Divine Perception Chapter 3405

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“Ye Shen Temple is here, how come they come?”

“Did Ye Han personally show up? The last time Monster God demons 3 demons came to Ye Shen Temple. The persecuting Ye Shen Temple handed over the powerful Small World. Ye Han never showed up at that time!”

“I don’t know. It stands to reason that Ye Shendian suffered such humiliation. They wouldn’t come to congratulate him, but if Ye Han came out in person, it would be possible.”

“In this way, Ye Han has made a decision to acknowledge allegiance under the 3 and a half-step True God. Come to congratulate today as a sign of goodwill.”

Everyone on the summit of 10000 God looked towards the cloud in the distance, and the strong breath came from that direction.

“Why are these Little Brat also here?”

An unexpected expression flashed in the eyes of giants such as ancient Buddha, Taoist ancestor, Queen of Undead Ice, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, and Ye Shendian came to congratulate them, making them all feel that has several points of surprise. Indeed, logically speaking, Ye Shendian should not come today. It’s right to reach the summit of 10000 gods.

“Hmph, Gods Vestige has appeared, and the world is over. This Ye Temple wakes up very quickly!” Monster God 3 clan giant coldly smiled, if Ye Shen Temple does not come today, once Monster God 3 clan evildoers officially enter in the future In the realm of True God, then the first thing they want to get rid of will be Ye Shendian.

In the eyes of the monsters of Monster God 3 clan giants, Ye Shendian is now here to congratulate, whether it is because of pressure or wanting to show good, they must do this for the survival of Ye Shendian in the future.

Although Monster God is only half a step towards True God and dare not attack Ye Shen easily, once True God is achieved, can the giants standing behind Ye Shen’s block what True God does?

Of course, the reason why Ye Shendian came to congratulate today is that no one knows the real reason except for the demon Saint Race and Great Saint at the summit of 10000 gods.

If Ye Han had not returned to let Ye Shendian come to congratulate him, how could Ye Shendian be so boring?

However, to say congratulations, both the demon Saint Race and Great Saint understand that with Ye Han’s personality, Ye Shen Temple’s arrival at the top of the 10000 gods today is not just a simple congratulation. There will be a highlight.

However, in the face of the Monster God 3 monsters who are already half-step True God, both the demon Saint Race and Great Saint are a little worried about Ye Han. Can he stop the half-step True God’s existence?

Under the gaze of the one after another strong man at the top of 10000 God, above the clouds in the distance, the strong of Ye Shendian had already appeared.

Today, a black clothed Zhuge Prajna looks like a dark Goddess, glamorous and noble.

Behind her, followed the Ye Shendian ten 2 youth group strong, and Ji 1000 Qiu and Ji 1000 looking for siblings.

Their arrival, wrapped in a strong atmosphere, seemed to oppress the audience.

In today’s Gods and Demons Continent, not to mention a certain race, but a certain power alone, then Ye Shendian is undoubtedly the most terrifying existence in the Gods and Demons Continent.

After all, Ye Shendian now has 4 Celestial Emperor powerhouses and 1000000 terrifying Legion powers. Both strength and potential are extremely powerful!

“Hehe, it’s quite surprising that these guys will come too!” The Crown Prince coldly smiled, looking at the powerful Yeshen Temple who had reached the summit of 10000 gods.

Wang Chu squinted his eyes and said, “I’m afraid that the visitors are not good. Although they are ants to us now, they have to guard against them. Let’s go. Go out and meet them for a while!”

On the summit of 10000 gods, Ye Shendian descended one after another gaze, Monster God 3 clan giants were indifferent.

“Hehe, yedi, isn’t there even a person in charge of this True God ceremony today?” Lin 7 arrogant and domineering, the pair of unruly eyes looked directly at the Monster God 3 giants.

“Could it be that I am waiting for your arrival, aren’t you welcome?” Yu Great Desolate also said coldly.

“Hmph, hand over the world of the profound door of my Yeshen Temple!” I rushed straight, without that many twists and turns, and directly stated my purpose.

“Hmph, impudent!”

The Monster God 3 giants were all angry, and the breath of the 14 giants suppressed the audience, causing the 10000 gods to tremble crazily.

Seeing this scene, the eyes of other tycoons of various ethnic groups present were indeterminate.

However, those who have already believed in the Monster God 3 clan half-step True God look a little displeased. Today is an unprecedented event in the Gods and Demons Continent. Ye Shendian is making trouble at the True God ceremony today, which seems a bit too much to them!

However, they had never thought about it. Monster God 3 clan took away the things belonging to Ye Shen Temple. Is it too much?

Of course, looking at them, Spiritual God took away the things of mortals, that is right, there is no fault at all!

“Impudent?” Zhuge Prajna said with a sneer; “Don’t I want to get back what belongs to us in Ye Shendian?”

“Ye Shendian, do you want to court death?” Demon Race said with a cold face on the 9th day of Demon Race; “treasure, capable people live there. You Ye Shendian don’t even have the ability to guard it, do you deserve to have it? even more how, You Ye Shendian ask the people of the world, do they agree with you that Ye Shendian take things from Spiritual God?”

There are 3 people in Demon Race who have advanced to the realm of Demon Lord, and the 9th day of Demon Race is one of them.

“Ye Shendian, today is the day when the 3 Gods hold the True God ceremony. No matter what you have, you should not cause trouble or disturb the True God ceremony at this time. You are too much in the Ye Shendian!”

Someone said so.

One person took the lead, and there were many voices rang from the top of the 10000 gods.

“Yes, today is the day of the True God Ceremony. If you want to make trouble in Ye Shendian, you are disrespectful to True God and retreat quickly. Once Spiritual God gets angry, it is not something Ye Shendian can afford.”

“Ye Shendian, give up, Spiritual God takes your things, it is the honor of Ye Shendian, how can you go and get it back?”

Listening to these voices, the faces of the giants and some forces who had walked close to Ye Shen Temple were very ugly. This group of thankless wretches who tended to be inflamed, have they forgotten Ye Han’s contribution to the land of the gods and demons? ?

Ye Shendian’s face was also extremely cold.

But at this moment, one after another heaven-shaking, earth-shattering divine might, suddenly spewed from the palace on the top of the 10000 gods.

Feeling this, everyone on the top of 10000 gods stood up.

“3 God has come out!” Many people expressed excitement.

The giants squinted at the magnificent palace.

“Ye Shendian, is it possible, do you want to fight Spiritual God?” An indifferent voice came from the magnificent palace, and then under everyone’s gaze.

The first emperor, Wangchuyi, and Crown Prince, carrying infinite divine might, slowly walked out of the palace. Above their heads, they carried a strong divine light, which made it difficult to look directly at them. .

Seeing this scene, except for those who had been close to Ye Han, everyone else bowed their heads.

Zhuge Prajna Leng said with a sneer; “Spiritual God? It’s just a group of false gods. How about the confrontation between my Ye Temple and Spiritual God today?”

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