Divine Perception Chapter 3404

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Demon Saint Race 4 The great demon Saint Qiqi descends, and the Monster Race Great Saint comes together.

The breath of these five peerless powerhouses is like a dark cloud covering everything in between Suppressing the Heavens and Earth.

Invisibly, the breath of these 5 peerless powerhouses has formed a battle against the Monster God 3 family. Together with the Holy Spirit Old Ancestor and True Martial Institute Head, these 7 powerhouses are not afraid of the Monster God 3 family. peerless powerhouse.

Seeing the demon Saint Race and Monster Race Great Saint coming, the eyes of the monsters of Monster God 3 clan giants were extremely cold. They knew that today’s True God ceremony, the world’s giants will inevitably be dissatisfied.

Therefore, they are not surprised by the actions of the demon Saint Race, Great Saint, Holy Spirit Old Ancestor, True Martial Institute Head and the others at this moment.

But what if these people are dissatisfied? There are 3 half-step True Gods in Monster God. Who can stop it?

Even Terran has a half-step True God, but can she compete with 3 half-step True God?

If the giants are released today, even if they are really dissatisfied, they dare not make any resistance.

“Hmph, Saint Race, are you trying to find trouble at the top of 10000 gods today?” Haotian Divine Emperor coldly snorted; “Today is the day to celebrate my gods and demons ascended to the throne of the 3 gods, this is 1000 An ancient rare event, if you are looking for trouble here, let alone my Monster God Demon 3 clan disagree, you can ask today’s people in the world will they agree?”

At this moment, some people who came to the summit of the 10000 gods to congratulate were a little dissatisfied with the giants such as the demon Saint Race, but because the other party was a giant, they did not dare to say that’s all.

“Hehe, everyone is serious. Since I have come to the top of the 10000 gods, I naturally came with sincerity.” Vermilion Bird demon saint slightly smiled, shook the head to other people without a trace, here today, It is not suitable to make trouble for the time being. Once the three evildoers who have entered the half-step True God take action, even if only one person appears on the other side, it is enough to suppress them.

Immediately, giants such as Saint Race, Great Saint, Holy Spirit Old Ancestor, True Martial Institute Head, etc. took their seats.

“Hehe, it seems that facing three and a half True Gods, these giants are ready to bow their heads!” Some whispering voices sounded from the top of the 3 God.

“Hmph, do they dare not bow their heads? Once three and a half True Gods are offended at the summit of 10000 gods today, they are afraid it will be difficult for them to leave alive.”

“That is, once three and a half True God get angry, the world will tremble, and the world’s giants will have to crawl!”

“This group of giants should not make trouble. From now on, my God and Demon Continent needs the protection of True God. Now I should respect the three and a half True Gods. Giants in the world, they can no longer Guardian God Demon Continent!”

“That’s right, the age of True God is coming. I should respect True God. Even giants must believe in True God. Only in this way can the future of our God and Demon Continent reproduce the glorious period of the previous era!”

While talking, the whispering voices on the top of the 10000 gods have become louder and louder, and there is no doubt about the feelings of the big giants present.

Demon Saint Race and other giants are seated one after another, they are expressionless.

The words of these ants still can’t irritate them, but thinking of the people who once paid for the land of the gods and demons, the demon Saint Race and other giants are a little sad. Should they protect the land of the gods and demons today?

Not long after, there will be a lot of powerful forces in the Continent of Gods and Demons. Although there are no giants, they are led by a group of super powers. They will have the opportunity to enter the ranks of giants in the future.

In half an hour, many powerful people have gathered on the summit of 10000 gods, making the summit of 10000 gods become lively and extraordinary.

“Hehe, today at the summit of 10000 gods, the powers of the world are already halfway there!” In the only magnificent and spectacular palace at the summit of 10000 gods.

The first emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince who have been promoted to True God for half a step took in the entire scene of the 3 God Summit.

“However, the people who should come have not yet come!” The Crown Prince squinted his eyes. The Divine Realm boss, the human boss, are these giants coming?

“Don’t worry, they will come, as today the general trend has already gathered on our side!” Wang Chuyi said with a faint smile.

“Congratulations to Divine Realm Buddhism!”

“Congratulations to Divine Realm!”

“Congratulations on the Divine Realm 1000 night tower!”

At this time, another giant came, and above the clouds in the distance, the multi-colored light bloomed, like the divine light to save sentient beings, making people’s eyes a little unopenable.

The ancient Buddha brought the 4 Great Saint Buddhas who had entered the Buddha to congratulate him together, along with Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva.

This group of buddhism big brothers descended, the rich Buddha’s radiance, as if to purify all evil in the world.

“They’re here!” The first emperor looked like a god, and now he sent the human race.

The arrival of the giants of the Divine Realm made all the giants on the top of the 10000 gods look sideways. Buddhism and Taomen are in the Divine Realm transcendent position, respected by the world cultivator, but since the birth of True God in the Divine Realm, Buddhism and Taomen are in the world. The status of people in mind has gradually faded.

The current God and Demon Continent does not believe in the giants of various races, but True God. After all, half a step is really divine force, and True God is already not far away.

Even if these giants of various races have paid a lot for the continent of Gods and Demons, there are already many people in the world cultivator who do not believe in them.

“Amitabha, the world has come to an end. My god and devil continent has True God traces. Today I am waiting to come and say congratulations!” The ancient Buddha folded his hands together, his calm face looked ancient well without ripples.

Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Dao ancestor, and the Queen of Undead did not speak. If it weren’t for Monster God’s overbearing power, as today’s general trend is gathered on the side of Monster God’s 3 clan, they really don’t want to participate in this True God ceremony?

Because in their opinion, Monster God demons of the 3 clan evildoers are not worthy to hold the True God ceremony.

Even if the True God ceremony is to be held, it should be after the achievement of True God, so the world believes in it, no one can speak of it!

“You guys, please sit down!” The Monster God 3 giants expressed indifferently, not at all with too much enthusiasm, because they knew that the giants of Divine Realm in this group have always been on Ye Han’s side, even though Come to congratulate today, it is only due to the pressure of the general trend.

Seeing this, the immortal queen is coldly snorted, and the giants are seated one by one.

“Hehe, a group of a frog in well, it seems that they have to find a chance to let them feel the power of True God. Now we are the Spiritual God, the majesty and inviolability!” Crown Prince said coldly with a smile .

Wang Chuyi said with a smile; “One day, they will know the gap between themselves and Spiritual God. It is still not the human race yet, but we don’t have to wait anymore. We should also come forward. After today’s True God ceremony, I Waiting is the god of the gods and demons continent!”

However, at this moment, another rolling voice came from the distant cloud.

“In Divine Realm, Ye Shendian came to congratulate!”

This voice spread all over the top of the 10000 gods, and everyone who had to hear this was shocked.

The people from Ye Shendian came to congratulate!

The one who came, but Ye Han?

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