious service. Anyway, I am about to die, I am going to scold you, what do you think?”