Divine Perception Chapter 3403

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Of course, the Monster God and the 3 clan have born new giants, and there are also new giants in the human race, and even in the Divine Realm.

For example, Human Race, after the Undefeated Sword Sovereign entered the Celestial Emperor realm, the Invincible Sword Sovereign and Wushuang Sword Sovereign also entered the Celestial Emperor realm.

The four souls Li Shengyu, Double Sword King Li Cheng, Taiyi Arrow King, and Prisoner Demon Sword Saint also entered the Celestial Emperor realm.

On the peerless powerhouse alone, the human race has eleven giants, and there is also the existence of the half-step True God realm of Cangtian Burial. This kind of power is undoubtedly the first among the four major races of the Gods and Demons Continent.

After all, even the most powerful Divine Race is now only 7 peerless powerhouses!

For the Divine Realm, Daomen 3 Great Dao was promoted to the realm of Dao emperor, Buddhism 4 Great Saint Buddha was promoted to the realm of Buddha, and True Martial Institute Head was promoted to Celestial Emperor.

And there are 4 giants from Ye Shendian.

On the whole, Ye Han has not been in the land of the gods and demon in this year, and the giants of the land of the gods and demon have been greatly improved.

The current Gods and Demons Continent is not counted as the existence of the four half-step True God realm of Cangtian Burial, First Emperor, First Emperor, and Ba Xia.

There are already more than 40 giants!

Although this number is not comparable to the previous era, it is also powerful enough!

And right now, the Monster God demons 3 clan evildoers are holding the True God ceremony, it is to this power acknowledge allegiance under them, dominate the entire continent of Gods and Demons!

Of course, in just one year, the Continent of Gods and Demons has produced so many powerful giants. Once the Continent of Gods and Demons has more time, more giants will be born on the Continent.

Such as the Yun Family Old Ancestor of Divine Realm, the Dean of True Martial Academy 4th Academy, the Old Ancestor of the Human Race, the Old Ancestor of Zhantian, the Old Ancestor of Brahma and the others, these older generations of power can enter the ranks of giants.

At the summit of 10000 gods, many powerful people arrived one by one. Monster God, the giants of the 3 devil family, and the super-powerful came here one after another, making the summit of 10000 gods have been shrouded in a frightening atmosphere.

It is conceivable that once all the powers of the world gather on the summit of 10000 gods, today at the summit of 10000 gods is absolutely an unprecedented event!

“Dark God Palace come to congratulate, congratulations to the three gods ascending to the throne!”

In the twilight, a strong breath roared from above the distant clouds.

This aura is the power possessed by Celestial Emperor, and Dark God Palace is here to congratulate.

Those who come are the dark Celestial Emperor and the strong from Dark God Palace.

“Dark God Palace is here. It seems that it will not be long before the giants of other races will come to the top of the 10000 gods.” On the top of the 10000 gods, many people’s eyes are scorching. The giants!

Such a grand scene, rarely seen in 1000 years and 10000 years!

Seeing the arrival of the Dark Celestial Emperor, the Monster God Demon 3 giant nodded slightly, and the Dark Celestial Emperor expressionless sat down directly in a position.

“Heavenly Phoenix Academy is here to congratulate!”

“Magic Academy, come to congratulate!”

“God Academy, come to congratulate!”

At this time, just after the Dark God Palace descended, the strong from Divine Realm 3 Academy also arrived.

“Yun Family in Divine Realm, Shengzhou, come to congratulate.”

“Congratulations from the Divine Realm Holy Magic Island!”

“Congratulations from the Divine Realm Great Sun Dynasty!”

“Divine Realm 10000 like Secret Realm to congratulate!”

“In Divine Realm…”

Each and everyone’s voice was uploaded on the top of the 10000 gods. Many top forces in Divine Realm chose to come together. That grand scene made people feel shaken!

“In Divine Realm, True Martial Academy is here to congratulate!”

Twilight, a rolling voice suddenly came from the distant clouds. The Holy Spirit Old Ancestor and the True Martial Institute Head 2 who had already entered the Celestial Emperor’s realm arrived at the same time. The terrifying aura swept the entire 10000 gods’ summit for a time. , It was like destroying the entire 10000 God’s Summit, so that everyone on the 10000 God’s Summit looked at him.

The Monster God 3 giants glanced at each other, their eyes a little displeased, they not at all got up to greet each other.

“Hehe, the top of the 10000 gods, it is really a place of majesty, but if you dare to call yourself 10000 gods, it seems that True God in the last era did not have such a pomp!”

The Holy Spirit Old Ancestor and 2 True Martial Institute Head descended to the top of the 10000 gods together, and their eyes slowly looked towards everyone present.

“Holy Spirit, the new generation replaces the old. This is the unchanging rule in the world. What the predecessors did not do, can’t future generations do it?”

The Haotian Divine Emperor spoke faintly, Divine Race 7 Divine Emperor looked towards Holy Spirit Old Ancestor and True Martial Institute Head at the same time, an infinite pressure surged from their bodies, making Holy Spirit Old Ancestor and True Martial Institute Head 2 people feel the endless pressure.

“Holy Spirit, if you come to the True Martial Academy to congratulate you, my tribe welcomes you, if not, then go back wherever you come from!” Heavenly Demon also spoke, belonging to the pressure of the Demon Race giant. Also released at this moment.

“Hmph, there are Spiritual Gods emerging in this era. This is the major event of Changing the Heaven and Switching the Earth. If anyone wants to destroy the True God ceremony today, don’t blame the Holy Spirit!” Monster Race Zhisheng coldly said.

At this moment, the coercion of more than a dozen giants of Three Great Races has dimmed the scorching sun that enveloped the entire 10000 gods.

Many people on the top of the 10000 gods feel a doomsday-like aura. Once this coercion erupts completely, the four words destroying heaven extinguishing earth are indescribable.

Yun Family Old Ancestor and the others, who used to be close to Ye Han, have complex faces. To be fair, they are naturally towards Ye Han, and the Monster God 3 clan is too domineering. If they are allowed to dominate the world, the entire gods and monsters The mainland still doesn’t know what the situation will be?

“Hey, I don’t know what happened to Ye Han in the alien world?” Yun Family Old Ancestor sighed. Ye Han went to 9 Lei world. Only a few people know it. Yun Family Old Ancestor knows it, but also through Ye Shendian. of.

In today’s Gods and Demons Continent, people who are qualified to know that Ye Han has left the Gods and Demons Continent, except for the highest group, no one knows.

Everyone in the world only knows that in the face of Monster God, the evil spirits of the 3 clan and evildoers joined forces to bully Shangye Temple, Ye Han never showed up that’s all!

In the eyes of the world, Ye Han is undoubtedly afraid of Monster God, the evil spirits of the 3 clan!

On the top of the 10000 mountain, I feel the pressure of the surrounding Holy Spirit Old Ancestor and True Martial Institute Head, who are hiding the sky and covering the earth. Two expressions are cold, how can the Monster God 2 clan fight? I don’t know. If Ye Han wanted to dominate the world, Ye Han had no such idea when he had invincible power in the world. What are these latecomers?

Even if it’s a half-step, what about True God? Have you achieved True God?

“Hehe, Holy Spirit is just telling the truth, why should you be so directed?”

Suddenly, just as the terrifying coercion of the Three Great Races giant enveloped the Holy Spirit Old Ancestor and True Martial Institute Head, a coercion as if 10000 beasts descended from a distance also moved towards 10000 God’s Summit.

“Demon Saint Race 4 Great Saint, and Monster Race Great Saint are here!”

On the summit of 10000 God, everyone’s eyes are fixed on the five giants who have come here at this moment.

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